Montana Meth Project’s Billboards

These billboards produced by the Montana Meth Project are pretty striking. The question is: are they going to convince people not to do crystal meth?

Billboards for the Montana Meth Project

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I don’t get the last one. Is it saying that her sister did meth because she was following her example?

these anti-meth ads are so intense. This is what we all need to see, the absolute truth in it’s raw form. I am glad people are talking about it, hopefully it will really get to some people. I think everyone knew Meth was bad, but showing you what it does to you and your family is what everyone needed to see.

I wonder if the last one refers to the little sister looking up to her older brother literally, like down from his cock. i know i’m twisted, but i was only inspired by these disturbing ads. brilliant yes, but I wouldn’t put it past them to leave an underlying message that the little sister sucked off her brother before and after he turned her into a meth addict.

drugs are bad. everybody says nobody beleives? my dad hung himself when i was 2 thanks to heroin. people die everydie to stupid things like drugs. u think ur the cool 1? the s trong one who wont get addicted? ur not. one try and ur done… think rehad will help? ya it will but the way of life is in your head already. once u have a bad point in life again u will go back to drugs.

The last one is probably meaning that the older sibling introduced her to the drug. Like not by following the example by giving it to her. She took it cause she looked up to them so therefor trusting them.

My sister used to have a boyfriend that did meth before they were together,he had quit for about 3 months while he was with her, but then he got back into it…he stole her laptop (pretty much her only valuable possession) to pay for more meth and he’s in rehab right now, he looked so disgusting when he was on meth, it’s a horrible, horrible drug, if you’re ever going to do drugs do marijuana, I think we can all agree it’s the safest drug, but only do it if YOU want to, don’t do it from peer pressure or they’ll own you, if they’re pressuring you and you don’t want to do it tell them that it’s not cool that they do that, and if they keep pressuring you make new friends. If you do want to do it though be smart and do it in a safe environment with trustworthy friends. Contrary to what others say, weed isn’t a “gateway drug” sure it lets you have the opportunity to try harder drugs, but if you didn’t want to in the first place then you won’t at all, at least if you’re sober and didn’t do weed from peer pressure, that’s another thing, never ever try new drugs or say you’re going to try new drugs when you’re not sober, just tell yourself if you really want to do it that you’ll tell them you want to when you sober up and can think clearly. I know this isn’t a “DON’T DO ANY KIND OF DRUGS!” message and some people may be angry for my lack of hostility to smoking weed (but “DON’T DO DRUGS OF ANY KIND!” is just like sex-ed only teaching kids abstinence, a lot of them are still going to have sex(like myself) and it’d be better to teach them safer sex practices(which I took the time to learn myself, which is why my girlfriend isn’t pregnant) why do you think teenage pregnancy is so high?) I’m just saying what’s really going on, not exaggerations, unfortunately though these ads aren’t exaggerations, meth really can do this type of stuff to you.

ha they make you feel sick, today i saw 9 people commit suicide, this is nothing after my day.
and i dont think i would do meth anyway

Those are nasty and brilliant ill never do hardcore drugs but i only smoke weed and its not that bad.

These ads are great for older people who understand what these ads mean.. but for someone who just learned how to read or say they’re in grade 5.. it would scare the piss out of them.. like the one about the bugs..

Some of these are better than others. I don’t usually approve of scare tactics, but I think the most powerful one (for me) was third from the bottom, “tear off their own skin.” The least powerful was actually the top one, “lose your virginity here.”

I know they’re meant to be shocking, but billboards have a tough time getting the right demographic. How about a conversation with you six-year-old on the way to see Grandma? “What’s meth, mommy/daddy?”

Maybe I’m just an ass, but I found these pictures funny. The first picture had me cracking up! The only picture that disturbed me was the one where the blonde guy was missing a tooth and looked like he was mauled by a tiger. However, I found the last picture that implied that a sibling would do drugs just because an older sibling did some absurd.

Scare tactics, however true, won’t work on the desensitized youth of today, where we can shoot people into pieces with guns on a video game. Maybe I just have a sadistic sense of humor, but I’m not scared of meth because someone wants me to be. I will however, avoid meth and other dangerous drugs.

While these ads are very effective on certian people, the same people who would actually think about these ads and be changed by them are the people too smart to do such f*cked up sh*t
well, maybe a small group of people fall in the middle and it would help them.

but what if a kid saw these?

I understand meth is a problem in Montana, and can cause severe damage to the lives of addicts and those related to addicts, but isn’t this a bit much?

the picture with the guy on meth was the only nasty one
all of the other ones were actually quite funny

Ads aren’t normally this dramatic, but on Meth they are. The are so over the top no one could take them seriously.

The woman with the man on top of her actually disturbed me the most, probably because it’s so obvious what’s going on and she has such a vacant look in her eyes.

These ads make me uneasy for many reasons. I’ve never done meth and I’ve never been close to anyone who has. Therefore I can’t tell how much of this is straight up propaganda b.s. and how much of it contains truth. I don’t like being lied to and I know how much marijuana is twisted around in those Above The Influence ads. Like the one about how “I got straight D’s and stole money from my little sister because I smoked pot.” …if I didn’t smoke, I might not know that’s a complete exaggeration (I’ve smoked regularly for a year, am a straight A student, was awarded scholarships, and am pursuing my B.A.).

But I also understand what a horrible social problem meth is and I guess drastic issues call for drastic measures…

If you think these are intense you should hear the radio ads. I am from Bozeman Mt and yes Jay Meth is a problem here like it is where you are from wether you are aware of it or not it is there, but it is a lot less of a problem since the Montana Meth Project started a few years ago. They refuse to put a glossy coat on a problem but to instead combat it with simple unembelished truth, its not pretty and not everyone likes it but it works. And kids do see these Oneric and that is the point. I don’t think you realize these are everywhere in Montana and popping up in surrounding states as well as they see how effective the campaign has been..

Those billboards are like a giant middle finger to whatever towns they’re in. Awesome!

these are so stupid, the war on drugs is a joke and there has never been any proof that these billboards have ever stopped anyone from doing meth (or any drugs for that matter), these are a waste of money and time that could be spent on something worthwhile, there has never been a drug free US and there never will be, MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Never saw the ads just knew the addicts…the ads are fairly accurate. I would say this isn’t enough Jay, Meth is a disease if it cannot be cured, it must be exterminated in my opinion. I am not against drug use either. Addicts to heroin and coke are nowhere near as far gone far into years of use as people just weeks and months into meth. Meth is not a drug it is a caustic poison with no natural components that even in small amounts eats away at the body and brain it’s addicts might as well drink Draino and finish the torture. Recovery rates are low compared to drugs derived from natural sources almost non existent. I’ve known recovering crack alcohol and heroin addicts never met a recovering meth addict because if they did meth they never stopped the only times they stopped meth was because they were in jail or no longer among the living. Crack and heroin can be bad enough and some people just shouldn’t drink in the first place, but meth is beyond that scope.

whats sad is i had a close friend… got addicted then killed over this… i hate meth addicts

No jay it aint enough, and kids need to see the kind of shit this stuff does to you.. it aint like pot smoking… it fucks you up

Props to the designers, these could be potential deterrents. They need some of these in Utah.

ok, so drugs are bad when they’re not used in moderation. i’ve done meth before, more than once, but i’m not on it now and i dont feel the need to ever do it again. same with other drugs. my bad for finding these to be full of shit, but truth is the only way to win the drug war, not by spreading all sorts of bullshit ads that make drugs seem so much worse than they are. seriously, who wants to believe that there is no help for addicts? come on.

People should have the right to do whatever drug they want. Those ads are pretty ridiculous obviously those people have been using meth for a pretty long time. Drugs aren’t addictive people just have addictive personalities and will get addicted to anything that has a slight rush. Keep buying into the fear of everything and soon you’ll be afraid to step off your front porch.

These ads are well produced, but disturbing. Not because of the effects of meth, but because they’re bunk propaganda. Encouraging proper and true drug education is the means to effective abuse prevention – not scare tactics. I’m not gonna beat up my grandpa if I do meth once. Hell, street meth isn’t really much different than some drugs available via prescription in the u.s. (amphetamines).

Sure, under meth abuse sores (apparently from picking and itching repeatedly) are relatively common, but ads like these make the mistake of portraying drug use as a black and white topic : either you don’t do them, or you’re consumed by them. You can use drugs without abusing them.

wow. this shit is extreme….

@ Scotticus – I agree, and disagree with you. I agree that these ads won’t have to much effect on the youth of today. But I disagree with the desensitized comment. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer and of course play gory violent games, but this shit still shocked me lol. But maybe its just me. Then again,…..I don’t play alot of games were you are a meth addict.. lol.

Powerful images and sadly every single one speaks the truth. If people need this to get the message then they should have put up these billboards years ago. SAY NO TO DRUGS.

I agree with Rich. More government scare tactics! This is not normal drug use behavior. This is drug ABUSE behavior. Encouraging proper and true drug education is the means to effective abuse prevention.

I’ve used a lot of drugs in my 50 years. I used meth everyday for 18 years. I used cocaine in the 80s. LSD in the 70s. I never once stole from anyone, left anyone for dead, prostituted my girlfriends, or beat my mother.

People that do these terrible things are criminals from the start. They would commit these crimes with or without meth. And they should be punished accordingly.

There are millions and millions of responsible drug users. We don’t hear about them because it’s a crime to to even experiment. If drugs were legal and controlled like booze and cigarettes then they would be cheaper and of purer quality. People wouldn’t have to resort to extreme measures to supply their habits. The money spent currently on enforcement could be spent on rehab for people who can’t handle drugs.

The government doesn’t care if you use drugs. As long as you use their drugs. There is a giant drug store on every corner. 40% of TV commercials are drug related.

Scare tactics didn’t work in the 1930s and they wont work now.

i was in honolulu last week and saw the first one on The Bus there! i remember thinking it was a really powerful anti-meth ad.

My friend was using meth. I didn’t know she had relapsed on it. I was falling in love with her, we’d been dating for 16 days though I knew her earlier. She had some heavy issues but was a wonderful, creative person and I couldn’t get enough of her. I knew she continued to struggle with alcohol. I learned later that she’d been using meth. In hindsight it was obvious but at the time she tried hard to hide it. She committed suicide six months under the influence of meth. I feel like I will never get over this. I still miss her so much.

well meth is a growing problem, and these definately get the point out that meth is bad and makes you do stuff unlike u, and i am pretty shocked how my home town of Riverside is the meth capital of california… it doesnt even seem like it but, no place does until it happens

I know people that have gotten off of Meth and still have to go to meetings and have relapses and can’t even do minor things like smoke a cigarette because it makes them want to do it again. Crack is bad too. These adds are not bunk, they are not overdone and it’s not propaganda. Now some of you may know people that have tried it or done it a few times or have done it yourselves but everybody’s affected differently…and in the majority of cases people are willing to do all of these things and have these things done to them just for a fix. I have a very close friend who had a crack habit that wasn’t bad until a year or two into it. He tried it once or twice a few years before he started doing it regularly, and after a year of doing it regularly he started robbing everyone, even had sex with transsexuals to steal it from them, became violent and hurt others, dropped about 60lbs and looked disgusting. Now this is someone who was raised by a good family and got good grades, had hobbies and lots of friends. He had one stupid friend who convinced him that smoking crack is just like doing coke except better. In certain areas of the US the area is affected by different drugs. SOme areas it’s meth, some its crack, some it’s heroin and sometimes it’s everything. Where I’m from I don’t see or hear anything about MEth, but almost everyone is affected by crack. There are some people who do it and continue their regular lives and work and have families. It’s all about self control but even in that respects they’re still all fucked up sometimes and there’s nothing saying that the addiction won’t get worse. I wish that we had some ads like that out here, because almost everyone is shocked and surprised when someone knew comes crawling out of the woodwork with a crack addiction. SOme people just don’t even understand it, they think it’s a ghetto thing and so when someone they love is doing it they tend to pretend it isn’t happening. My mother lives in ARizona and she said out there it isn’t crack but Meth. HOw can you say these ads are over doing it or are total bs? THat’s validating the drug in some way. We should all be healthy, clean and happy. Any type of drug use is going to detour that, so why not just embrace the shock ads? if there’s a negative fallback I’d like to hear it.

Hah, these are pure comedy.

I love drugs, I’m not an addict…I do well for myself and I’m fairly successful.

People abuse drugs, not the other way around, most of the commenters here are very naive.

Here’s some cold hard facts that you need to know about methamphetamine.

It outsells cocaine 3-1 in the USA right now.
It’s popular among both the Het and Gay factions. It really does make sex a LOT better.\
People that “evaporate” it and breathe the fumes and people that “drop” it orally very seldom break out in sores and exhibit the symptoms that you see in the ads.

People that administeer it with a needle are far more likely to show the symptoms portrayed.

Meth CAN alter your personality. I have friends that have changed terribly since becoming users. I also have friends that have been using it lightly on weekends for 15 years and you would never know it.

Meth is reponsible for a LOT of the thefts that are committed nowadays. People will steal and sell anything to support this habit.

The only habits that are worse than meth are alcoholism and crack.

Meth is a relatively easy drug to quit. You will sleep for 4 or 5 days straight and your kidneys will hurt like hell for that same period. After that, you can pretty much function normally.

Many meth users, especially the weekend users, hold normal jobs and family lives for many years.

Many lose everything.

Methamphetamine was used by Hitleer to keep his troops awake and able to fight long hours with no rest.

The US and Canadian governments use it today in military applications.’

I know a pilot that had to fly a 100 hour mission over Vietnam. How did he stay awake? Meth.

He was decorated by the queen for his efforts.

If you know or suspect someone is taking this drug, reach out to them. If you condemn them, you will lose them forever.

If I can help, I will. Ask me any questions that you like.

but cocaine is delicious. seriously kids, just take the thirty dollars you were gonna spend on however much bathtube meth that would get you, and buy a fucking gram. its a more respectable addiction, and you skin doesnt fall off.

more like go buy some weed. no one has ever died from smoking a little pot. or even a lot for that matter.

I live in Billings, MT and i have to look at these billboards everyday. I have to say they are really getting on my nerves. These ads remind me of “reefer madness” because they are clearly blowing the effects of the drug way out of proportion. I’ve never taking Meth personally but i have seen people on it and meth does not make you do any of the things the ads say.

anyone that buys this crap needs their brain recycled for the good of humanity, yes meth is bad…in excess yes everything is……well except acid thats great for you.


This is another reason why some drugs should be legalized. Huge numbers of people smoke marijuana and when they see that the negative effects are negligible they will assume that everything they have heard about drugs are false and move on to “bigger and better things” if Marijuana was legalized we would be able to give kids an unbiased explanation of the dangers (yes there are some) and benefits of the drug. That way when they inevitably try it they will not question their knowledge of drugs and not wind up as a junkie. Several of my friends (one of which was the first person I got high with) started using other drugs after they found out that marijuana is not damaging if used in moderation and then decided to use ketamine, then cocaine ‘in moderation’. Luckily none of them have done any serious damage but there has to be countless numbers of preventable deaths caused by our societies unwillingness to accept that their initial, knee jerk response to marijuana may have been inaccurate.

these are very intense ads. I think it does what its suppose to do. I scared me straight.

fuck cocaine, the only drug on this planet worth doing is heroin. meth is for trash and cocaine is for douchebags. grass is for college students and cancer patients. E is for whores and even bigger douchebags. heroin is a drug of champions. of men. it takes balls of steel to stick a needle into your goddamn veins to chase the dragon, and that, my friends, is a thousand times more rewarding than any line of coke or any other bullshit drug you try to down.

i’ve met some pretty fucked up tweaks in my day but this ad campaign is a little intense. methamphetamine is terrible, but this kind of fear mongering is exactly what’s wrong with society today. so much focus on what not to do, but nobody is telling these kids what they could do instead of meth.

these ads are fucking stupid.

I understand the motivation for using such extreme examples in order to scare kids from doing meth, but it reminds me of the movies they used to show us in junior high that were designed to scare us from using drugs. They were so over the top they simply weren’t believable. The characters in this campaign are probably representative of about one percent of the total meth users in this country. Sure there are dirt heads that abuse meth just as there are undesirables who abuse alcohol . But there are hundreds of thousands functioning meth addicts who hold a job and work everyday and raise families. These low lifes you describe surely aren’t the ones who are supporting this multi billion dollar industry now are they?.

Being on meth won’t fuck you up like these adds show, it’s when you become addicted that you start doing things you’d never even dream of. It’s the same with any drug, except weed and hallucinogens. Nobody ever robbed a gas station so they could buy a bag of weed, but I’ve seen crackheads do it before.

I think the “not even once” tagline is pretty misleading. I was a party girl for about 6-10 months of my life at the beginning of my twenties… sure I tried crystal meth, ice, e, speed, and even ketamine accidentally. I never felt addicted to any of these things, only took it when nightclubbing with my friends, and never missed it in-between times. The day I decided not to do it any more, I just stopped and didn’t miss it at all. I don’t regret my choices; I’m glad I’ve experienced it, had my curiosity satisfied and I know a little more about life. I understand that it is possible for it to get out of control, but these ads imply that if you use it even once, you’re on the road to becoming this kind of person. Not once during my drug-using days did I ever abandon my moral code or stop caring about my fellow humans, or even spend rent and food money on drugs. And no, I wasn’t well off, just a poor waitress working two jobs. I feel that campaigns like this don’t give people ownership of their own lives and actions.

lmao, i love the comments that are being left.

seriously, let’s just smoke some pot and chill.

