Cars You Can Live In After Your House Has Been Repossessed

Cars you can live in after your house has been repossessedp>

Since the “financiapocalypse” threatens to leave some people homeless, the car blog Jalopnik has put together a list of cars that they consider habitable should you be forced to live in them after your house is repo’d. Here’s their list:

10. Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit
9. Mazda Mazda5
8. Ford Econoline
7. Honda Element
6. Chevy Suburban
5. Volvo 740 Wagon
4. Dodge Caravan
3. Ford Flex
2. Volkswagen Vanagon/EuroVan Westfalia
1. Dodge Sprinter

Volkwagen Golf/Rabbit? Really? It’s not the most comfy vehicle in which to “park”. Er, or so I’m told.

I’ve camped out in my car, a 1998 Honda CR-V, once. It’s roomier than a lot of other cars, and you can make a nice bedding-down area if you extend the cargo space by folding down the back seats. Still, I’d hate to have to live in it.

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All things are relative. After a week of back country camping in Maine, both tentless and (unintentionally) fireless, I found sleeping in the back of a 1978 Toyota station wagon at a KOA site absolutely luxurious. And the next time I encountered running water and electricity — in a Skowhegan McDonald’s — I kept laughing like an idiot.

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