Bristol Palin Stars in “Juneau”

This Bristol Palin-based parody of the poster for Juno made me chortle:

"Juneau" poster

(For those of you unfamiliar with Alaskan geography, Juneau is a city in the Alaskan panhandle.)

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Trig is so NOT Sarah’s kid. He’s Bristol’s kid. Bristol disappeared from school for the 4-5 month leading up to Trig’s birth, supposedly because of mononucleosis. Mono takes 3-4 weeks to clear the body–so what WAS Bristol up to? When you read about Sarah’s “pregnancy”, it just doesn’t add up. Sarah’s staff was shocked when she announced that she was pregnant–at month #7. She wasn’t showing at all, and pictures from that time show no bump. Pictures of Sarah in her first pregnancy show that she was obviously VERY pregnant.

Then Sarah, in the 8th month of her supposed pregnancy, flies to TX for a governor’s conference. A big no-no for a woman in her 3rd trimester. She told an Alaskan paper that her water broke on the morning of the day that was supposed to give a speech. She CLAIMS that her doctor said it was OK to give the speech, which she did–HOURS later. Sarah also claimed that her doctor said it would be OK to fly BACK to Alaska–that’s an 8-10 hour flight, folks. Newspaper accounts quote the flight attendants as remembering the Governor being pleasant, apparently comfortable–but NOT observably pregnant.

Sarah arrives in Anchorage but does not check into a hospital in the area specializing in premature births (Trig was supposedly one month early, as well as Down’s Syndrome). She drives to a hospital near Wasilla to give birth–but that hospital there has no record of Trig being born on that day.

Is Bristol pregnant with a second child, or is that pregnancy just a smoke screen? Do you really want a woman who will lie repeatedly for the sake of appearance to be your VP? If she’s so pro-life, why hide Bristol’s pregnancy with Trig?

We can talk about Sarah’s lack of qualifications, but that should be obvious to anyone who isn’t brainwashed.

I would LOVE to watch her squirm when asked the following two-part question 🙂

Governor Palin, as the mother of a teenage pregnant daughter, what helpful advice would you care to give other mothers concerned about, and trying to prevent their teenage daughters indulging in pre-marital sex, and getting pregnant?

Also what options would you suggest to pregnant teenagers who dont have the support system your daughter had, and whos lives would be in serious danger, if it became known that they were pregnant?

Nothing is impossible but maybe someone could find outwhen and where the baby was born and comparethe finger and footprints.
Might find a clue. Usually these are taken at the time of the birth.

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