Yeah cocaine is never laced with anything, especially not meth! -_- It totally doesn’t make it cheaper to produce..

i actually used to see 4 of these on my way to work everyday! girlfriend one always got to me!

it’s not a war on (some) drugs it’s a war on minorities, read and

get educated

change the law

everybody’s gotta be an expert… this is why i think they should take away the comment boxes, and substitute the thumbsup/thumbsdown system of StumbleUpon and Digg…

fuck you stoner faggots, amphetamines are the greatest shit evar. “oh its not natural”
who gives a fuck! and if your worried about purity, fucking make it yourself.

Until it stops working and your life is filled with pain as you’re strung out from one bag to the next
Ugh, this makes me sick. I wonder where you’ll be in a year.
trees and psychedelics for life

to the guy who said doing heroin is rewarding, YOUR FUCKED. Thats it , your not no strong man , your a coward hiding behind the most powerful drug. Smoke pot , eat shroomies, and if it floats your boat do some mdma.

You are totally right, it is not in the best interest of a drug dealer to sell a product that will kill the people he depends on for business. C’mon, who says we aren’t all slaves to money?

I used to be a former addict, this stuff will never stop people from using drugs… some people want to be destroyed, i did, then i changed my mind, so i stopped, no rehab. but there is a lot of bs out there, just like marijuana. You know, i did it for six years, everyday, I spent days a wake, and days sleeping. Some people, they’re paranoid, introverted, low self-esteem, these people are primed for psychosis. A lot of people think they’re shadow is a person. I dunno, you could do some amazing things on it though, but thats about 5% of the time. What’s so precious about living anyway 😉

There’s a great divide between user and addict. All a person needs to stay on the right side is a little self-awareness and self-control.

And I strongly advise trying some hard drugs at least once in your life. Make sure you’ve got clean shit and a safe environment, also prepare yourself to stop before you want to stop; but really, it’s a worthy adventure. Especially with friends.

cocaine is way worse than meth. you know what most people do while on meth? they make music. they draw and paint. they stay up for days constructing useless things and cleaning their house. they sit and play video games or board games for hours on end. having 3 day long conversations. never known any tweeker no matter how hard up that would beat someone or suck dick for meth. they might sell their stuff but thats about as far as it goes. i don’t know where the ideas for these ads came from but where i live only crackheads do things like that. i have been there done that. it is ultimately up to the user to decide if they want their life to go in that direction.

Oh come off it! I did ice ONCE and I’m fine. But I doubt I will do it again because I do know the effects of long term use. But if you are reading this, and have or are considering doing ANY kind of drug (except pot cause its not like pot can make you do the things shown in the images above unless your TOTALLY crazy er’ somethin’) ASK RELIABLE PEOPLE THAT HAVE DONE THE DRUGS YOUR THINKING ABOUT USING!!! Thats the best advice I ever got and it helped. A LOT. Its best to ask a hippy. 🙂

I don’t know about meth but i think we all should just smoke some weed a be happy. 😀

This is not Reefer Madness (which yes, was nonfactual), this is meth. Meth is fucked up. Meth will fuck you up.

A neurologist did some studies and figured out that meth is over a dozen times more pleasurable than sex. Your brain, not designed to handle that level of dopamine, very quickly shuts down all the happiness receptors in your brain and then -nothing- makes you happy again. I grew up in an area that has a meth problem, it’s a very fucking big deal. It’s literally ruined cities. People that are comparing this to Reefer Madness and are pretending Meth isn’t a big deal are fucking idiots that don’t do their homework. If anything these billboards should be more serious.

If you want your life to suck just keep using drugs and alcohol.
If you want to find a way out of the madness just ask for help.
Asking for help is not a weakness !

Fuck. These adds are sooo funny, and that all they are. I don’t remember seeing any adds that could stop me or put me off using drugs. I’m in my late 30’s, have a really good job and I’ve done drugs on and off all of my adult life. It’s never sucked the cash out of my bank, and it’s not damaged my health. In fact, I’ve had some of my best times on drugs. SO, in summary, I’d suggest getting some good E or if possible, MDMA and having the time of your life. And or that matter, any drug you can get your sticky little hands on. Make your own choices kids, and live your own life.

This is not Reefer Madness (which yes, was nonfactual), this is meth

It doesn’t matter what drug it is, by overinflating the risk they have lowered their credibility.

A neurologist did some studies and figured out that meth is over a dozen times more pleasurable than sex

Sounds like typical net/urban folklore to me. “A neurologist did some studies”, is not a useful citation, and neuroscience doesn’t have any quantifiable way of measuring something as subjective as ‘pleasure’. Maybe the results of a legitimate study were distorted by the press or word-of-mouth (highly likely), but there’s no way a study making those claims would ever pass the peer-review process.

Your brain, not designed to handle that level of dopamine, very quickly shuts down all the happiness receptors in your brain and then -nothing- makes you happy again

Once again, a misinterpretation of the science. Methamphetamine does cause a release of dopamine (along with serotonin and norepinepherine, which is similar to adrenaline), which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, causing the user to feel alert and stay awake. There are no such thing as ‘happiness receptors’, the receptors it binds to are found in the mesolimbic and mesocortical pathways, the ‘reward circuit’, which is why amphetamine is so addictive.

I grew up in an area that has a meth problem, it’s a very fucking big deal. It’s literally ruined cities

Amphetamine use should be legalised, and the money used to police it moved instead to treating users. That way, it takes production and distribution out of the hands of criminals, and gives the people who use it a way of minimising the damage to their health, and collectively, to society.

And “ruined cities” is a bit of a stretch.

People that are comparing this to Reefer Madness and are pretending Meth isn’t a big deal are fucking idiots that don’t do their homework

I have done my homework. While I would never suggest that everyone should run out and start smoking meth, there is a right way and a wrong way to tackle this issue, and I believe scare campaigns and the continuation of a failed drug war is not the right way.

If anything these billboards should be more serious

Agreed. They are a joke.

Why is everyone so quick to mention pot as an alternative to everything.

Here’s an idea…

Don’t put anything in your lungs but air.
Don’t put anything in your veins but blood.
Don’t put anything in your stomach but food.
Don’t pass anything through your liver/kidneys but water.
Simply do what your body was designed to do, nothing else.

Do that, and you won’t know what your missing when you’re not high.
Life will feel good enough without additional substances.

sMOKE WEEd everYDAY MAN…whooop whoop i love weed why smoke meth and kill urself.. its lame.. go ganja all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I smoke weed everyday…….as a kid I sold many drugs and I can say that meth can and will do all these things to you …for those of you that think this is just a scare tactic…..your living in a shell….meth is the dirtiest drug ive ever seen ….I had close friends lose the ability to function normally in society and in their personal lives…meth is like a pesticide that kills ……some slow…some fast….ive seen females turn into whores and men turned into mice….ive seen it corrupt the morals and actions of many……and yes people do leave their friends for dead sometimes if they feel it could get them in trouble for being there during the deed…..ive seen a loving mother trade sexual favors for just 20 dollars worth of meth……it is no where near safe and made from the grossest and dirtiest shit……

so yeah im pretty much cool with everything BUT meth. in moderation the hard stuff can be groovy and in abundance the trippy stuff can be the greatest ego destroyer.

these ads should be put out….addiction doesnt hit everyone, there are people out there that just cant handle drugs or even alchohol. You may be the person that can go out and try something once and never need to do it again. Or you can be the person that falls for the drug to escape something and end up chasing highs that youll never get, which would turn you into everything that these ads show. Stay away from drugs kids, and make good choices..y even take the chance to fuck up your life?

These ads are over the top – BUT – some addicts do go this far, not all people can use once and stop. Every person has a different chemical make up, that is why some people take benadryl and get hyper, some go to sleep. One person’s experience with any chemical – legal or not – may not be the same as yours. I hate the over the top ads for this reason, it makes you think that they are all safe, because all of the ads are a lie, but in reality – some people have addictive personalities and one time can hook them – on heroin, coke, meth, whatever – and once they start – they lose the ability to reason and stop. I’ve seen lots of people change their personalities on drugs, usually on the speed type (coke, meth, crank, crack) but also on prescription meds. In our area, most theft is for money for pills, not powder. Pill heads are a real big problem here. Everything in moderation, pot and shrooms are basically harmless, alcohol on the other hand is more evil than both of them. I’ve never known anyone to drive fast and wreck their car or want to fight when they are stoned – but I know tons of drunks who do. Take it from an old hippie that has tried most things – and survived – some of these drugs need to be handled cautiously – and sparingly. Weed not speed!!!

I was an serious crystal meth addict for over three years, and I must say, we looked bad, but never looked like we hungered for brains. Were these adds directed by Sam Raimi, by chance?

anyone that actually thinks doing meth would be at all a good idea should just inject themselves with bleach, the world doesn’t need you idiots polluting our ears with the sound of nickleback and other post-grunge garbage and the last thing we need is to be burdened by you reproducing. Meth would be a lot greater if it was made of lead and was directly injected into the back of the head.

Is 15 bucks the going rate for sex with a meth addict, or can i bargin down?

OK, not to condone meth usage… really its the most pointless and absolutely PAINFUL drug i have ever done. when i was at the height of my addiction to various drugs i was using meth on an extremely occasional basis. i would use it for 3 days or so every 6- 12 months. I was highly addicted to cocaine, and ecstasy for about 6 months of my life… that was also a horrible experience overall. For someone like myself, methamphetamine was never a fun drug to use. you’d hit the chalet and be godlike for 12 hours, but after that you started getting sleepy, can’t sleep realize the chemicals have burned holes in your oral tissues, leaving VERY painful sores, your lungs are seizing up because they’ve been damaged in the same way. you are now the polar opposite of that godlike being you were 2 days ago, you are a fucking wreck. you even lose the ability to control your muscles properly. The crash and after effects of meth usage last for about 2 weeks. That type of tradeoff is not something most people want when they use a drug. honestly most people I personally know who used meth a few times, will never use it again because it hurts too much. none of them ever beat up their mom or tried to force other people to use it. most of them never injected it, and most of them encourage others to stay far far far away from the shit. yes, it reminds me of the reefer maddness thing. its a little over the top, but really not by too much. with meth, most curious drug users will try it, say fuck it and just grab a joint next time never to use it again. the people who continue to abuse this poison are not psychonauts, or hippies but people with some serious psychological issues that need addressing. i say let em die. its a classic case of social darwinism if i’ve ever seen one.

pardon my punctuation and capitalization as i don’t care, this is a stumble.

i live in montana, and these ads they’ve been running the last few years have actually made a big difference in the statistics for meth usage. its gone down a lot compared to 3 years ago.

This is a message to all you fucking retards who dont know waht the fuck its like. Yea good one do coke cos its better, if u wanna do drugs then do them fucking sensibly, dont follow a crowd u fucking sheep. Anything is ok in a small dose. If ur gonna do any drugs shrooms is the cleanest and weed is the best (I don’t mean skunk).

Plus with chems u gotta realise that too much of that will fuck your head up and get u addicted. Keep it natural no matter what fuck tard told u its ok, there the ones sponging off us tax payers just to feed their bullshit habits that they put there themselves.


If you guys want to really take a drug, take LSD. Unlike every other drug, it does ZERO bodily harm. Its cheap, fun, and enlightening. Take it from someone who’s tried them all. Acid is by far the most amazing thing to ever be synthesized.

and remember,

Don’t sedate, create… and shrooms are for fun, acid is to become.

Well i think that u guys who do hard drugs are a bunch of retards, “OH drugs make u feel good and make u fly… bla bla bla” u have a LOT of others things to do besides drugs… if u want to feel pleasure, have sex, if u want to get some adrenaline jump of an airplane… if u want to feel good about yourself and enjoy life just the way it naturally is… take a day to go for a walk and do some kayak or rappel or paintball or surf or skate or bicicle or something…. there are a lot of things to do besides drugs… u dont need to take drugs to be a “cool” guy… whoever thinks that way should be raped…. and its more beneficial to ur health if u dont do drugs and go other things like i mentioned….

I think that meth isn’t a funny subject, I had a friend who was addicted for over a year and half, and he is clean now, but he had a hard time. And I know the effects of it. But, its YOUR life, your going to do as you please, but just remember, you did this to yourself, you put yourself into that situation, don’t blame anyone but yourself. If you can live with that in five years, when you “regret it” you can only look upon yourself when you are looking back upon it.

Smoke weed, its an herb, it was put here for a reason. Make the best use out of it.

every one of you are a bunch of fucking retards how the fuck can u sleep at night after u a have told kids to do all kinds of drugs.i am 17 i have and like to smoke weed.Weed is not a drug it is a plant it grows naturally. just think of it this way would you want your kids doing this shit and if you say yes then you are not fit to have a fucking kid.

I worked with a guy who sold ICE, a real pure form of meth here in Georgia. You could tell when he started doing it. He didn’t look AS bad as some of these pics, but pretty damn close. He wore a bandage on his forearm for a month because he had picked a huge sore on his arm one night on one of his week long trips. Meth is NOT a drug of my choice, and IMHO it’s one of those drugs, along with crack, that was only invented because of prohibition, and we would have been better off without it.

Meth is a serious problem in few places, eastern Asia, a couple eastern European countries and the USA. The people in Asia do it out of necessity so they can work for 72 hours straight sewing your jeans and shirts and shoes to make pennies an hour to stay alive and feed their family and of course, buy more meth. In eastern Europe, about 1/20th is actually consumed there, mostly in clubs, and the rest is smuggled the the USA. So essentially, serious usage is only prevalent in eastern Asia and the USA. At least the Asians countries have a bit of an excuse, being that the drug originated there and that they are being totally dominated by big business.

So why so much meth in the States?

Crummy weed, maybe?

Come up to Canada, I’ll hook you up. I’ll be the one not killing anyone and not smoking meth…Oh wait, that’s damn near everyone here.

Lucky me.

Ads like this are completely counterproductive. All they are going to do when a young person sees them is make them think about trying meth. Chances are youth are not going to believe that the things depicted are true.. they will probably assume they’re exaggerated. This money would be better spent providing honest, open drug education in schools.

I’ve never done meth and I have no interest in it. I’m sad that billboards like these scare so many people away from the wonderful effects of drugs. So maybe a tiny percent of the methheads in this world are whores, scratch off their skin, and kill for money. Drunks are worse and far more numerous.

oh just wait guys……all you who KNOW everything, can see the future and predict what will happen when you continue to use drugs….I would laugh but its too sad when wankers who THINK they know what addiction is about ending up in padded cells, of cheap coffins, working thier ass for drug money or just taking a shorter way out cause they were too fukked to care anymore. Addiction does kill….believe me sometimes death is a better option…but hey…keep doing the drugs and see what happens!

Sheep: You make a really good point. I never thought of that.

Kids: I recommend not following the anonymous poster’s advice concerning cocaine. Yeah, it won’t make your skin fall off; But it will transform you into a total douche bag with an ego the same size you’ll think your dick is. Stick with weed, shrooms, and acid. Or no drugs at all if you like. 🙂

Meth is straight fucked. I have a couple friends, one in particular, who got into jibb and it fucked her up. If you knew this girl you would never touch this shit, she used to be gorgeous, now she’s all fucked up. Stick with weed and shrooms maybe some mdma once and awhile, maybe a line of blow on new years, but stay the fuck away from meth and crack,

Richard Runyon: Please stop using the term “drugs and alcohol”. It implies that alcohol is not a drug, which is false. But please do keep advocating for people who are having drug problems to seek help. 🙂

Maybe you should all stop being so right about everything just go with the flow and do whatever you want to 🙂

Anyone who says meth doesnt do these things to you is a fucking idiot, i live in washington and see people like that all the time. I mean not so dramatic but pretty damn close, and i think its a good thing to prove a point. Im addicted to pills and smoke alot of weed, not that being an addict is right but im sure not gonna use meth again, i did it 3 times and feined for it. Its not a party drug when you party everyday. It consumes your mind and life. People need to take it seriously ive seen alot of people i know and love get destroyed by meth, and all these ads are true.
fuck ignorant people.

Majority of people who have posted on this page are a bunch of fuck heads and just need to crawl off some where and not breed. Meth is horrible. You dont have to use it to know this. Have you ever seen addicts go threw the shit that they do? Have you ever known anyone on this drug or any drug at that? Are you blind? I can’t think of one person I know that uses anything that will say the rediculous shit most of you are spouting out. Meth is an horrible horrible issue…..if you can’t see this maybe you need to get help yourself.

I cannot believe that there are comments from people who think these are “blown out of proportion”. Wow you must live a really sheltered life. This is real and not blown out of proportion or made to look worse than it is. The bill boards shown here are not even the TIP of what really happens. Meth is an epidemic people. OPEN your eyes.

Iv seen some pretty twisted tweaks when I was in boarding school in Montana, this kid left for 6 months came back 85 pound lighter and didn’t even recognize me. Clean amphetamines when not totally abused are a very good high, but that nasty methyl group and the bathtub chemicals they use, I would never touch that kind of stuff that I didn’t make myself.

