The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Pictures of: gravel, blood cells, Sarah Palin
This would’ve been my name, had I been Sarah Palin’s (possibly illegitimate) child.

The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator takes your name and converts it into something more akin to what Sarah and Todd Palin would’ve named you had you been their child.

Entering “Joey deVilla” into the generator spat out my Palin name: Gravel Blood Palin. Sounds pretty badass!

Here’s what it spit out for other names:

  • Accordion hero Jose Martin deVilla: Fire Patriot Palin
  • b5media CEO and my uberboss Jeremy Wright: Rifle Panzer Palin
  • Sarah soon to be second-in-command John McCain: Steam Fangs Palin
  • Her esteemed opponent, Barack Obama: Tarp Lazer Palin
  • Adult film star Jenna Jameson: Turbine Yukon Palin

And just for kicks, I entered the name of one of her kids, Trig Palin, and got the considerably more macho Molten Contra Palin. The Name Generator even out-Palins Palin!

Go hit the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator and tell me what your Palin name is in the comments!

18 replies on “The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator”

Just call me Timber Challenger Palin.

Falling trees, falling space shuttles – I think I’m the unloved Palin child.

Pie Gallon Palin for my first name or Speck Backfire for my first and last names. Wonder if I am allowed to combine them; Pie Backfire or Speck Gallon. I think I’m kinda partial to Pie Backfire.

They call me…Lean Pipe Palin…You will be seeing me in some softcore porn and plumbing commericals.

Oooo, I am: Spackle Camshaft Palin.

I’m not exactly sure what a camshaft is, but, please, call me Spackle from now on!

I wonder what my maiden name would have given me…Guzzle Red Palin.

Guzzle that red paint with your camshaft and spackle it all over the walls! XD

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