Hey Californians! Vote “No” on Proposition 8

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While I was in Los Angeles last week, I saw a lot of ads about California’s Proposition 8, which proposes to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. Its supporters argue that marriage is a sacred institution, but as Ryland puts it

If you can get married in a court house by a civil servant, then marriage is not a sacred institution.

If you can be married by a cleric whose ordination was purchased online,
then marriage is not a sacred institution.

If adultery is legal, then marriage is not a sacred institution.

If divorce is legal, then marriage is not a sacred institution.

If you can get married, and then turn around and file for divorce 24 hours later, then marriage is not a sacred institution.

If an atheist can get married, then marriage is not a sacred institution.

You people who don’t think gay people should get married because marriage is a sacred institution need to get over yourselves. If you vote yes on Prop 8, or any other “defense of marriage” law or amendment, then the only people getting “special rights” is you. At least have the decency and the intellectual honesty to simply admit you’re a bigot and a homophobe.

Vote “no” on Prop 8, willya?

One More Time: A Craigslist Wedding

If you think that same-sex marriage is still wrong after reading this story — A Craigslist Wedding — you should check to see if you cast a shadow or can see yourself in the mirror…because you have no soul.

Scenes from Julie's and Amanda's wedding

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Thank you for posting this!! I’ve been helping with the No On 8 campaign out in California, and every little bit of publicity helps at this point.

Funny that you should post this today. Earlier when I checked your blog, your Google ads were for “Yes on Prop A.” (I’m in SF, so maybe that has something to do with the targeting.) Needless to say, I was pretty surprised to see that. I only wish I had taken a screen shot now… 😉

Support high risk health group (gays) for marriage equal to low risk health group (traditional marriage).
(Alleged) Fairness at the risk of a colossal next male-to-male sexually transmitted disease epidemic. How many hundreds of billions of dollars has it taken thus far to partially stem the tide of AIDS? Male-to-male sex will always be a high risk health group that then infects via sexual transmission of community of heterosexual when an epidemic starts. just wait for the next m-to-m transmitted disease–there will be a larger population of gays to infect the traditional marriage group. It’ll be so big and costly, it’ll make everyone hate the new law if Prop 8 goes down. If it wins then the voters who supported it will be heroes!!!!

Dear JonH,
If there is a next big STD epidemic, it won’t have any effect on any of those men who are married to men, because, well, because they’ll be married. Your failure to understand that point makes you an idiot.

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