Laughing at these ones
Kristen laugh now Kristen… until its your kid or neighbors kid that beats the crap out of you. I would like to be there to see you laughing then
Drug lova…. Just wait it will catch up with you.
You people have a rude awakening coming to you all. Keep laughing.

why are we talking about drugs that are better?
the whole point of these ads are to have people stray away from drugs.
Meth is horrible. If you can do it just once then sure, no harm done. But many people can’t do it just once. And it’s not their faults, they aren’t stupid, they just are just innocent people who played with fire.
Who can argue against the fact that sobriety is the best way to live? At least when you’re sober you know you feelings are real.
Even if they’re more painful

ok and finaly . any bitch that is only charging 15 a ride defenitly needs my profesional consultation . bitch u chargin 15 a ride work for me i will keep that supply stoked and maybe let you sleep at the foot of my bed if your a girl girl for daddy . and to the rest of yall kids drugs are good in moderation and to you parents your all patsy’s for real you read books watch instructional videos and seek counsling because thats what the american propaganda has told you to do. if your a good parent you dont need to worry about what your kids are doing . you already know because they tell you and ask questions . and shit most of you have done in the past recent past and sometimes still are doing what your telling your kids not to . it all comes back around in the end. chuch big milk dc boy

I think its sick that people are making light of a drug such as meth and the situtations people on meth get into. Its no laughing matter when it comes to your town or family. Drug addicts dont start off that way its progressive and it all starts with that first hit. Remember one is too many and a thousand is never enough!!!!!!!!!! Love and Fellowsip!

I live in the SF bay Area, and this stuff has destroyed more lives than I can count. I used to have a bunch of friends in San Francisco. Now, they’re all meth-heads and are awful to be around in any way. I’d love to help them, but they’re only interested in having sex with me; not stopping the drugs (and THEN having sex with me).

all drugs mess u up it doesn’t matter what they are they will all do damage in some way these bill boards were a reality for me. if you think you aint got a problem try stopping dr fuckhead

these ads are all true. use enough meth (you’ll find that enough is never enough) and you really will end up as the character in the poster.

“mervin July 7, 2009 at 1:53 pm

chillax, my gran takes meth, and she’s a smooth panther.”


i actually LOLed @ that.

fuck you hiedi for laughing at peeps on drugs. its not your place to do so. it sucks if you get addicted to meth but dont be puttin all drug users down. weed, shrooms, lsd, ever heard of DMT?.. all fine for your. they’ve probably influenced more great minds than you could possibly conceive.
you only get one life, why not experience as much of its beauty as you can.

and ill let you know when that rude awakening you speak off gets to me, but dont wait around.

I am unbelievably shocked at the posts on this site. Addiction is real, I am sorry that people that like weed or LSD don’t understand that. The message is supposed to be powerful and it is, it is not meant for the people in this post obviously. Again I am shocked and appalled.

Meth is very addictive, but the real problem is brake fluid.
I am addicted to brake fluid, but I can stop at any time.

Without meth I never would have convinced my girlfriend to have my baby. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna quit before the second trimester when things start to be important to a growing baby.

I can’t wait to be a daddy.

i knew a guy once, got arrested for stealing from the chemistry dept at my old high school, they thought he was makin a bomb. he was settin up a meth lab. i’m pro-choice and legalization, but people should know what they’re gettin into. read up on drugs before you try ’em and believe me, after trying some shit you’ll never wanna do it again, but you’ll also have a better perspective on life. i hope they also have anti-alcohol and anti-cigarette billboards up in montana, as i reckon there are far more addicts to those drugs than meth.

To the person who said “if you want to have an adrenaline rush, jump out an airplane”


let me think about that
Weed: completely and 100% safe(IE: No risk of falling to my death) Fun for a few hours, and cheap.

Sky Diving: scary as fuck. Lasts like.. what… 3-5 minutes? Risk of DEATH, and who knows how much you have to pay for that? No thank you.

hey anyomous2, FUCK YOU! you have no fucking clue what the hell you talking about. weed isnt a drug, its a plant. same exact fucking thing with shrooms. and drugs only become an addiction if your to stupid to realise when your killing yourself. if you sell your body for meth, as long as your happy, then go for it. yea you dont need drugs to be happy, but smoke one joint with a good friend, and go for a walk to mcdonalds or something like that. it will be more fun for you than anything. and fuckers like you who sit here and talk shit bout users need to take a hit. as long as your happy with your life then you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Dude if you read all of these comments for top to bottom like i have then you can see that drugs are drugs and people are people. im not trying to be super enlightening or all that shit im just saying let the people choose and if they choose differently than you than get the fuck over it… well its their life not mine. Believe what you want not what they tell.
true story… my next door neighbor was addicted to Meth for about 2 or 3 years and countless times he tried to sell it to me or “hook me up” but i said no each time until roughly 5 months ago his hook came to visit and found him dead… he committed suicide. a bullet hole in his chest didnt work so he hung himself using a guitar string everyone said that he hated his life because of the choices he had made. So please live your life however you want and he was my friend i didnt judge him but some how i blieve that meth did this to him.

Meth is trashy. If you are curious about drugs, try ANYTHING else but meth, heroin, or esctacy. Although I do hate acid. I’m not a fan of seeing shit. My imagination is vivid enough as it is, seeing things just scares me. Everything else in small doses, every great once in a while is fine. Yeesh. Those meth ads, though…. I do admit they are better than the anti-weed ads! hahaha “I stole money from my grandma, ditched my friends, forgot to pick up my little brother after school, and sent naked pictures to everyone on my phone all thanks to weed.” I don’t smoke weed anymore but I don’t know about you guys… I never had the urge to steal money or send nudes to anyone ’cause I was stoned. Lame.

borag, you realize that if everyone followed your advice then they would still be sheep right? let people choose what kind of sheep they want to be themselves instead of suggesting your views are universal truth or something.

I can see that the majority of you have not taken Meth , take a little and probably change your mind or at least open it. Or better yet go to your local doctor and tell him that you have a concentration problem and he will try to give you a host or meds like, vyvance Addarall its pretty much the same thing and its legal. I have taken meth and vyvance and i don’t see a difference and they give this shit to kids. The bottom line is that people that look like this probably had a problem to begin with, this drug is conducive to OCD and insistent behaviors so if you have a problem to start with it will only be amplified.




So being an ex meth head myself these billboards kind of hit me hard. And all these people commenting back saying which drugs are better than meth, shame on you! Meth is something really awful and very hard to overcome. I know this first hand! I lived my life on this terrible drug for 3 years before I started the long process to being clean and sober! These ads are great and I hope and pray that they help all people especially the youth know that there is nothing cool about using meth or any other drug!

Am I the only one who thinks the picture of the beat up mom is fucking hilarious?

I love drugs. Better Life Through Chemistry – is my motto. I’m 55 yrs old and unharmed bodily or mentally. You have to be smart. Enough booze can do all this to you too. Don’t be a knob, the war on drugs is a war on people. Maybe some people shouldn’t dope, as some people shouldn’t drink, but this all or nothing appraoach doesn’t sell. It’s another media lie that does more harm than good.

The problem with prohibition is that it treats all drugs the same, no differentiation between hard and soft drugs, so someone who doesn’t know better might think these Ads are overblown/inaccurate like most of the information they’ve been fed about cannabis.

Meth messes up with neurological centers of pleasure and reward. If you screw that up, you’ll be a walking corpse, even if on the outside you seem pretty normal and you can still do your job.

Doctors prescribe amphetamine salts to young children in the form of adderall for ADD. It is legal meth. Doctor, drug dealer, pharmacologist, its all the same, except doctors and pharmacologists go to school for 8 -9 years and have higher intelligence in most cases, but you normally won’t find a meth dealer selling to 7-year-olds. The war on drugs isn’t working. Healthcare is a joke. I think religion is the root cause of stupidity and ignorance in the world. I could go much deeper, but this isn’t a lecture hall, and I’m ready sure to get plenty of stupid remarks on something I’m not ever going to check. That being said, we’re still at war. Read a book or something. fuck off. 🙁

Seen these in person. They are quite startling, but all you pot smokers and anarchist crying foul, obviously you’ve never seen what this fucking drug does to people. Stay stuck in your parents basement smoking weed thinking the “man” is keeping you down while the Ice addict is out there raping and pillaging for their next fix. They’re fucking zombies and spread their disease in practically the same fashion. Meth alone is validation for the war on drugs so bitch and moan about your “oppression” somewhere else.

i love drugs too, and moderation is key. But I want to point out there’s a fine difference between hard drugs that can fuck you up quick if you’re not careful, and the danks. Marijuana is legit, and it’s ridiculous how the government keeps lying out their ass about something that improves people’s lives. Bud’s illegal because of corporate bullshit, and alcohol & tobacco are the top killers. It’s really just bias that the people accept when really we should be doing the research ourselves. I agree the war against drugs is a war against people, it’s our damn lives, when the hell was mothering us government responsibility. The worst part is that they trip like they’re being moral about it, doing good for us by restricting our individual liberties, and playing us like we don’t know any better. and most of us don’t! Let’s fight against this bullshit people

anyway, i got sidetracked lol this meth campaign seems to be doing good for people who are on the verge or already addicts, to help them see how they may be acting, but really there’s so many tricks and bullshit in advertising, it almost doesn’t matter

I know the effects of meth quite well after a few friends and family members were, are, meth addicts all of these billboards are true to my knowledge, but don’t let meth give you the wrong impression of things like pot and shrooms. I know that may sound like an oxymoron to sum but the reality is the war on drugs should be against drugs meth heroin crack people need to fight these drugs. The government needs to fight these drugs.

Methamphetamine and amphetamine are not the same, please don’t seed the lethal misinformation (@anon). That way someone could think “oh, it’s a medicine, so I can just take it over the counter for pleasure:) ” Though, here in Serbia doctors don’t prescribe amphetamine, and I support that. What I don’t support is that marijuana is treated the same way by law and anti-drug campaigns, which is lethal, too, like someone said above.

alright.., most of you that have commented are morons. ever look at the process for making crystal meth or read a list of ingredients? Marijuana is not coke which is not heroin which is not meth. All drugs are not the same. I know a lot of pot heads and drunks. None of them have had sex in a toilet for more beer or pot. I know quite a few crack/meth heads. ALL of them have exchanged sex for product. Yes, ALL of them. Hell, one guy sold me his boots for $10.00 in freakin November, then walked to the bar in socks to hook up. I gave him his boots back the next day.

I have never tried meth, so for me looking at these pictures seem a bit extreme, but then again I’ve never tried it so i don’t know. Although, some of these things could be caused by other things also such as homelessness (taking money from a old man) or sever depression (cutting oneself). I understand the point is to scar kids into not doing meth, but it is just to extreme that it is some what unbelievable.

to anon –

i hope you do check the responses to your post… because you’re absolutely right. there are millions of us who are sitting at home ready to pull our hair out when we look at all of the fucked up shit around us. we could all go on much deeper, but we don’t. no one sits across from a stranger and actually talks about this stuff, about life and death and the universe and how fucking small we are, or about how consumed by the insignificant fleeting aspects of life our culture is? sure, we can find our niches where there’s openness, but here our anonymity is respected. i don’t know exactly why i’m saying this, because i’m not much of a crusader or demonstrator myself… but it is a bit comforting, isn’t it, to know there are millions of others who feel the same, whether or not we have the courage or strength to actually do something about it?

our generation will prove itself, soon. the 2012 revolution is not a myth. at least you’ll be among the prepared.



Ghost, not only is it halrious, the bitch clearly deserved it.

how about
“Meth: tried it once, enjoyed it, thats about it”

They really need to keep putting that word in “ILLEGAL” because it isn’t meth causing the problem it is ‘illegal’ meth that is causing the problem. Don’t push children to deal with people who can not be trusted, children will experiment they, will make mistakes but, the worst mistake adults can make is creating the situation where children will associate with dangerous individuals who are basically empowered by full prohibition laws. It is better that they access less harmful drugs to experiment with and, when they get caught, they are treated rather than punished and of course those that deal drugs to ‘minors’ are still punished with the full weight of the law. As for dealing ‘drugs’ to adults as long as they are not contaminated with harmful substances, well, you are meant to be an adult and are meant to be responsible for your decisions/ Why should anyone use force and violence (cure far, far worse than the ailment) to prevent you from making poor decisions, far simpler and cheaper to let you learn the hard way and assist you when you are ready for it, it really is a normal part of adult responsibility.

My biggest gripe is the singling out of one substance.
Meth isn’t the real killer. Putting anything in the hands of someone unstable, insecure, addictive personality or prone to excessive behavior can lead to similar situations.

Obesity is a killer, so are we going to make cupcakes illegal and demonize pasta because some people can’t control themselves? No.

We should warn younger generations on the dangers of binging, abuse, addiction, and excessive lifestyles of EVERYTHING. The time has come to stop regressing to outdated viewpoints and embrace the fact that the young generation will experiment. Our job as responsible adults is to guide them, not scare them.

There should also be more separation between a drug addict/abuser from a drug user. What do you think? If these categories are more easily distinguished from one another, with a drug user being more integrated within the socially acceptable sphere similar to a frequent drinker (but not an alcoholic), then there would be less problems of people going to the extreme because of the social stigma? Just a thought.

I am from Montana, and we have a serious meth problem here, I watched my family, and friends throw their lives away on this shit and still recovering from it today. Those billboards arent funny, or over exaggerated, I have seen my mom like that, I have seen my brother laying on the floor barely moving cause he was so high. Fuck meth. I am a smoker and like to experiement. But this is a drug that will kill you. It changes EVERYTHING about you. I had my friends still money right out of my purse. The meth project made a big impact, and I believe it stopped alot of people from touching the drug and really bringing attention to the seriousness of the problem.

I think these are powerful billboards. I’m not saying drugs are bad, just that they should be used with full knowledge of what you’re getting into, the effects/consequences, and to be responsible.

And yes the mom one made me lol

Prohibition is the opposite of what needs to be done. If drugs were legal, this would be better managed. We could regulate the drugs. Making them safer and less lethal. Instead of telling kids “no” to drugs, we could teach users better ways to manage their habits, and how not to start them. Making drugs legal would also take most of the crime aspect away. Drugs being illegal, makes them pricey. Being such a big payoff, there’s a constant war going for product and territory. There are plenty of criminals organization out there that thrive off the profit of drugs. A lot of addicts don’t have many job possibilities. Being that most good jobs test. We have Hillary to thank for that. Lives are ruined when caught with drugs. Even personal stash is enough to make life hard. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to put even harmless stoners into over-crowded jails. There’s a big impact on the environment as well. Plenty of drugs use toxic chemicals-the waste carelessly displaced. Some would say that if drugs weren’t illegal, more would be addicted. If drugs were legalized I doubt that a nonuser would start using cause now they can. And a person with that state of mind probably wouldn’t be a user anyways. Just cause they say you can’t don’t mean shit.

okay i think that everyone is gonna do what they want but these adds are trying to lead ppl down the right path. drugs liquify the brain and even tho you dont get addicted or whatever it still damaging your body. i dontget why ppl flip out when they say drugs are bad. they are. ALL drugs. calm down. if you are a druggie dont yell at me saying drugs are fine! “your a dumb ass for not knowing how to use them,” no your the dumbass.

I did meth for a long time, and yeah, quitting sucked, but I never turned out my girlfriend, tore off my skin, beat up my mom, robbed old people, fucked in a dirty bathroom stall, or left a friend for dead. I never knew anyone who did either. The worst part about these scare tactics is that kids see them, try it anyway, and realize they’re being lied to. This leads them to stop believing anything they’re told.

I’m with you anon. The War on Drugs is a war against me. I’ve tried probably almost every drug I can think of. I’m perfectly fine I’d say, certainly not an addict. I do smoke marijuana regularly and I recently quit smoking cigarettes. Do what you want to do, but the black market creates a short supply and the demand stays about the same. Drug prohibition doesn’t work, it just drives prices through the roof. Then, people go crazy to get something that should be as cheap as sugar or table salt. If it were as abundant as other drugs, people would be less tempted to use them and would more quickly realize the danger in lack of moderation. People behave differently when pushed away and treated like a criminal. Drug abuse is no different than soda abuse, alcohol abuse, sugar abuse, etc. They all carry with them risks — too much soda, obesity; too much alcohol, drunkenness and liver problems; too much sugar, higher diabetes risk. Only when you are properly educated and it becomes normal to consume drugs moderately will the drug problem go away. This is probably all at the fault of organized religion — they always want to tell everyone what to do. We basically should just stop listening to religious folks and acting according to good, sound logic. These ads are a crock of shit — sure, these are the results of those who didn’t stop. If the taboo factor was out the window these people could have had the help they needed a lot faster and without much criticism. Adderall is the same thing, with less trash I’m sure — they have a whole chemistry set to play with, so they probably do a better job than high school chemistry students. I’d rather not see the whole neighborhood go bye bye because all these stupid fuckers want to tell people what they can and can not do, and then make it law. If you could buy it off the shelf then it wouldn’t be a cool thing. Maybe kids would take the ad seriously then. If they don’t believe it, then a quick trip to Walgreens and they would soon find out. Then they would tell their mom, “I took this pill and now it makes me want more of them.” Mom would say, “Oh, that’s called an addiction, honey. Don’t take any more of them, it only gets worse with time. Just let it go away on its own.” Problem solved.

To answer your question: No. It will probably make the meth problem worse. Here’s why: It shows worst case scenarios. The kids are going to say, none of my meth smoking friends are this bad. These ads are full of shit. So I’m going to do it anyways. It couldn’t be that bad, these guys are all ok. “Not once.” Great idea I’m sure. It’ll never work. Better off keeping your mouth shut and hope they don’t think about it.

i was a meth addict for 6 or 7 yrs, i just got out of jail for dealing. these ad’s are shit nobody get like this. theres very little physical addiction when coming off the drug, even after many years, im not saying its a great drug, any drug when miss used is going to coarse problems. some people shouldnt use meth some people shouldnt drink alcohol each to there own. legalize all drugs i say.

