Lost Massachusetts Story #2: American Airlines’ Old Neon Signs

This one isn’t so much a story as it is a photo:

American Airlines neon sign at Logan Airport\'s Terminal B.
American Airlines neon logo at Logan Airport’s Terminal B.

There are a couple of these neon signs in the north pier of Logan Airport’s Terminal B. These face large banks of windows in the terminal so that passengers both in the lounge as well as in taxing planes can see theme.

I’m sure there were more signs like this in older airports all over the world, but in the rush to make airports more modern-looking, grand old artifacts like this got removed. I’m glad to see that the Massport folks either kept or restored these neon signs, as I think they’re gorgeous.

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I would personally pay real money for this.

Joey, if you check out my favourite snobby furniture/design store in Toronto, Commute Home, they have an incredible Air France world route map.

It’s wood, with a single white lamp in Paris. The whole world is actually in relation to Paris.

I massively agree with you, as a neon sign enthusiast, it is a great shame that so many of these amazing creations are often discarded!

They are truly pieces of art and should be conserved in this way!

This video highlights the craft and detail within a range of vintage neon signs amazing!

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