FOX News Gets Ugly

In its continuing quest to be recognized as the Pravda of the Republican Party, FOX News sank to a new low when profiling a New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe: they gave them the “ugly” treatment using Photoshop. Steinberg and Reddicliffe were given yellowed teeth and their facial and cranial features were distorted significantly, and no hint was given that any Photoshopping was done. It’s as if the new organization was being run by grade-school bullies.

Compare these actual photos with the doctored photos shown on FOX News:

FOX News\' distortions of Jacques Steinberg\'s and Steven Reddicliffe\'s photos

Here’s the clip in which the doctored photos were used:

It’s an election year, so expect more desperate and childish stunts like this from FOX News over the next few months.

8 replies on “FOX News Gets Ugly”

People have been canned for much less. In fact, I recall a case several years ago where the LA Times fired a news photographer for trying to improve his composition by editing together two photos.

Reasonable news organizations fire people for this sort of thing, even when their intentions are benign. Given FOX’s track record, whoever did this will probably get a promotion.

And on top of it all, it’s a *really crappy* photoshop. Maybe Fox should hire some of those folks that make fake celebriporn..
P.S. Freestyle portmanteau-domain’s still open…

are you kidding me? i think fox gave a rather large hint that they used photoshop on their faces, or did you not catch the poodle photo and sounds at the end of the story, that, oh i don’t know, you assume fox was trying to make you think was completely real. geez.

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