While I don’t know anyone who does meth, I do know people who do plenty of other drugs. Yes, I agree that the worst case scenarios don’t happen to everyone, but they do happen. These ads aren’t just trying to demonize meth. They are trying to solve a problem. Meth does not equal marijuana, they are nowhere close to the same thing, so stop applying your anti-government pot paranoia to a more serious drug like meth.

i personally as a ex meth head know what the ‘hard’ drugs can and will do to somebody. however i have been clean for many yrs now and am against the use of meth, cocaine, and all the other hard drugs. I still continue to use marijuana, and love every minute of it. and yes the government is lying about marijuana and should legalize it.

Anyone know where I can get in touch with that girl in the 5th picture down?

$15 to shag that? That’s a deal in anyone’s book.

badly done, atrociously written pictures of comical violence… Take the drugs kids – you might produce better art work than that dribble.

ps. (to the designers) pitting bold text sext to a close up of someones face looking out at you from the shot doesn’t always make a powerful image.

pps. (to the writers) why not try something more engaging. Something like ” you wound believe what you can do on meth.” or perhaps ” loose your virginity with meth” you know a bit more interesting that …WITH METH YOU CAN… tadada-a-a-a-a-a-a

ppps. anyways, who the hell starts shooting up before they popped there cherry.

I used to do that shit. Honestly, I found the ads hilarious. If I’d seen them before experiencing the first-hand effects, I still would’ve laughed. This won’t do shit. Probably hasn’t done shit.

Besides, the girl having sex for $15 doesn’t look high, she looks like she’s gonna puke.

being from montana, i drive past these every day, i dont think that they make any difference to anyone who actually might try meth, when they started it it was the biggest joke in my highschool, it probably still is, but i do think that at the very least it forces parents to answer their kids questions when they see them. the problem is the put these signs up outside elementary schools and parks. you see little kids staring at them. as bad as meth might be, im not sure its right to give the kiddies nighmares.

ghoulardi: BLTC, huh? Were you a totsean?

Anyway, meth is one of the few drugs I haven’t tried. Not for lack of wanting, it just doesn’t come around here much, dope is the big thing.

Some people just shouldn’t do drugs. I don’t really think it has much to do with the drug, just the person.

Well so frankly this is a load of bullshit. If people want to destroy their lives, go ahead. The government trusts people to make the right decisions about a variety of things which even potentially interfere with others lives. To name one, driving cars safely and maintaining them appropriately, the ownership of firearms, not to mention the safe use of legal drugs. Though when it comes to drugs, the state heavily regulates even illicit drugs such as pot which in comparison to some standard legal pharmaceuticals is fairly mild. I feel and research backup, is that this no-tolerance drug policy destroys more lives by far than it “saves”. For example after the Alcohol prohibition act during the turn of the 20th century in the U.S.A, not only did organized crime profit greatly but many more people died from using unsafe home-made alcohol, not to mention all those whom were sent to jail for simply wanting a bit of inebriation. Also take into account Portugal, it has de-criminalized ALL formerly illicit substances and what has been the result? Contrary to what Montana may claim, skin wearing methheads did not roam the streets beating their mothers and selling their girlfriends into prostitution, drug use and abuse rates have dramatically reduced and the state is now saving lots of money that would have used to be used to put many normal people behind bars. So honestly Montana go farm some wheat or whatever the heck you do.

i actually live in montana and i see these billboards everyday. Meth is not a joke both of my girlfriends parents did meth while she was a kid she never had the child hood you and i had. she spent most of it going in and out of foster care cuz her mom was so addicted to meth that she couldn’t take care of her. Not to mention her mom made her brother sell crack when he was ten just so she and her bf could get their fix. Now he and her other brother are meth addicts. she is the only one in her family not to do it. also, her mother was a prostitute for some time just to get money for it. And now she has Hep C from shootin it up.

Her mother was on probation for 3 years and spent 1 year in jail cuz she was at a meth house when it was getting raided. so she was forced to take a piss test which kept her off meth for that time being. she just recently got off probation. she divorced her husband. and went to seattle with some meth dealer and binged for about a month leaving my gf at home by herself. while she was trying to graduate highschool. When her mother got back she started going to bars quite frequently. one night she came home with a random guy. My gf was going to bed in her room and she over heard them talking about getting meth. so my gf went out there and tried desperately to get her mom to not do it. so her mother, after an hour of arguing tackled my gf and started punching her. my gf grabbed a liquour bottle that was sitting nearby and smashed it over her moms head. My gf pressed charges on her mom and is not able to speak to her or have any contact with her mother for over a year. im happy to say that her mom is back on probation and not doing meth. but how long will that last? once your an addict meth always has a hold on everything that you love. My gf has lived a very unfair and fucked up life becuz of some tiny shards that had such a huge control on not just one life but every life that comes into contact with someone who is on it.

In fact just today my gf said she wonders what her life would be like today and what kind of person her mom would be if it werent for meth.

These billboards might show the most extreme of situations but sooner or later if you do meth you will find yourself in one of those situations. i could go on and on about who i know and the fucked up shit thats happened becuz of it.

since the Montana Meth Project began the number of youths who try meth has been cut down by 70%. you can’t fuck with the facts.

It’s not actually “meth” that these ads are talking about, it’s “addiction”.
People can be addicted to many many things, not only including drugs, that will cause them to commit violence and self-degrading acts.

You could replace “meth” with “beer” in every single graphic.

to anon about ADD meds-

That is pretty far from the truth, really. While sure, kids with ADD and like disorders are perscribed amphetamine salts, often a mix of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine. The use of these drugs in a variety of salt forms lessens the overall harshness of their action, providing a greatly lessened jolt to the system. Also, both these chemicals lack the methyl alkaloid present in methamphetamine, the effects of which on it’s metabolism and bio-availability are the primary reason for meth’s profoundly ill effects in comparison with other CNS stimulants, including other amphetamines.

ppl please thats so stupid first off everybodys trip is different i knew girl that if she takes one hit of weed she pukes like the exorcist and i knew another who free based or injected heroine all month and the next month quit cold turkey like it’s nothing so your not special if you can quit cold turkey or never get a bad trip your just lucky cause you never know when you’ll make the mistake of trippin with the wrong crowd or me for that matter ……..and that mom ad is fucking funny thats the best ad fail ever besides it’s like a fire man came in your mouth

these false arguments are so transparently dishonest that the result will be more kids disbelieving anything they are told by the authorities about drugs, health, their future, etc., et al.

when a kid who knows a few kids who do crystal once in a while and seem no worse for wear is told that self mutilation, being raped in a public toilet, prostituting themselves for minimum wage, beating and robbing the elderly, leaving behind a friend dead, and other ridiculously melodramatic tragedies are “NORMAL”, common behavior for those who do meth, THE TARGET AUDIENCE INSTANTLY KNOWS IT IS BEING LIED TO.

The authorities do not know what normal behavior is for meth users because they never speak to them until they are in lockdown after completely losing it, they never speak to a meth person who never was arrested or hospitalized, etc. they don’t know how many of them there are or what kind of behavior is NORMAL for them, SO THESE STATEMENTS ARE OBVIOUS LIES… propaganda made up not to address the drug problem but to justify an irrational POLICE STATE response to a medical issue, to justify the illegal incarceration of people who have a disease (addiction) and illegal treatment of those incarcerated, to justify tax increases for prison beds, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

did this approach work against marijuana? the very idea is absurd.

the govt agency responsible for these obvious lies should be eliminated from the state budget and it’s personnel forbidden from holding a state job in future. any who are lawyers should be disbarred for creating contempt for the justice system.

Meth is a hidden plague. Meth changes the way you think and causes erratic behavior. Most people don’t notice all the meth addicts walking around, at least until one of them stabs and robs you. Especially here in the South, it is very prevalent and the authorities are so focused on weed and such when meth is the real danger. All the horror stories of drug-related crimes are, for the most part, meth addicts. These billboards are true. Wake up America. – A former meth addict doing very well for himself.

im reading these and i the people who want to legalize man made killer drugs no what the hell it actually does!!…medical stuff i have issues with to ie theyr side effects are worse than the problem and the docs try and solve it all with more pills wtf anyways
pot isnt man made and it has show that it can actually help they even think it slows cancer cells relieve arthritis helps with depression etc it helps so i still dont understand why it cant be ligalized (diffrent topice)
however meth heroin xtc crack what ever you want to call it those drugs thats man made it can kill..this is the problem with the billbored its showing the extreems but if they dont show extreems ppl wont realise what it COULD do
also the ppl on here saying it hasnt done me any wrong bla bla bla that isnt helping to stop ppl from trying it!! thats encouraging them making them think oh he or she has done it and they say thier fine but not everyone is the same…so please be carful what you say i actually found this because i glanced over my son’s screen while talking to him and hes only 10!!
and by the way dont mouth off at me for letting my son flick threw sites wihout parently guidence..what you want me to do pull an eyeball out and have it watching him n his computer while im doing the house chours!!

CBlair, It’s very nice to hear that you’ve overcome this horrible drug. My uncle wasn’t as fortunate as you. On his 34th birthday, he overdosed on a bunch of different drugs and killed himself. It was one of the hardest days of my life. It has been nearly 2 whole years since it’s happened… 12 more days and it will be 2 years since drugs took my uncle from me. I know that Meth was one of the drugs he was using. Just thinking about this is bringing tears to my eyes. To all the addicts out there, I wish you the best of luck in overcoming your addiction. And if you don’t want to, then I hope for your families’ sakes that you will. I know first hand what it’s like to lose someone that you love so very much to drugs and it is the hardest thing ever. I will never be the same. I was 15 when he died and up until then, my parents had sheltered me so very much from drugs and alcohol and shit like that. In these past two years, I know more about them than I could ever wish to know. My brother was once an addict as well. I tried a few things, but I stopped. Thinking of what my uncle put us through brought me out of that phase in my life. I wish to all who are trying to get away from this type of life the most luck in the world. All you have to do is search deep down for the strength and you can do anything. Good luck.

maybe some people dont want to be normal. they wanna stand up for what they believe in, meth. FUCK YEAH FOR M3TH!!!

you are some seriously dumb motherfuckers. who in their right mind would want the government to legalize meth….. and spaz, theres a huuuuge difference in a kid who gets diabetes from too much sugar and a person who throws their whole life away to smoke ice……my ex girlfriend moved to hollywood and within 24 hours she went from 10th in her graduating class on her way to college to be a fashion designer …. to someone who couldnt get a job at a burger king if she was the last person on earth….. she thought everyone on her flight home from hollywood were hired actors put there to make fun of her…on a 7 hr flight…….she lost her mind…….because of meth….honestly she might as well have died cuz shes so far gone…… why would the government legalize the sale of this shit…….dumb dumb motherfuckers……wow

omg. most of us know that any sort of abuse of anything is not good. legalizing crap or not, well I think they should legalize about EVERYTHING so that the drug-loving-idiots can finally liquefy and fry their brains and bodies. I mean get it, most of these anarchist hippie-wannabes have a pathetic view on their lives and time anyway. They do not know any better. Like for example the fact that there are better things to do with your time, money an energy than getting high like for example getting a HEALTHY or productive hobby like WORKING OUT, READING, PLAYING MUSIC (NOT JUST LISTENING TO IT WHILE BECOMING A PLANT) etc etc.

fuck you junkies and hippie-wannabes

I agree with the poster that said “All” drugs are bad, but some are worse. The ones that are worse would be in the pharmaceutical category. Big Pharma, Pharmaceutical drugs kill 300% more people in this country than illegal drugs do every year.
Google this for your self if you don’t believe it.
Why isn’t anything done about this? Because profit for the rich is a higher priority than safety for the middle and lower class masses.

These billboards are for those who have a limited understanding of reality, and a good understanding of hollywood.

They will cause controversy, as they obviously done here (look at all the comments…).

One thing is certain though, their message is actually quite hollow.

For each of those ads it is likely that you can find person in real life who did that while on meth.
For each of those ads it is likely that you can find person in real life who did that while completely sober.

They say little about meth, and a lot about idiots, that’s for sure. Perhaps we should make stupidity a crime instead?

Okay Josh who posted on the tenth your a dumb ass meth is made from shit you would never put in your body (if you had a brain) and you want that to be legal?!?! Crack, meth, coke, pcp, X all of these drugs are man made! I do think marijuana should be legalized, it’s just a plant, it’s natural, it wont rot your face like meth. Have you ever seen an addict? Because I think if you had, you wouldn’t be saying this shit should be legal. Some people are born in to drugs. I know someone who was started at five. Thats awful and your disgusting for even thinking that that shits okay! When people are on these kinds of drugs they aren’t themselves, they don’t give a fuck about anyone else, they just want their next fix. God your an idiot. All of you dumb asses that think its funny, its not. It’s sad. It’s awful and ignorant people like you have probably never even come in contact with a druggie.

Just wanted to make sure you knew what was in meth.

Alcohol –
Gasoline additives/Rubbing Alcohol
Ether (starting fluid)
Paint thinner
Camp stove fuel
Anhydrous ammonia
White gasoline
Rock, table or Epsom salt Red Phosphorous
Toluene (found in brake cleaner)
Red Devil Lye
Drain cleaner
Muraitic acid
Battery acid
Lithium from batteries
Sodium metal
Cold tablets
Diet aids
Energy boosters
Iodine crystals


(but not on meth, lol!)

… It’s all I can say :O But what about the weed problem?? My whole high school practically does weed. Well Weed doesn’t do that shit to you but still 😛

For the love of reason, it’s been shown clearly that these scare tactics do just one thing; they make it ok for “normal” people, mum and dad, or average white girl #2 to feel ok about calling the cops when they see someone who has fallen from grace. If Meth were legal, each of these cases would be different. I’m not saying they should sell it in Starbucks (i’m sure they would if they could), but if people didn’t have to deal with a massive, lucrative, violent, criminal element to get this stuff, they would talk to a pharmacist every day. We could have a system that catches this dangerous, self destructive behaviour early.

But PEOPLE DON’T CARE, it’s easier if drug addicts are just criminals. Put them in jail, fine them, keep them away from our kids.

The initial trigger is curiosity, thats why people try drugs. It’s simple. Everything after that is how they react to altered reality.

Methamphetamie is a powerful chemical. Please be careful and read about what it does to your brain. It can be an interesting tool, but is more dangerous than any other drug i have ever encountered.

And please help anyone you know by giving them as much information about it as possible. Advertising won’t help drug addicts any more than it will teach children to read.

Good Luck everyone.

“… It’s all I can say :O But what about the weed problem?? My whole high school practically does weed. Well Weed doesn’t do that shit to you but still”

weeds not a problem. no matter how many anti marijuana adds people put out anyone whos smart enough not to believe everything they see will know its not that bad. and half of America smokes weed. its not messing up their life and if they want to smoke it, it shouldnt be a big deal. its better for you then alot of legal crap people do these days

Uh, methamphetamines are destructive chemicals. So are amphetamines(ritalin, adderol etc). These things should be illegal. Marijuana, on the other hand, just gets you high. There is no desire to screw people over or tear your own skin off as stated by multiple meth addicts. And dont try to say marijuana is a gateway drug, this effect is created by realizing that pot isnt as super harmful as everyone says it is(it still affects your respiratory system to some degree, but less than cigs). Once people realize this they tend to branch off and try scripts/psychadelics/stimulants… it isnt CAUSED by the pot … it is caused by the LEGAL STATUS of the pot and those other substances.

Marijuana is one of the highest scheduled drugs in america, Right up there with meth cocaine and ecstacy. Yet it has none, count them none, of the ill effects that others in its schedule have.

End prohibition, start selling an ounce of gov’t grass(yes the US grows tons of it) for 200$ in tobacco or alcohol stores or even gas stations and grocery store, this is the answer to our countries money woes… and eases a great deal of stress for our legal system.

Statistics suggest that this campaign has had drastic positive results. Unlike the “Reefer Madness” propaganda against marijuana, this campaign does have some truth to it which may account for it’s reported degree of success. From personal experience I have watched several acquaintances and more than one relative turn into the tragedies depicted in the campaign. I’ve seen addicts pick at sores, suffer catastrophic medical problems, lose homes, lose kids, steal from their families and jobs, become extremely paranoid, and exhibit horrifically violent behavior. In our community at least five children under the age of two have been beaten to death by parents under the influence of meth.

We are America’s least populated state and not a day goes by that meth doesn’t account for some crime in the news. However, I know more people who have used meth “recreationally” and quit than I know who became hopelessly addicted. I also am aware of several who were “hopelessly” addicted and eventually quit and have gone on to achieve various levels of personal success. If I know this then you can be sure any kid over the age of 12 is aware of it too. Any anti-drug campaign that tries to say “try it once and you will die” is doomed to failure. Kids can spot a lie when they see it.

I also know more people who abuse alcohol to a suicidal degree than I know people who abuse any illegal drug. Although meth related crime makes the news daily, reported incidents involving alcohol (DUI, family violence, fatal accidents, property destruction, bar fights, robbery, murder, etc…) are far more frequent than all other drugs combined. No, a billboard has never cured a single addict but if these ads can make a kid think twice about trying meth even once then it’s worth it. I wonder why a similar campaign for alcohol and tobacco isn’t being used as well. I would be hard pressed to be able to tell a meth addict from a lung cancer patient or a life-long alcoholic apart in a lineup. In the end they all look like emaciated, waxy skinned, hollow-eyed, human shells.

oh shut the hell up Kayla oh no everyone at my school smokes weed oh its such a big problem shut up everyone does it so get over it weed isnt anything like meth so why the fuk are you bringing it up here why dont you go whine to someone who cares like another loser like you

This is absolutely ridiculous… As a recovering junkie I can say that people respond to truth. The war on drugs is failing miserably because the government is full of propagated bulls***.

what is meth? i know a lot of drugs and no one makes me like that
i think meth its another stupid thing made by stupid people (americans).


