Pete Forde’s Taking the IonCleanse Challenge!

Section of the IonCleanse poster showing “before” and “after” photos.

My friend Pete Forde suffers from “Rich Man’s Disease”, which the medical profession has given the less colourful name of “gout”. He saw my earlier post, Quackery in the ‘Hood, in which I wrote about the IonCleanse system, a footbath which purports to remove harmful toxins from the body…through your feet. One the ailments that IonCleanse is implied to cure or at least prevent is gout.

Like most people in the field of computer programming, Pete’s an empiricist and wants to put IonCleanse to the test. He’ll go in for a treatment, which will give us a chance to see the IonCleanse system as well as the brown goop up close. Of course, doing this costs money, and he’d like your help in raising the money for a session. Here’s his page at Fundable, a site for online fundraising. If you’d like to help Pete put IonCleanse to the test, go there and pledge some cash!

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Ion Cleanse or Ion Scam? An article that points to other articles on IonCleanse. The short version: Ion Scam!

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If Pete is a real empiricist he should go for a treatment and *not* put his feet in. I bet the water will turn brown anyway.

How come no one has mentioned epson salt yet?

It draws toxins out of the body, and it only costs about $1.98/bag (available at any pharmacy)

I went to SarsStock five years ago and my feet were in MAJOR pain after 12 hours of constant standing and walking. My friend suggested epson salt, and gave me a supply to try when I got home. It was like a miracle! My feet felt sooo good after that, and I slept like a baby.

$40/60 bucks per treatment! Just to watch rust form?

@Pete Forde: We live in the same building. We were kicking back at his place, after the show, and I was complaining about my feet.

By the way, some of the reports on this $40/60 treatment say they put salt in the water. It’s probably epson salt, and whatever curative results that occur is likely from that. Maybe that’s why people actually think it works — because it does.

But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get there.

If you live near Denver Colorado I will give you a free IonCleanse.

I don’t use epson salt. I use sea salt. I will probably not stumble upon this blog again, so email me if you have any questions.

Tyler Braithwaite

Additionally, there are more colors than brown. The colors are representation of the channels or meridians which are being stimulated. Once these are stimulkated, that brings about a reverse osmotic “dump” of ions. These ions are brought into the water through the circulatory system.

Like I said, I don’t mind chating with people about this technology. I am getting great results as a practicioner and as a user of the cleansing system. I suggest anyone to go in with a skeptic mind and really question the person performing the service.

I always stay with the people when they are cleansing to explain what is being done, and what the different colors and substances mean.


I tried it for 30 mins without putting my feet in. The water went a light beige colour probably due to electrolysis of minerals already in the water. With my feet in, it was a totally different story. Aside from the brown soup there was a very thick dark green substance in the centre and plenty of what appeared to be slicks of oil between 2 to 3 inches in length.

If it truly is a scam, why is it that after 10 to 14 treatments the water is almost free from the rust colour and the other nastiness that you see in the first 4 treatments?

My husband had 9 ion cleanse treatments @ $20 each. The water used came straight from the tap. His water changed colour from dark brown after the first 3-4 treatments and then gradually got lighter with some beige foam around the array and some bright green bits. But what was very interesting…..his eyes changed colour. No bull. We have been married 37 years and his eyes have always been hazel…..well after 6 treatments we noticed his eyes had changed to clear light torqouise blue. They have not changed colour back to hazel. We did not do anything else that would have affected his eyes. Just the ion cleanse. We believe the cleanse removed toxins from his body. He feels great, although he did feel a little tired the day of the cleanse which he took once a week.

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