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\"Meanwhile, on Global Nerdy...\": Paul Allen and Bill Gates among a sea of late \'70s/early \'80s computers

Here are the latest articles posted to my technical/programmer blog, Global Nerdy:

Enumerating Enumerable

Enumerating Enumerable

Enumerating Enumerable is my series of articles in which I attempt to do a better job of writing up Ruby’s Enumerable module that the folks at did. Here are the methods I’ve covered so far:

  1. all?
  2. any?
  3. collect / map
  4. count
  5. cycle
  6. detect / find
  7. drop
  8. drop_while
  9. each_cons

Notes from RubyFringe

RubyFringe logo

The weekend before last, I attended the edgy Ruby programming conference RubyFringe, which I may have to declare “the best programming conference I’ve ever attended”. I took copious notes, the links for which are listed below:

Damian Conway’s Presentation

Book covers for \"Rod Logic\", from Damian Conway\'s presentation
A slide from Damian Conway’s presentation.

I also attended Damian Conway’s presentation, titled Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Timespaces…Made Easy. He managed to connect the space-time continuum, relativistic effects as you approach the speed of light, carbon nanotubes and Perl programming in a lengthy (2 hours!) but interesting lecture. Again, I took notes, and you can see them here.

Tucows (Re)Introduces OpenSRS

Tucows\' new OpenSRS graphics

And finally, my old employer, Tucows, has rebranded OpenSRS to encompass all their reseller services: domain names, ssl certificates, email and “personal names”. Better yet, they called on local superstar illustrator and designer John “Robot Johnny” Martz to make the lovely retro-graphics for the brand. Well done!

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