“What about the weed problem?” – Kayla

Weed does not alter your mind in such a way that you would hurt other people, the way that meth can, and does. I’ve never seen nor heard of a pothead jumping some old man to jack his money just for one more bowl of weed. If there is violent behavior, that person or persons, are already violent with or with out pot. I would also like to point out that some one who is violent or has a temper, weed usually helps decrease those feelings and or rage.

I’m just letting you know so you stop making ignorant comments about things you clearly don’t know about and have not taken the time to research.

-Mary Jane

they should make one that says

We should just kill all the people on drugs and tobacco and save ALOT of tax dollars.

I didn’t realize that ending up at an abandoned barn at 4:30 am dancing to a techno remix of Michael Jackson with three midgets, two clowns, and a man dressed Catwoman was normal. But on meth it is.

ive smoked meth a fue times in my life
and im not a hectic junkie pulling of my skin and selling myself
its really not worth all the beat up
those are some really exadurated worst case scenarios
its just fucked if you use it habitually or have an unstable personality in the first place……

Bleh, meth’s pretty damn bad and I’ve read the comments on this page, I don’t thin weed should be legal either, it doesn’t do that bad to you, but I’m a antismoker type person, so I don’t like cigarettes or cigars either. To smoke a plant, sound pretty retarded to me.

haha…i actually lol’ed at those…not because i’m a heartless asshole…but you think those will make kids not try it? yah right…I can do that to my face in photoshop anyday…L O L…It’s sad but true…kids who try it arent interested in things like ..’art’ i guess you could call it..they are fucked.

none of these adds are pointing to the legality of meth. Comparing meth to pot is ridiculous. Two totally different drugs,two totally different side effects. On the other side of things Nobody really has the right to tell you what you can and can not do. the only exception is the parent. I understand if your kid is doing hard drugs you need to kick their ass. Other than that, if you want to kill yourself in a drug induced euphoria, then by all means please do. it is not the the responsibility of the “smart” people to take care of the “stupid ” people. Im really tired of the majority thinking they know whats best for the minority. So in trying to care for the stupid we all pay with OUR liberty’s. there is huge infringement on personnel rights going on on this country and nobody seems to care.
you cant go and say that oh i never lost anybody or i dont know what its like, you have no clue what i know, what I’ve done or have lost. it has nothing to do with emotional connections.
everybody needs to be responsible for them selves. You do something stupid, you deserve the consequences of your actions, whether it be jail, coma, or death. more than one religion claims to follow the “do what tho will,so long as it harm none” mantra. seems like pretty simple rule to follow.. why cant most of you mind your own business and if somebody is doing something you dont agree with, if its not hurting you. what the hell is your problem. Shut up! turn around and go or do something else. change the channel.
The human animal is not left to the survival of the fittest any more. some bleeding hearts think the pack should carry the weak and lifeless around. instead of eating them or leave them to the wolves.

to cass,
not that it would be hard to find the recipe, but do you really think you should post the the ingredient list. when you seem to be opposed to it. seems kind of counter-productive…

Weed doesn’t change people? Wrong, whoever thinks that is a smoker. Weed makes people just a step above useless. It might have medicinal purposes but then again so does (did) whiskey and wine. But try holding a decent conversation with someone who’s high. It’s like interviewing a muppet. Speed is 100% a soul destroyer no doubt. But please don’t try to justify weed even if it is natural.
Time to lick a frog.

Johnny says that talking to marijuana smokers is like talking to inanimate objects.

Johnny is either:
A) A Loser Drug-Addict (or ex-addict) of drugs OTHER than pot. But since he smoked pot too, he includes that in his blaming of who wrecked his life
B) A Preacher
C) A control freak neoconservative

If marijuana made people so lazy, how is it that within the course of 15 years, those “lazy” pot smokers got state-medical-legalization measures on ballots in 23 states, many of them passing. There are now over 1000 stores in California that sell marijuana over the counter.

There are books, rallies, concerts…. all organized by “lazy” pot smokers.

Johnny needs to look at who is REALLY the laziest people of all: The American Mainstream. The Morons who allowed BUSH to run this nation for 8 years, looking the other way during the torture, the money waste, the cronyism, the corruption.

Yes.. Sober American Mainstreamism… is a huge life destroyer.

Marijuana, by comparison, is relatively harmless.

…now advertising to kids who cant read would almost be as tragic and lame as these anti-drug slogans.

the award for the most ineffective weapon on the “war against drugs” goes to… the montana meth project~!!!

Unohu69 — you are also into cannibalism yes? 🙂 jk. So basically, your saying-
lets look the other way, just like we tried to do with HIV, that’ll save lives, f *em right?

to hell with all those uninformed, because all of us “smart” people have always made informed decisions, lets get rid of the FDA too, we dont need someone telling us if things are safe, I would really like to get food poisoning and die, survival of the fittest! , oh oh oh, lets use those old fashioned x-ray toys that wound up giving us cancer again too, and lets NOT research vaccinations against the flu, the weak will die, f-em, all the stuff civilizaton thought was fun and didnt know could kill us, lets just go back words, because, we do what we want. No one can tell US what to do..

Free your mind! close the blinds, run a way, let em starve.
ps- ..dumb. Grow up, it sounds like a teenager rebeling. Part of having free speech and half a brain is to take things with a grain of sand, everything that comes out from the media needs to be researched and taken objectivly. Charity, knowledge, personal connection, thats what makes us human. Also, those who are not informed make stupid mistakes., though these billboards are extreme and very cheesy, at least its now a point of discussion.

Yo yall alls be stupid. Meth aint no biggie. Just gets you cranked up so you can fuck niggas up and hooks up with skanks. Plus I make bank of that shit

you all need a chem lesson. methyl-amphetamine is not what propaganda says it is. methamphetamine hydrochloride(brand name desoxyn) is a legitimate medicine, it is used in the treatment of narcolepsy(which i have and i wouldn’t be awake right now if not for my desoxyn), ADHD, weight loss, and treatment resistant depression. your list of ingredients are misleading as most are only used once, then washed out in the final product so no trace remains. i understand that it can destroy lives, and i’m not saying its a wonder drug that we all should try, i’m just saying that bashing something without knowing the facts is ignorant and irresponsible. i hope this post inspires some of you to increase your knowledge instead of just flaming me.

Wow, so many uneducated people here. Like Cody said, meth in low doses has actual value for extreme cases of ADHD, and some forms of depression. Desoxyn is its name, and it’s really hard to get for obvious reasons. However, it’s not what’s made on the streets with all the dirty ingredients. I’ve done tons of uppers, liked them all, except for meth. My friend lied to me and said it was blow(so I snorted some) and it was the worst experience ever. GHB, Rohypnol, and many other drugs should be easier to get, but girls lied about having them slipped into their drinks(turns out over 70 percent had acute intoxication.) Always blame date rape drugs… GHB is still legal, but only for people with narcolepsy. It helps them sleep normal(have to take two doses at diff times.) I believe most drugs should be legalized… except heroin, crack(which has much diff effects from coke and diff side effects), and tobacco.

first off, meth is a disgusting drug. second off, dont give them the fucking ingrediants to meth. why dont you tell them how to cook it up too. last thing anyone needs is to know how to make it or what goes in it. PLAIN STRAIGHT…………..DONT TOUCH THE DRUG!!!!SMOKE POT LIKE MOST OF CIVILATION DOES. IM HIGH RIGHT NOW AND IM FINE AND DANDY!!!

15$ for sex??!?!?!?! Man I’ve been missing out!! Thanks for making me aware of this Montana!!

Here’s what I can tell you about these advertisements (they have them on tons of the billboards here in Billings, MT).

Since they started using these ads in 2005 Montana has dropped from #5 in meth usage to #35. Not bad in 4 years…

Amphetamines are fantastic. They help provide me with the energy I need to overcome the great physical strain that my highly specialized profession demands of me.
Dexedrine has been a neuroenhancing psychoactive I use for years now.

If one is too weak in the soul to curb their addiction (likely due to their drug use for entertainment purposes only), then that is nobody’s fault other than their own. Weakness of the will is no excuse for sloth.

@cass-then those kids should be taken away, meth shouldnt be legal but you havent done the other man made ones so dont comment on them/@Michael Treadgold-youre right, look at the prohibition of alchohol all it did was force people to buy it from shady places/@kayla-epic fail/@troy-correct, actually there are 7 people the goverment actually has been sending weed for 21 years, i suggest everyone looks up ben and tellers episode /@ tukalak-you win, best post ever/@romono-i tell them apart by the giant holes in their skin, but apart from that alchohol is a retarded substance as are cigarettes, dip etc. the amount of deaths caused by these is termendous/@unoho69-definitely, stop paying for everyones 15 kids, stop paying for all the illegals free healthcare, stop paying for these horrible ads that dont work, the wave is coming people, we will see more drugs legalized soon, as soon as the baby boomers dye off and are out of office fresh minds will come in and things will be legalized.

Please folks, for the love of god.

Could you sometime, (preferably in the near future), get your little heads out your arses and realize that OTHER PEOPLE ARE FUCKING FREE TO DO AS THEY PLEASE.

Theese ads are pathetic btw..







The most pathetic thing of all is loosers that buy into theese mockups…


“Amphetamines are fantastic. They help provide me with the energy I need to overcome the great physical strain that my highly specialized profession demands of me.”

Your physically straining ‘highly specialized profession’: Rent boy?

Meth is a horrible drug, I think we all know someone who has been effected by this. I have a brother who has wasted his life on this. The person who wrote that these adds are pathetic is only deluding his/herself I can tell you I have seen people like this, its just horrible.

In Philip K Dick’s “A scanner darkly” (Im referring to the book, haven’t seen the movie) there was a memorable quote that went something like “who could have known the price we’d pay for just having fun” (something like that)

My advice is stick to the green and stay away from that crap. cheers!

Its disheartening to see so many people grouping Meth in the same category at MDMA (ecstasy for those who don’t know). Methamphetamine is FAR more addicting physiologically than 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and what it does to the brain is very different. Methamphetamine is akin to a stimulant, for those of you who haven’t tried it, think taking a handful of caffeine pills at once and washing it down with six or seven red bulls. Besides this energizing effect, Meth just makes you want more…you don’t even really know why you want more because it doesn’t necessarily make you feel good, you just want it, all the time, no matter the cost. Ecstasy on the other hand, while it does elevate heart rate and blood pressure, is actually a muscle relaxant. It also effects seratonin reuptake, think of it as an antidepressant that is ten times better than zoloft. It increases sensitivity to light, touch, sound and even taste and smell, and i’ve yet to meet someone who’s had a “bad trip” on MDMA. The only related deaths to ecstasy are due to dehydration, not because ecstasy dehydrates you, but because you tend to lose a sense of your own physicality, which makes dancing for five hours straight without water a stupid decision. The most dangerous thing about ecstasy is the same for most drugs, because it is scheduled and thus illegal, it is often mixed with other chemicals before pressed into a pill, instead of the pure crystalline MDMA. And perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that I have never, EVER, in my 8 years as a recreational drug user, met someone who was addicted to MDMA. I feel like a lot of people here haven’t done their homework, and those who have seemed to only have researched biased websites. Is legalized MDMA desirable? that is for everyone to decide for themselves, but research the truth first, read pro and anti websites and form your own conclusions based on the information given. Is MDMA as addicting and thus potentially harmful as Meth? The answer to that is unquestionably NO. So stop grouping them together.

…… Oh. My. God. I’m going to have nightmares until i’m 64. The one with the whole tearing off skin thing actually made me numb with fear of what the hell people are doing to themselves. Aw great now i’ll never eat MEAT again….

Right, is this the drug methadone or methalated spirits? Both are a serious problem, but this takes it too far and ends up making it a pastiche of itself and hence unreal and innefective.

Methadone I dont know what it is, but Methalated spirits are anything with Methanol in, not what Cass said. They may be examples, but it is anything with Methanol in.

Actually, check that, no, hardly any of those are ‘meth’. Battry acid? Lithium? F*****g Sodium? thats in salt! Sodium is not meth!

cass, you’re an idiot. with the singular exception of the anhydrous form of hydrchloric/muriatic acid, the only thing on your list of things that are in meth that could even sorta be considered to be ‘in meth’ is ephedrine/pseudoephedrine which have the chemical formula C10H15NO [sorry i can’t find a subscript function for the numbers]. since meth’s one and only chemical formula is C10H15N it makes far more sense to say that meth is in ephedrine/pseudoephedrine, though that isn’t really true either. to say that iodine, phosphorus, sodium, or any of the other things you mention are ‘in’ meth just because they are used in it’s manufacture is equivalent to saying that your car contains a milling machine and a foundry and a steel mill because all of those things were req’d to build it. as stated above meth contains only three elements: carbon; hydrogen and nitrogen. there is no iodine nor phosphorus etc in meth. further, it bears mentioning that among the ‘hard’ drugs with which meth is usually grouped (cocaine, heroin, p.c.p.) it is the only one still mass produced by legitimate pharmaceutical companies and is still prescribed by licensed physicians in the u.s. that’s right, it is an a.m.a. approved medication. and in re. to the hydrochloric acid: the gaseous, anhydrous form of the acid is used to change the insoluble-in-water, oily, pure form of the drug into a water soluble solid. this process is called ‘hydrogenation’ and it is common in the manufacture of medicine and food. look at some drug labels, everywhere you see the ‘HCl’ on the end of a drug name that means that ‘swimming-pool’ acid was used to turn the chemical from a liquid into a solid form. wow, tylenol just got street cred huh? in conclusion: please quit regurgitating the government’s scare-tactics-based propaganda. it doesn’t ring true with those of us who know better and makes you look like a mindless lackey of the prohibitionists. do i need to mention that i did dope for years and never beat my mother or turned out my g-friend nor did i lose any teeth? i am not alone. those of us who do not turn into monsters the instant we touch meth do not get counted and we don’t get the press but rest assured we are here, we are your neighbors, coworkers and maybe your friends. don’t let the ones who lack self respect or self control convince you that their plight is the foregone conclusion to the use of meth. it is the inevitable conclusion of a life unrestrained by conscience or a sense of dignity. the ones who tell you ‘meth made me do it’ are unwilling to admit that they made the choice to do what they did, and unwilling to bear the full responsibility for those choices.

Drugs that change the way you feel are dumb. Drugs that change what you see are awesome. Don’t shoot up, just drop a tab.

meth is around because we made drugs illegal. amsterdam doesnt have meth because they dont outlaw cocaine, heroine, weed, etc. prohibition causes crime, just like it did when alcohol was prohibited. meth is the modern day moonshine. people made moonshine when alcohol was outlawed and it was potent dangerous stuff. now people are turning to homemade drugs like meth that are highly unstable/dangerous. most of you people need to look at the entire spectrum, not this focused propaganda bullshit. for each one of these ads, i can find a similar or even identical story that happened while under the influence of alcohol. yet that remains legal. tobacco kills millions each year, and that is still legal? you have the right to do whatever you want to your body UNLESS it takes away the right of another person. wanna do meth? cool. wanna get loaded of shots of vodka? go ahead. same principle.

I’m from eastern Europe, from a small town and all this is pretty distant to me as here you cant by hard drugs (meth, cocaine, heroin, etc) BUT you can by all kind of other stuff like glue, anesthetics, pot, “mushrooms” (from the woods), legal highs, alcohol etc. and people do drugs. My point is, no mater what people will use drugs and making it illegal makes the case worse, why?, because kids will eat mushrooms from the woods, buy glue (bad quality glue) from hardware store. How about doing all this in a more civilized way because people will do it anyway…

Meth is bad and should be illegal. It fucks up your life and gives you meth face. I’ve personally seen it happen to many people I cared about. Pot is good, it doesn’t give you meth face and the only reason it’s illegal is because the government is a big bully that won’t let americans have their own way in our “democratic” nation. Don’t Forget your Methface!


Bad quality glue? I always give my little brother the best quality glue money can buy! I ‘ve warned him about sniffing those “bad quality” glues a million times.

I know it’s been said in the comments but I have to reiterate. Meth is fucked up. It will absolutely destroy your body mind and soul. It does so much damage to the pleasure center of the brain that meth is the only thing that can bring happiness of any kind. A friend of mine has been clean for about 3 years and is depressed all the time. He says he thinks about it constantly and doesn’t think he will ever feel normal again. Entire communities have been destroyed by meth. I’m against negative propaganda that spreads lies, but this is one of the rare cases that the truth is much worse than even these pictures depict.


Stop believing these stupid propaganda advertisements. ADVERTISING is, like, 10x worse than meth will ever be.

They did the same shit for weed 30 years ago. You will see. Our children will laugh at us for being afraid of this stuff.

Learn to accept ! Stop being ignorant.

Legalize all drugs, make them pure and only available from the liquor/cannabis store. It would reduce the damage to the body, stop the pollution of the environment from clandestine meth labs, and give cops more time to find real bad guys. It would stop the black market overnight and the violence associated with it too. No more Mexican drug cartels, what a bummer eh? Sometimes problems can be solved with the pen a lot better than with troops and drug dogs, etc. Write your representatives and insist they end the “war on drugs”!!! It is a war on us!

Are you fucking kidding me Shk?

If you are ‘pro-meth’, then anyone should know that you are an idiot and should not be listened to in the first place.

Meth is 10000000x worse than depicted here.

…you were stupid enough to do it, apparently.

lol i agree with you melee. shk is retarded. meth is a vile drug. people HAVE and DO do the things in these ads.

and toad we don’t need to legalize all drugs cause even the legal addictive drugs like oxycontin cause people commit robbery and who knows what else for there next fix. legalizeing weed and shrooms is fine enough.

how could anyone be pro meth when people are out there stealing and harming just to get it?

it’s disgusting.

drugs like this are for weak and stupid people.

oxycontin isnt legal, its legal with prescription. its actually a felony if you get caught with it w/o a prescription. and weed is the same way as this just not a felony. fuck pigs and government regulation. theyre the drug dealers

All of you people that aren’t afraid of meth should have your head examined. You don’t even have to be the person addicted for it to effect your life. All those “pictures” of the people with “meth face” that shit is real and I have seen it with my own eyes. You people need to open yours!

Yeah I was stupid enough to get into the meth scene in Portland Or in the mid 90’s… after seeing a pregnant 14 year old shoot up meth, for her fist time doing meth, I thought hmmmm… maybe this shit is fucked up. Five years of heavy use meth-face shadow chasing malnutrition later I spent 6 months in treatment. Now I smoke a little weed, a few dark fizzies on the weekend, life has returned to me by the grace of god. Meth almost killed me, dead.

These pictures are good. They still don’t depict what its really like, I imagine pictures like that would break a few laws.

ATTN: It is not the responsibility of you or the government or fucking anyone to tell people what they can and can’t do in the privacy of their own homes if they are not harming ANYONE ELSE. You can harm yourself all you want, and frankly, I’m more than a little unnerved by the fact that everyone feels they need to play super-hero when it comes to hard drugs. If someone wants to throw their life away, it’s not your fucking problem and it’s not your fucking choice. Seriously, people need to stop censoring other people’s behaviors and learn to get past it. You’re doing nothing for society but hindering natural selection. Grow the fuck up and worry about yourself for a change.

I hate that argument, ” If you legalised it, people wouldn’t go to the lengths they do to get get and yadda yadda yadda less damage less violence etc… ” because it’s just not true. Someone at the top mentioned about advertising up there. If you think advertising against drugs is bad, you don’t think it would be overwhelming if it was legal? The corners that corporations cut in the real world on everyday products atm is crazy, legalising drugs wouldn’t change that at all. Infact, they’d have a product they know they could sell, in bucket loads so they’d be cutting corners, with their massive ad campaigns and shoving it in your face every turn you took. Imagine a McDonalds/Coca Cola type thing, but for Meth. It’s not a nice picture is it?
As far as the weed thing goes, the only reason it’s illegal is because of a logging tycoon about 80 odd years ago who was losing competition in his paper division because hemp was cheaper for the consumer. So he managed to get it illegalised. So that’s wy that’s illegal, not because of it’s harmful effects or your dodgy “democratic nation.” as someone else put it. They didn’t know the effects back then, it’s only in the last 40 or so years that people have really begun understanding the true dangers of drugs. And the long lasting effects which aren’t highlighted in this campaign.
In my experience, one drug leads to another, invariably about 90% of the time. We just can’t afford to legalise these things. A nation on legal drugs?
What is it, it’s in the hundreds of thousands those who become addicted to prescription painkillers and die every year in the US alone … Now put those people on Meth or whatever else you want to legalise …

Not all drugs should be legalised only the ones that have proven to be not physicaly addictive. Like weed, shrooms, acid and such. You have control over your own life, people who get in trouble for doing drugs shouldn’t do them. I did and do weed, acid, shrooms, and salvia. I’m a student at an university, and my grades are fine, so some people just can’t handle drugs in their life, to bad for them, but let me enjoy my drugs in peace.

@post 15: dude, family guy should not be your only source of cannabis history. mostly because quoting family guy is old hat, but also because you’re spreading misinformation.

if you believe that shit sure blame it on the drug its not the person doing the drug right they have nothing to with it

I have seen one of my best friend’s boyfriend get addicted to meth. I may not have seen everything but I was there for some of his come downs where he got mad at the smallest thing. I wouldnt even go near him, I was so scared. I was there for the highs, and my friends cries. He swore to god he loved her guess he loved the drugs more.

Meth is just a stimulant. It’s like caffeine X1000, the reason people get “fucked up” on it is because people cut it to make more money. If it was legal, people wouldn’t have to share needles, stopping diseases from spreading, and with out the other, actually toxic chemicals used to cut it, it wouldn’t make people sick unless they took too much. But even if they did take too much, there would be less of a chance they would die, because someone would call 911 for them, without fear of being arrested for using it. The war on drugs is what is killing people, not drugs themselves.

@concerned citizen

It may be their choice to use hard drugs, but then when they are found half dead and put into a state funded program or prison, it’s my tax dollars that keep them alive, and at that point, it is my business to say that who ever uses meth is a fuck up, waste of air and so on and so on.

I recommend discontinuing these ads. The day one of our children meets the meth user who doesn’t look like these ads or behave in this way, and they will, is the day all the ads are rendered complete propaganda. Learn from the “Reefer Madness” campaign.

Unfortunately…just like with “Reefer Madness,” these ads can create a lot of confusion among the general populous. While the situations depicted in these ads may be true for some, they are probably pretty rare. The old saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too comes to mind. If Meth is the epidemic level problem for so many of our good citizens, and meth leads to the behavior and look depicted in the ads, why then do we not see these individuals, in real life, everywhere we go.

The other sad fact, is people with real health conditions, of which they have no control, like advanced neuropathy caused by problems with circulation, can have these same body and facial sores. Because of these ads, I have seen these poor people labeled “drug addicts” by those who don’t know any better.

I once knew a person who was a recovering addict who had stolen things from friends, including me, to “pay for his habit.” He continued to be a thief after his addiction was under control. Hmmm…I think the person who implied these individuals are morally corrupt prior to their meth use was right.

I happen to be a proud meth user of 12 years and i can say it is the best thing that ever happened to me..if it wasn’t for meth than i would have never met my beautiful wife and had 2 lovely kids(who also use by the way) i would have never been blessed with my career(its actually more fun than you think to be a melon farmer) and i would have never contracted aids.

I used to be a meth addict and trust me, it’ll fuck up yur life. i thought just like everyone else “I’ll just do it once”. But man i was hooked o that shit from the first puff. I’ve had to get my face reconstructed because i got beaten almost to death over a bad drug deal. Had to get skin graphs all over my body because i peeled off my own skin. But i’m better now:) (thanks to the Caron Rehab Center of Texas) But seriously, dont ever even try it.

Meth is such a disgusting drug. Meth does ruin your life. I know first hand, not because I took meth, but because I lived with meth addicts for 5 years, my parents. It destroys you, those people I was living with were not my real parents, they were just shells of what my parents looked like. I felt like a was living in an insane asylum. I didn’t know anything about meth, I just thought my parents were losing it. My 3 younger sisters and I would hide in our bedroom from our parents to try to escape the abuse. The people on here that say good things about meth, you must be on it and in denial because nobody in their right mind would say that. I will spend the rest of my life fighting against meth.

Meth = permanent brain damage due to toxicity (being the only widely used drug that I know of which causes physical damage to the brain).

In saying that:

Meth =/= insanity, apart from in /some/ people with predispositions to psychosis anyway.


Meth =/= Clawing at bugs under your skin, ‘n shit like that, being normal.

For all you people that think it’s an individuals choice to use meth and doesn’t affect anyone else, yo are wrong, and probably have fried your own brain with meth. Work for one day in a busy emergency department and see the destruction drugs cause, blocking up a the dept for sick people, keeping police busy with their episodes of psychosis, violence on the streets, crime to get money to buy drugs, destruction of families, the impact on others is beyond comprehension.

If only it was as easy as natural selection and they just locked themselves in a room and shot up without bothering anyone else. Naive.

The problem with Meth is you can never recover from it. It permanently damages your mind and body and will never heal. If you’re addicted to Meth, your better off just doing it for life.

Meth is a dirty nasty drug, I know because I did it for years, I know what it’s made from and cut with.
I am now a middle aged woman with a proper job, no drugs and two children. However I have lost teeth from my years of doing meth and I did pick holes in my skin and looked like shit.
I am not saying I did all the things in the billboards but if you do meth you WILL go places and DO things you never dreamed of!

My husband is a former meth user, same as his parents, and they have never done any of these things, so I think you are grossly misinformed.

Instead of saying “Meth is bad” why don’t we start saying “Enjoy life, drug free” or maybe “Find a creative hobby”. It’s like the difference between an anti-war and peace rally.
It’s my opinion that peace rallies are easier, and much more fun.

those bill boards ARE BULLSHIT…my girlfriend i turned out gets me @ least 30 bucks a blowjob…seriously. 15 bux cmon . ive been getting high for off and on for years and the stuff is like a home invasion or senseless drive by shooting not beating up your mom ll===shootup or shutup

the fact of the matter is people are always going to use drugs in our society whether we like it or not. Everyone has their vices, so i think punishing people (i.e. imprisoning) for personal use is wrong. However, in the case of selling large amounts of hard drugs, etc. those individuals should be punished.

I believe that the fact meth has become such a problem in places like montana is because there is nothing else to goddamn do in the fucking backwoods asshole of america. if we had some sort of other distraction from the monotony of small town life, even something small like a teen center that has pool, foosball, other sports, etc would make a difference. As a long time potsmoker from a small town, i can honestly say my habit would not have exploded had there been something else to do other than driving around smoking blunts.

Well, this has been an extremely entertaining bunch of comments I have been reading and to all you people who say meth is awful and does many bad things to people, … you are right HoWEVER, people have different chemical make ups and respond differently to the drug. I must say i agree with alot of the people against the drug, because I know a lot of Meth users and they’re mostly people I want nothing to do with. However , I am a daily meth user and I’m about as kind hearted as a person can be. I have a great job working at a drug rehab facility but my most important job is raising my precious 2.5 yr old little girl. She is my life and while I in no way want her to ever be exposed to it, I dont think I’d have the energy and ambition I have on the drug to be able to keep up my role as a medical student, mother, and full time employee. It has never made me want to steal. My morals are all still there and I completely agree wirh 22 MrBurrows, 26 brandon james straight, 33 Alisha,14 Concerned Citizen , and tOAD . But the main downfall in my opinion is what dwiddle December 22, 2009 at 7:24 am said:
The problem with Meth is you can never recover from it. It permanently damages your mind and body and will never heal. If you’re addicted to Meth, your better off just doing it for life.
But since it’s illegal, it screws up many peoples life’s only because they got caught by the law and now they have a record so they’ll just be in a deeper hole feeling helpless like they won’t ever be able to crawl out of it& move on & up in their lives. Those people on meth that pull their own organs out, think bugs are under their skin, pick, steal, murder, etc. obviously had something wrong with themself mentally to begin with. Its a rare person who’s able to function like normal as a meth user, but there are some. So… dont stereo type just cuz your chem bal couldnt handle it or your mind was too week to keep your morals and sanity in order.

synthetic/hard rugs are for (spiritually) lazy people who are bored with themselves and have not generated or maintained a positive self image.
lost their momentum…and stalled…….. we are all connected because we are all separate manifestations of the same thing.

as above, so below

I come from New Zealand and anyone who knows anything about meth coming in and sweeping away all the pot heads and booze hounds in a tsunami of extreme addition will know how New Zealand has become a much darker (spiritually) place.

being an addict is not stopped by one ultimate, final decision to live up to our highest ideal of self… a ‘turning of the page’ so to speak… (addiction) is battled with every day..every MOMENT with a continuous decision, based upon self awareness and inner knowledge of deeper truth…every moment, to not take more drugs.

i wish all you addicts out there the best of luck with all my heart, try and rise with sun everyday and fight back!

sorry about my spelling… I meant washed away in a tsunami of extreme addiction! the decision to not take more drugs is a decision that must continuously be made… you can do it.

These are used all over the place , not just Montana. They have the exact same billboards on the buses in Hawai’i.

Don’t blame Meth or any drugs like cocaine for fucking up your life! It helps me appreciate and sympathize people more. But i still go to school and get good grades. Don’t blame the substance just because you’re too weak to use it in a more civilized way. BE A SMART USER AND TAKE CONTROL OF THE CHEMICAL, RATHER THAN THE CHEMICAL CONTROLLING YOU! It’s dumb right? Have faith in God and appreciate people more will help drug addict to lead a path of righteousness. Bless all those victims of drug addict and also You might else well commit suicide dumb druggies rather than robbing and killing 80 year old man with a good heart! Die!

two cents med student thinks we are weak because he can use meth and “be normal.”

pedro thinks there is nothing to do in bumfuck egypt and that’s why people use meth.

i read other ones, but those are closest to the bottom and both worth a response.
@medstudent- wow, it is quite fucked up you have a young daughter i hopeif you are a daily meth user you use it the minute you are out of contact and the area with her. regardless of if you can function well with it, you’re taking food out of her mouth to support a habit that will only become more demanding with time. think about it…

@pedro, i do agree that there isn’t shit to do in plenty of places. i’m from minnesota , shakopee is my home town and the place is overrun with oxy contin users. there isn’t shit to do there but gamble or drive around and do drugs some might say. HOWEVER, your statement is at the root of the problem with the entire country!!! people think that they need to be “entertained” at all times, but we are so fucking lazy we think either a tv, video game, or computer has to do it for us. just a thought, but if you are bored how hard could it be to pick up a book and learn something? why don’t some of these bored meth heads take a few minutes and read about how to put together a combustion engine, blow glass, carve something, paint something or learn how to play an instrument??? the media has turned most of us into stuttering retards who don’t even know how to spell the words we abbreviate or use acronyms for anymore. all i can say is if you wanna use meth, go right ahead, you’re clearly a fucking moron. load up on it and blow yourself right off the face of the earth. we’re over populated anyways.

A drug is a drug, be it Alcohol, Marijuana, or Meth. BUT more importantly to this topic, an ADDICT is an ADDICT. I believe that people that would do the things that are described in these anti-drug ads, like mugging, robbing, beating people, selling your body, and hurting (physically or emotionally) your family and your friends probably would have ended up in the same places doing those same things no matter which of MANY addictive drugs is your drug of choice. I also believe, along with *my 2cents med student* that people that do those things ALREADY have the capicity to commit those crimes, maybe they had harmed themselves or others before, or maybe the addiction was the catalyst providing the need and perhaps desperation required. Either way, in any random sitution that could of presented itself, that person was probably completely capable of doing the same if it was nessacary. Everyone has a rock bottom, and everyones is different. And people who would get addicted to Meth would probably become addicted to a different drug if Meth didn’t exsist, or they just never came into contact with it. I don’t think it matters if its legal or illegal. Look at alcohol. Look at an alcoholic, all the awful things they do to the people in their lives. But, not everyone that drinks is an alcoholic. Not everyone that uses meth will become an addict. Same is true of EVERY drug out there. It really depends on the person! Personally, I’ve never tried Meth, I’ve tried just about EVERYTHING else out there though. I have no desire to do meth, and I generally don’t associate with people who do. I just believe that everyone should have the right to try what they want and do what they want, but the have the responability then not to let it become a problem, not to let it drive them to extremes, not to let it hurt them or other people. Not to become an addict. If you have an addictive personality you should probably just stay away from drugs in general.

Meth is nasty, it takes life from you, as you knew your life, b 4 meth…..and once you have exhausted your meth trip, 5 , 6 maybe 7 years, if you make that far….I did, and longer…..Now try putting your life back together…Well, I have been clean now for 7 years, and still I m not the same person I was before meth got into my life…..Sometimes the recovery takes longer then the party….that seems to be whats going on here, with me……Wow if only I would of known this….I would of made other choices… did I fucked up….not just my life, but the life of my children as well….We are together now in my recovery, but we will never be the same……Peace out….Stay straight……FUCK METH…..METH = DEATH….Take it from someone who knows……
U can run but u cant hide………Choice LIFE

I would just like everyone to stop for a second and realize that we give this crap to OUR KIDS (yes, little kids) to control their ‘Attention Deficit’ problems. No, it’s not the same junk cooked up at home but ADHD medications are amphetamines and dextroamphetamines, while meth is methamphetamine. It’s all speed, and it’s all bad for you. It will all cause real problems for long-term consumers and there is no good side. Anywhere. Yes, there are short term benefits to medicating children but long term, they suffer for it, just like most behavior modifiers cause their users to suffer long term (especially without the drug). You don’t have to agree, but do some research and think before consuming this awful substance or giving some version of it to your children. It’s not all propaganda, it really does steal souls and turn people awful colors like green and yellow.

adverts like this are the wrong way to go about deterring people from drugs. scare tactics such as these either bring curiosity or can be seen as exaggurations (whether they are or not i dont know and not for me to judge)
the problem with the governments way of tackling drug addiction is their attempts to either scare (through education aswell) or sweep them under the carpet. Realistic discussion on drugs should be brought out into the open, in education and communities, this is the best way to learn (other than through experience…)
may i add they should just accept and legalise weed, and spend the money they waste on policing this on harder drugs!


nate i am def on your side. its our money that keeps them alive when they are put into community houses and shit.

its not “their life, let them do that they want” its way more than that.
I have grown up my whole life dealing with a mother who has done everything and in the end became addicted to meth. it wasnt until i was even 13 that i started to piece the puzzle together and realize what was REALLY going on behind closed doors in my own home. the funny smells, the locking of the doors. the no answer when i knocked. taking care of a toddler when your only 11-12 years old. it all pieced together and it has truly effected me. it doesnt JUST effected the person who DOES it. it effects EVERY innocent person around them. especially the ones that love(d) them. its not right. meth is the devil. i dont think i could even explain how hurtful it is to not of had a mother. i know im not the only one. but it happens to people all the time. and i feel terrible for every single one of them. its a constant struggle and sense ive been hurt by it in my life it effects me and how i do things in my life now. and they are not beneficial. so screw all you people who dont know what the hell you are talking about. i feel sorry for you. i hope you think twice before you ever do it or do it again. its not just “caffeine” x10000000000. its DEATH.

have fun methys

okay to everyone in this argument about legalizing drugs will make more people use them and fuck everyone up etc. etc. in 2001 Portugal decriminalized the use of ALL drugs meth, heroine, crack etc. you name it you can do it w/o going to jail there and guess what contrary to what most people believe would happen, drug use there has decreased every year since decriminalization drugs aren’t illegal bc the government gives a shit that they are bad for you really you have more chance of dying on your drive home then a drug overdose. they are illegal because the government profits off of them being illegal. one main reason that alot of people do drugs is because they are illegal and they get the thrill of breaking a law. the reality is just because someone makes something illegal to consume people arent going to stop doing and as long as there is a demand for a substance someone will supply it to make a profit look at what happened when america banned alcohol in the early 1900’s criminals immediately started selling it to produce the money they needed for other crimes they needed to get done. the bottom line is prohibition breeds crime. I personally do not use or have ever used any drug other than weed, i think the others propose an unnecessary risk to my health. i dont avoid them because they are illegal i avoid them because i have the common sense to know that the cons outweigh the pros if some fuckhead wants to get strung out on something and shoot himself in the head let him guess what its part of the process of evolution. the nature of their thought pattern determined that they werent fit enough to live any longer and destroyed itself think about it those idiots do a service to evolution by eliminating themselves from the human gene pool and evolution progresses the way it was meant to. and another thing religion is the biggest problem with society almost every war ever fought was because some self righteous group of fuckwads decided that the god they invented said they had to kill anyone who doesnt believe that. Um hello do these types of people even have a brain no animal is religious nor does any animal wage war against its own species the way man does the way the world was meant to work is that the weak die and the strong survive religion is just a way that the weak use to convince those with real power that they arent weak. fuck religion fuck prohibition fuck governments.the very concept of a human governing another is corrupt in its own definition government is based on the belief that man isnt wise enough to govern himself so they need people to do it for them. whoa wait a minute red flag if one person isnt wise enough to govern himself why the fuck would they want another person controlling them when that person is just as unwise as them.

Meth is some pretty fucked up shit man i’m not gonna lie.I live in California where this shit is fuckin everywhere and people like the ones in the ads up above are everywhere to. I’ve never desecrated my body with this bullshit but i have friends and family who have and yeah,those billboards don’t even touch what this shit does to people in reality,close…but not close enough. Also,to those who say let people do what they want as long as they don’t do it around me,Yeah,you guys can fuck off with that bullshit.If your thinking like that your probably a fuckin tweaker or you have never been around the stuff,THERE IS NO LET THEM DO IT IN THEIR OWN HOMES!! these douche bags walk around the streets lit out of their minds looking for shit to steal,houses to break into,etc. Don’t be ignorant fuckheads. Ignorance started the holocaust,remember that. And yes i do have some vices,I smoke good old fashion Sensimilla(marijuana) and i drink rarely because alcoholism runs in my family so i try to avoid alcohol and be smart instead of becoming a raging alcoholic and as for my cannabis habit,it’s like this i’d rather be another stoner sitting on his couch playing videos games with no inspiration and zero motivation,laughing at random stupid shit on the tv and making multiple rounds to jack in the box and carls jr instead of having pockmarks all over my face,missing teeth,smelling worse then a dead skunks asshole,sucking trucker dick in a truck stop bathroom,and screaming like a fuckin idiot about “the bugs” and “the shadow people” hahaha….yeah…ill take a banana phillie blunt and a gram of californias finest herb with a big ice cold glass of some grape kool-aid any day of the week. Don’t fuck up your lives with the critty you guys,be safe,be smart use your heads and above all be healthy but then again i guess some people think theres something super fuckin cool about being awake for days and not eating….it’s gonna be alot cooler when you drop dead from a brain anyruism or go into a siezure or maybe even get H.I.V.!!! either way it’s the same in the end for everyone who fucks around with the shit, DEATH,don’t believe me…keep snorting those rails and twisting those pizzos,if your using a needle well my friend,you’re already fucked.of course all of this is just my love and peace

In response to badfish…weed isn’t a drug, it’s a plant, a miracle plant at that. Meth is a drug. Smoking weed is great, just not when you turn into another loser over it.
Gonna be honest, don’t see much of meth around these parts but there’s a lot of cocaine around. It’s just as bad really.

POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
MORE JAILS fuck yes; MORE PRISONS need them too;
CROWD THE COURTS like a goddamned zoo
We should stop the war on terror and put every single penny we have into stopping meth. Summarily execute anyone who even thinks that it might be a good or fun high, or that they might use it to prevent falling asleep at the wheel. When I say every penny, I mean every penny. No more money for houses — not even the 1st time home buyer programs. No more helping the poor… no more filling pot holes, or fixing faulty traffic signals… no more trimming the brush back from stop signs. And even all private charity groups (like Habitat for Humanity) should have every penny impounded and used to fight meth. All military funding too. All free medical clinics — every single program; all stopped to fight meth… AND OF COURSE,
MORE JAILS fuck yes; MORE PRISONS need them too;
All corporate funds — all business funds should be impounded and used to fight meth. AND
MORE JAILS fuck yes; MORE PRISONS need them too;
CROWD THE COURTS like a goddamned zoo
We should put a chip into everyone’s voice box so we can know what they are thinking and saying.
If we need to put a video camera in every living room in America then we’ll do it. We must do whatever it takes!!!!
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
MORE JAILS fuck yes; MORE PRISONS need them too;
CROWD THE COURTS like a goddamned zoo
What ever it takes. This must all be run by a secret group of “czars” that have authority to do whatever they want, and they should be headed by a czar. We call that person the “czar of czars”. And those billboards should be everywhere — all over the earth… every single square inch that one could fit.
The entire world should eat, sleep and drink thoughts of meth.
All meth, all the time, nothing but meth! We’ll show them.
We’ll show them how to live free or die!
And then we’ll go after those stupid tattoos that all the girls are getting on their lower backs — god I hate those… “Tramp stamps”, they call them.
And if it ever looks like it may not be working…, we’ll just build
MORE JAILS fuck yes; MORE PRISONS need them too;
CROWD THE COURTS like a goddamned zoo
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
POLICE STATE fuck yeah; POLICE STATE fuck yeah;
are you as fucking sick of this shit as I am?

Legalize all drugs. Take the power away from those who sell it.
All the scenarios shown in the billboards would not have happened if meth was legal, cheap, and easy to acquire. In fact, studies have shown that the biggest danger there is (with any drug) is the danger(s) that result from interaction with the criminal judicial system.

“All the scenarios shown in the billboards would not have happened if meth was legal”
How do you have the balls to state something like that? It’s statements like that which screw the “legalize drug” thing for the sane people that are trying to advocate it. So, does that extrapolate to “since alcohol is legal there are no problems with it.”? Legalization isn’t a cure-all, just a step in the right direction.

/b/ye now.

If a person chooses to use meth, they will have to live with the consequences. I don’t see why we need our government controlling behavior we should have the fucking brains to control ourselves. Kids are “educated” since 1st grade about the dangers of drugs. This “education” is continued for years in public schools – DARE anyone? I remember being told LSD cooks your veins… so much mis-infomation (sometimes outright lies) is given that it’s no wonder kids have no respect or faith in what authority grinds into their heads. Kids aren’t stupid, they know when they’re being lied to. Anyway, I have no problem with people having to live with the consequences of their actions. And legalizing this drug sure as hell won’t make it more palatable to anyone I can think of.

i like the one about the guy pimping out his gf…shes hot 🙂
Meth is fucked tho for real. feel like breaking bad glamorizes the production process. I’d like to see it legalized so all the fucked up meth junkies will try to produce it and blow there pitted faces off. that’s not happening when i grow a few dope clones naaahh saying.
-in conclusion-
if it’s organic = don’t panic

“How do you have the balls to state something like that? It’s statements like that which screw the “legalize drug” thing for the sane people that are trying to advocate it. So, does that extrapolate to “since alcohol is legal there are no problems with it.”? Legalization isn’t a cure-all, just a step in the right direction.”
You can’t say something like that. Either legalize it all or legalize none. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Yes… check out LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). To people who think that meth should never be legal, I agree. Pharmaceutical corporations should not be permitted to manufacture pseudoephedrine and *poof* meth disappears forever.

I agree that Meth shouldn’t even been tried once..
But really? You’re shit’s waaaaaay exaggerated and quite disturbing.
I’d suggest toning it down a bit.

Although this seems like a commendable campaign I cannot support anything that creates such fear-mongering. Crystal Meth wouldn’t have half as much infamy if they made it legal for three reasons, 1 people could be properly educated about it, teenagers wouldn’t go to the underpass to take it and end up fucked up, they could do it with their parents who could regulate it and help them if they get in trouble. 2 the quality of the product would massively increase reducing the amount of fatalities and injuries (including skin destruction as seen above) meaning it would be safer to take it. And 3 making drugs legal makes them boring! Portugal has recently legalised ALL drugs and consumption rates have fallen dramatically. When people have the choice to do it or not people generally do the smart thing. Making them illegal, taboo and spreading fear messages like this is not helping the issue at all. I would bet my life that since these were released Meth consumption hasn’t flinched. I blame America.

the first one with the toilet is kind of dumb though, if your smoking meth i think it might be safe to assume your not a virgin.. i’m sure there’s exceptions, but probably on very rare occasions

As a former crank addict….this isn’t too harsh. I didn’t suffer from anything on any of these ads but I happened to be lucky. Very, Very lucky. I quit. Cold turkey quit. 20 years ago this may 12th. Meth is a demon drug that hooks you the first time you use. Stay Away

Being awake at 3am to read meth adds isn’t normal.
But on meth it is.

Most of the Meth in the US is not produced by addicts in their bathrooms using sudafed… it’s made in superlabs in Mexico and other places in Central America and then smuggled in… That’s where law enforcement should be focusing their efforts, not the one -time junkie making a batch in his closet!

I’ve been doing speed for 5 years now and it gave me back my humanity dont forget that speed is prescribe as ritalin and adderall for depression too. I think you should rethink your site a little.

Shocker. Even if the ads are exaggerated, its still a fucked up drug.

Stick to ya weed, at least ya know what your dealing with …. to a certain extent.

i smoke weed on daily basis and i did tweak once on accident because someone bought it for me and thought it was X because the meth was compressed into pill form. It was really fun but i would NEVER EVER do that shit again. I cant understand why people would get the urge to keep getting completely tweaked out their minds even though the high was somewhat enjoyable. It felt as tho i was losing my mind while on the drug. I was talking/seeing people in my friends room that i had left hours earlier. Tome i found this to be quite creepy when i reflected on my night the morning after. I am also an avid animal lover and it struck me funny how my friends dog who loves me wouldn’t even dare stay in the same room as me while on meth. Another thing that struck me strange was that i was horrible at illustrating and any form of art while i was on crystal. This is quite shocking because i am an artist and much of my work is displayed in local museums.
I no that the drug i took that night was meth because it did not affect me the same way was exstacy normally does. I would no what E feels like since i am an avid raver. I would never spend my money on tweak and i hope that the numbers of those victim and enslaved to this drug lower significantly because this experience was very shocking, insightful and down right scary.

Meth can be a destroyer when the chemicals are mixed with other substances or improperly made, or the use is not regulated very carefully. But how can that be done? Well first off the number one abused substance in america is pharmaceutical drugs.
Open your eyes!!!!! the government has already made meth legal…..
Adderall – amphetamine salt racemic amphetamine aspartate monohydrate, racemic amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine saccharide and “dextroamphetamine” sulfate, which is thought to work by increasing the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain
Methylphenidate – increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain through reuptake inhibition of the monoamine transporters.
Methamphetamine- increases the levels of dopamine and norephinephrine in the brain. find a commonality? they are all classified as psychostimulant drugs. so why is it that this drug is so readily related to all these negative stereo types? well because it’s the truth to a degree but it is also the truth that ritalin user and adderal users have expereinced bug and shadow people, but did they ever have to suck a person dick to get it? of course not because the government gave it to them or it was more readily available.
Is the solution for METH AMPHETAMINE to be legalized? honestly there is no question that it already is. but the real question is how we stop these, (excuse the vulgarity) fucked up behaviors?
We don’t and we can’t, there is no solution.
All people can do is hope to help the individual and become humane in there views. This is not to say turn the other cheek but become actively involved with the machine of our government. Not look from a distance and judge others for there plights or say how messed up things are. If you aren’t part of the solution you too are part of the problem
I now live in Boston but I lived in San Diego for a good portion of my life and I saw the desctruction caused from meth so don’t take these words as a judgement of either sides the way things are are complex in making a true change but it’s simple to define from a healthy skepticism.
The truth is that all three of these drugs are highly addictive the only difference of meth is that it is not mass produced and legal.

I am studying to become a psychiatrist and it’s important to review both sides to the situation. before just jumping to the conclusion that meth users are “fucked” and the government is to blame. Change your thinking and change others and then we will all come to find the truth and change our humanity for the better.

These tactics will never work for most. They might even do more harm than good. Portraying only exaggerated extremes like this will set off people’s BS detectors and make them think they are being lied to. Teach people the honest effects of drugs. Have people that have had both good and bad experiences tell their stories. Treat people like they have a brain and most will actually use it.

i have been using shard for about 16 years and i cant complain i am a successful business man i have a beutiful wife and we are happy so i think the ads are a bunch of fucking lies remember you use the drug dont let the drug use you also ghb is sooooooo fun in bed with your lover

As someone who is from Montana, and drives by these bilboards on the way to school every day, I don’t really find them that shocking anymore. Sure, when they first started popping up, they held some meaning, but now they’ve just become part of the background. (These are less than half of the different adds around the state, also. Check out the commcercials sometime, they have had a similar run.)

Not that my opinion really matters but are there people actually suggesting that meth should be legal? Don’t get me wrong im not saying we should start a police state or that people who have addiction should be thrown into prison, maybe forced into rehab instead cause there meth addicts. But yeah meth any way you look at it should probably should not be legal.

this is the first time i’ve seen these before and personally myself i’ve been addicted to meth for about a year and i’m finally clean… its only been a week and i know there is some really hard times to come but all of the billboards are right, i ended up doing things i could never dream of doing to myself and other people. meth will cause nothing but trouble and pain. anyone out there reading those and thinks otherwise is nothing but a fool who hasent seen how much it affects you and your family/friends. if i can do it anyone can just stay strong and keep telling yourself your better off without it…i hope this reaches EVERYONE in the world and people re think doing meth. i’m so glad people are out there trying to help not only myself and other people in need! you have my support %100 keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!

If you’re defending meth on this comment feed, then go smoke it, inject it, drink it, whatever, and go turn into a zombie and we’ll let you disappear from earth for being of lesser intelligence

the comment about peoples bs factors is totally dead on. if you show the kids some before and after mugshots or im from chicago, and u take them for a drive over on 47th and cicero or over in the hood, i think that would best portray the drugs reality. if people are concerned with spreading the word on this drugs destruction or even trying to battle it on a more personal level (themselves or a loved one) then relying on the governments consequences and advertisment isnt enough. that shit will make it more worse, will add to the drugs taboo. you need to actually scare the shit outs someone and show them forst hand real life what it does. ive walked into houses in the hood and you could smell drugs that people were smokin, and in neighboring homes it too can effect the peoples kids and selves. when r we gonna start showing that this drug takes away from a lot more than the selfish users themselves. and about the aderol, my boyfriends aunt is so addicted to that shit at 50 years old and its for her 11 year old boy. sure it helps him in school, but tis not necessary. disapline and support with homework and problems will do the same as that drug. she recieves public aid from the government and medical. so she gets this for free, and she will fill her sons perscription and take it herself on us the tax payers expense. so i think that this whole war on drugs needs people like us in our generation finding solutions, not these old farts who do wahtever it takes for the next promotion. fuck the attempts they assume are working. crime rates, death rates, and addiction rates are the only numbers growing, nothing else. obviously anything that acts like a drug that is made illegal, needs to also be made illegal and i for one dont do meth or any of that garbage. i smoke pot but i buy it when my bills are cared for, not jsut whenever so i am therefor a responsible consumer, but in the long run my tax dollars are benefiting people who need government help and chose to get medical and fill these fucking perscriptions that aide toward some sort of high that theyre seeking since the street shit is too hard to get. all together whatever theyre doing to help these fucked up facts of life and actions of society is not working.

They might convince some people. It’s not like the billboards are saying anything that isn’t 100% true. I live in the meth capital of Oregon, and you’d have to be blind to not see it’s horrible effects.

If you haven’t tried it, don’t.

If you want to get off it, get help right now.

If you’re on it right now, and laughing your ass off, keep laughing buddy…it’ll all be over soon.

Meth aint the real problem its heroine…its junkies…they are evrywhere…and fuckin hell yeah ,,,i tried em all n the only thing im still doin and lovin it is just fly high n stop bein dependent on sum shit chemical just to be normal..

Picking your skin sounds more like pcp. I don’t disagree with the prostitution and scrapes & shit. Although all of these things also exist with all addictive substances like coke, crack and other things. Hell I know some one who fucks a dealer for free weed. Tweakers do run around stealing and other shit but they are easy to fuck up because they are so weak from staying up for so long. PCP on the other hand makes people violent, there are many a story on how people who have been on PCP have killed people, ripped the skin of, ect. The ads do make sense though they are trying to get people not to do meth; but on the other hand they prescribe amphetamines like Adderal which is where most tweakers start in the history doing amphetamines.

You guys talk a lot of shit about shit you don’t get.
It’s easy to judge a fucking junkie, huh.
I’m reminded of Trainspotting, when Begbie’s talking a lot of shit about how he’s never going to “poison his body with that shite” as he’s chain smoking and indulging in alcoholism.
We’re all addicts, folks.

I’m just putting this out there for the people who say they do ice, meth and that they are happy or all good. Lies. tell yourself what you want to feel better about how fucked up your life is. I was addicted to ice from the age of 18 to 21 and it was the lowest, worst part of my life. That shit devours your soul daily making you forget about what is actually important in life like family friends and taking care of your damn body. i never fucked for dope or anything like that but i was willing to compromise my values and ideals just to be near some shit. it consumes you mind body and spirit. just to give you a better picture of who i was, i was working as a cocktail waitress at a casino i wasn’t just some random crackhead. i smoked one time and fell in love. im 25 now and have never looked back. that last time i couldn’t even get high…….you are chasing a dragon you will never catch. no one will ever get as high as that first time..thats how it gets you. i’ve seen people be a victim of this drug for their entire life so it infuriates me for some to act like you can live a normal life on this shit. you can’t and you aren’t fooling anyone. the chemicals eat your brain cells. and all the while i thought i looked good, i was really a shell of my former self, no tits or ass, wasted away to 90lbs. it makes me laugh now b/c people are so shocked when i tell them i use to be a geeker, but i’m glad b/c it made me a stronger smarter person through perseverance. btw i like that adds. dramatic but thats actually how we used to look. and yeah for those on dope…the shadow people only get worse, the dope is always full of cut, that shit really does fuck up your teeth, dope man is always taking advantage, and ITS REALLY VERY EASY TO GET OFF. a little self control goes a long way. go somewhere different..get away from those ppl

alright guys, to people who say that this is fear mongering, especially the fucking numbnuts who said they could try it with their parents??!!!! UM, I’ve got FUCKING news for you! this drug really is the fucking epitome of evil. whoever really wants to experience a full body mind orgasm that turns you into a goddamn drone for six hours, like if you think that that is something that should be part of the human experience, go right ahead. I’ve done meth, these billboards ARE NOT fear mongering, they are as close to the truth as you can imagine, if you smoke too much for ONE DAY you will look like that kid in the fucking picture with his mouth burned up, I have done that before, my whole mouth was fucked up and had shards of crystal chemically burned into/onto it, which later peeled out and i got high again, it hurt like a bitch. And just for your information, when you do this drug, your ENTIRE PERCEPTION IS CHANGED, ENTIRELY. I’m not talking about like oh cool this weed stuff sure makes you feel giggly, and opens your mind, that’s kiddy fuckin shit, I’m not fucking kidding, this is real evil, it chemically shuts off your external conscience, making you a selfish monster. That’s why the girl would hit her mother if she got in the way, she doesn’t even feel her mom’s prescence in the world, she only feels her own conscience. It’s like electrifying the pleasure center of your brain, and it’s 99% as addictive as cigarettes. that means after you get high all that you want to do is get high again, no matter what, and nothing anyone says is gonna stop you from feeling that way, unless the voice of reason to not do meth comes from within, and you already did it so obviously that voice is not there. this is a way for normal bad people to go ten times worse, quick, and good people to turn into really bad people too. it brings out the devil, pure evil and selfishness. never do meth, it should never be legalized, don’t do it- it’s really expensive, that’s about all i got. There’s nothing that is worthwhile about the shyt. Narcotics Anonymous is out there for anyone who wants to experience recovery from this drug. there are only four ways this can end: jails, institutions, death, or recovery.

Addicts with your personal stories: fantastic. You were not able to use a drug responsibly, and now you vilify the drug instead of yourself. I’m sorry, but there are a good amount of us out there that have and will continue to incorporate chemicals into our lives. Just because you couldn’t handle the simple decision of not re-dosing at 5AM doesn’t mean that I can’t.

Honestly, it’s all about cognitive freedom. Oh, and the sister and the girlfriend in the meth ads are the same girl. :3

Methamphetamine derivatives has been legal and medically given to children for many years. The substance Methylphenidate under the brand name ritalin has been widely used in the united states to zone children out, and make them obediant. It is also widely used as a stimulant and diet drug in adults.

Those pictures are really scary. Even though it doesn’t fund terrorists, and 100 percent of the profit from meth sales go to americans or american pharmaceutical companies, don’t do meth kids.

I think drugs are a HUGE reality in the U.S. We are spending 20 billion dollars a year in the federal government alone to try and fight them. And yet some how they are in our schools, our neighborhoods-even our own houses. So doesn’t that mean we are doing something wrong? Meth is wrong. It’s cheap because somebody in their house who doesn’t give a crap about you cooked it up so they could sell you their insanity. But does it make anything better to post depressing billboards every where, to install paranoia where fear isn’t going to help. If you are going to do Meth, some shitty poster isn’t going to help. These posters make me sick. These are our friends and family being addicted, not just crazy random strangers who take one hit of meth and become insane and unreachable. Focus on helping people, not alienating them. The same posters have been posted on less harmful substances, with the same dramatization. Meth really is this bad, but it can seem harmless. I’m not saying that these posters don’t have a place, or that they aren’t true. Every drug can be evil, if you let it. But posting them along high ways and on buildings isn’t what’s going to help.

For those who say that the pictures are over exagerating are so very wrong. There are even worse things happening. For those who dont think so keep at it and you too will be able to make your own poster. I’m kinda of glad for those who think its exagerating since that means they still have hope. Unfortunately not much hope if they feel that its not really that bad. I’m here to tell you IT IS! It never starts out that way but before you know it you to are the person whom you would have hated in the past. I guess all I really want people to now is that it is that bad and it can happen to you as long as you beleive that you have a fighting chance. For those who dont feel that way I guess I will see you all on the other side.

Imagine how completely evil that Meth is…they took the time and the money to post graphic material regarding the worst of the worst for the public to see on the highways – and “public” includes innocent little kids that haven’t been tainted by this world yet. Do we want 7 year olds seeing this stuff? Well, yes, because IT’S THAT BAD.

This is no joke. If you think you can use drugs and maintain control, that is part of the addictive nature of the drug. Get help now! Pick up the phone or go to the nearest church, hospital, family member, whatever, right frigging now and get help! All drug use starts with “recreational” use. You think people plan on becoming zombie slaves, giving up their spouses, children, houses, cars, etc? Addiction is insidious, cunning, powerful. Don’t you ever forget that…do not be fooled. I am writing the truth, I swear it.

And by the way, you need to ask yourself, why am I using drugs in the first place? To escape from what? Reality? What’s wrong with reality? If you don’t like your reality, then persevere to change it! It starts with learning to love and respect yourself.

I know this might look like a lecture, but I’m only trying to help. Good luck!

People commenting here can be divided into two categories:

1. People who have experience with meth. All of them say the ads are true and that this stuff will destroy your life and make you forget about the rest of the world.

2. People who have no experience with meth. This is the group where all of the

“Legalize meth!”
“Just don’t be stupid.”
“These ads are exaggerated!”
“I smoke weed and I say meth should be legalized!”
“Blame the person, not the drug.”

comments come from. People who have never been addicted to something before have a very hard time understanding an addiction.

Meth is not a drug people use recreationally. The people who use it “recreationally” are the millionaire rock stars and businessmen (see above) who can afford to get another hit every time they want it. It destroys even them, eventually.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m siding with the people who have actually seen what this drug does to people.

Alex you’re forgetting a category.
3. People who have experience with meth, know its a powerful substance, but are able to use it occasionally and recreationally and keep it under control.

And the people saying “blame the person, not the drug” are absolutely right. People make the choice to use it. And then to use it again, and again, and again. Or they can choose to stop; cut themselves off before they become psychologically dependent on it. “First time and your hooked” is bullshit. People make the decision to keep using, and that’s when it gets them.

Yes, you are right. It is the person. It is a person with an addictive gene (yes, it does exist) that do it once and it causes such a reaction (almost exactly like an allergic reaction) that their brain gives them no choice but to do it again, and again.
There are two kinds of brains… An addict brain, and a non-addict brain. Yes, normal people are able to use drugs recreationally, and only do them every once in a while. They are even able to do the drugs for an extended amount
of time and just quit one day.
BUT, in an addict, their brain won’t allow them to stop (by themselves at least). Let’s say you are allergic to peanuts, after you eat a PB & J, try not to break out in hives, try harder not to have your bronchioles narrow to the point where air cannot reach your alveoli, try your very best to stay alive while you are in the midst of anaphylactic shock. So the point is…. METH – Not even once.

Meth is stupid, and, equally so, people who call for its legalization are woefully ignorant. Other drugs, drugs which have a lot more history of usage, including positive use, need to be legalized. With access to marijuana, psychedelics, etc there is no need for meth. Meth is a product of the drug war and not one worth keeping. So don’t think when you say things like ‘legalize meth’ you’re being progressive and freedom loving. Meth is a curse, it brings its victims down to levels lower than they ever imagined and it keeps them there. This is not what drug use should be about.

There’s 2 sides to this coin actually brought upon very well by both Jenna and Salem. There are people who can use drugs recreationally and people who need them even after only experiencing it once. It is all on the person, because they make the choice to do it, but there is a point in time where it’s just the addiction. Think of it like this, the average smoker (cigarette) never wanted lung cancer, difficulty of breathing, signs of emphysema, much like the person who said “just once” didn’t want to pick at “bugs” (disorder caused in the brain) off their skin. Mostly its the person’s fault but when the drug overpowers them, they need an arm to help them out.

Here’s the thing about drugs. People should be allowed to put what ever they want in their own bodies, however dangerous the chemical. I think every single drug should be legal, just don’t expect society to support you and don’t blame other people for your problem. If you chose to take the stupid chance and gammbel with these chemicals, what ever, you should be allowed, but just know you are most likely throwing your life away.

Jake, you are a sane human being, which is quite rare actually. Thank you for existing. However I kinda resent the “throw your life away” remark 🙂

Jenna, of course they’d teach you in rehab, that’s what their whole recovery process is founded on that model. I’d love to see your scientific proof that this addict gene exists. I’m a psychology major and haven’t quite heard of such a thing, so I’d like to see that research.

this is coming from a very experienced person.. MYSELF in the grip of active addiction I almost died 3 times, took another human being’s life and treated my entire, mom, dad, granparents as if they meant nothing to me.It didnt matter who, if they were in between me and what I needed to get what I wanted well lets .say it never ended on a good note.
I stayed in that insanity for 23yrs from 14 to 38yrs of age. If someone told me then that there was a REMOTE POSSIBILITY of any trying it “just one time” that my life and the lives of all harmed from my using would end up the way ANY ADDICTS LIFE will turn out Jails, Institions, And DEATH. I NEVER would have tried “that first time” . Today I’ve been off the dope for 2 yrs and it has been the best 2 yrs of my life. So I say if you’ve never tried it DON”T It will kill you slowly or fast if your lucky .those slow kills are very painful I watched it happen!!!!

youre forgetting 4) the trolls
everyone knows meth will fucking ruin your life. you don’t need a foray into addictive substance abuse to recognize that, but if you sincerely don’t think so then in 100% seriousness your opinion is wrong, sure that sounds abrupt but sorry it’s true. maybe if we were talking coke or something there is some ambiguity and it can be more of a person to person basis, but meth is unanimously not a good call.

Been addicted to meth for about 2.5 years now and its the best thing thats ever happened to me. I’ve fucked more girls then I could have ever imagined, I have a 6 figure job, and a solid network of friends. Just another example of how the great state of Montana blows the big one.


I don’t use meth, but I support legalization. Not because these ads are exaggerating, in fact they’re rather on point. The average remaining lifespan after one starts using meth habitually is 2 years. I support the legalization because it is PROVEN FACT that prohibition of drugs does more harm than the drugs themselves. If meth was legalized, the usage would undoubtedly be less, one the “forbidden fruit” aspect is taken away. Also, there won’t be people having sex for 15 dollars to buy meth. Because you won’t have to rely on buying from gang members who cook it up in their apartment.
The simple fact is, hard drugs aren’t going away any time soon. And as prohibition in the twenties and the modern war on drugs has shown, usage and violent crime related to the drugs skyrockets when it is illegal. It also allows for the rise of criminal syndicates. People want these drugs. And they will get them any way they can. Is it not simply better that they get it from a government regulated dispensary?

I have never used meth I still believe it should be legal people should make the choice for themselves whether to try it or not freedom.

isnt meth one of the cheapest and longest lasting drugs? for the girls selling there bodys get a job at mcdonalds they dont drug test then you dont have to be a whore…

meth is fucking stupid i smoke weed and take pills every now and then but had my time were i did x and meth yeah it was fun but stupid really stupid so shut the fuck up meth is the worst fuck meth heads ill kick your ass you no teeth ugly looking mother fuckers..

Yeah, so many people had said that doing it once in a while wasn’t the worst, and my ex was doing meth almost daily…she got me to try it and I ended up doing it for 2 months (thank god not any longer) but it makes you really frail and sickly looking, not to mention it’s really bad for you, and being stabbed would be more pleasant then withdraws and sketching…stick to weed 🙂

dream on guys….meth will never be legalized and i hope all you meth heads die a horrible death or pick your life up off the ground and get your shit together…

I find with all drugs as long as they don’t control you it’s fine. But obviously meth, heroin ect are harder to control so you should not try it but if people act out of control because of a drug you should not blame the drug but the person. Some people can take meth and still be great people.

I wouldn’t recommend ever using meth. But it’s important to realize that over half of the issues on this billboard are a direct cause of meth’s illegality, not the use of meth itself.

Whether Meth is legal or not, all of these consequences, both to one’s personal self and to society, will occur. Since Meth changes brain chemistry so fast, lowering tolerance for the drug and thus forcing the user to more of it, in more concentrated forms, more often, the user will keep searching for a better, more “cut”, product. Legalization and controlled production will not be able to supply the addicted user with what they need in the amounts that they require to constantly chase their high. And even with distribution control, there will still be people making their own at home (more concentrated forms, flavored meth, etc.) which could be cheaper to them (if they’re a user) and/or allow them to make a lot of money (if they’re just a cook/dealer). Young teen users without money will still sell their body for money for their meth, and users will still steal from their family and anyone, just to get enough money to buy it (whether it’s from a legalized distributor or not). There is no way to control this drug’s use once you’re addicted, and even before that, how can you really tell you will or won’t become addicted. Is it worth the risk?

For all those who say “FREEDOM! These addicts can do whatever they want to themselves,” Meth is a drug that doesn’t just affect the user, it affects everyone. Meth addicts steal, damage property, kill, ignore their family (children included), and don’t contribute to a productive society. They may even steal your computer one day or set your house on fire out of paranoia.

It should be legal, or people get it from shitty places which are not pure and some even dont have the substance in it…

and beef curry, its persons own choice, if this substance became legal, then its price will not be this high. So noone has to sell themselves to get some dope..

So this is weird, some of the comments I have read totally shock me. I didn’t know that there were people who actually think it should be legalized. I understand the “Forbidden Fruit” idea since humans are curious and suggestible, but I hope most people realize what meth is. Would you break open a battery and smoke it’s contents? Would you sprinkle a little rat poison over your tobacco and smoke it? The answer is more than likely no. So what’s the point in trying meth? If you wouldn’t do those things then why even consider it? It confuses me.
I totally support these ads and think its a good idea, but I think it’s a good idea for any non natural drugs. Legalize it? That’s a little too much for me, but if your dumb enough to try it and not care about getting out of it then who needs you? Sorry to sound harsh but meth has only brought people into doing some insane crimes, so I don’t think it should be legalized because if you get caught with it, then you have a better chance in changing your life in jail then ruining your body, family and life forever.
Congratulations on those who have come of of it and not done it at all!

Chew on this, if it was legalized and let’s say that you are the owner of a store who has the right to sell meth (still don’t know why anyone would, but not the point) a drugged up meth head comes to your store to buy more, lets throw a few situations out there, you are out of stock, they become impatient waiting in line because they haven’t had their fix and are irritated, they begin to disrupt other customers in the store or suddenly start breaking things because they truly believe there is. Big turantula in your store and are trying to kill it, you ask them to wait, to leave, or that you won’t have more in stock for a week… What meth head is going to smile happily and be patient with you or the other customers and comply with you asking them to leave? None. I wouldn’t want to serve a meth or even have them near my workplace.

For meth, heroin, chocolate, coffee or anything, it’s never about the product itself but about the user’s relation to the product.
Products are just variably difficult to handle in relation to people’s behavior with it and excess is always leading to problems (with everything)
Legalizing it would be very dangerous, but prohibiting it is way more dangerous because by prohibiting you totally lose control on it : it becomes dark and opaque and you end up with things like black market and all the drama associated (quality, ascension to other products etc…)

The real problem is about education and information…

Blame the person not the drug, sure meth can fuck you up, but willpower too quit in addiction can change that, the person is in fault you knew right from wrong when you were like 3 years old duhh!

If you think that you can do meth occasionally and recreationally and not lose control you’ve already lost control. These adds are despicable and way too much. I wasn’t even concentrated on the meth aspect of the adds, the whole point of this unbelievable content. Im 18 never used meth and think that these adds don’t send a message, they attempt to instill fear, don’t do meth and stop making these adds.

Want to see what an actual Meth user looks like? Just look at someone with an Adderall prescription. They’re very similar drugs.

Le Reddit armie has arrived, armed with meth, weed and other dangerous narcotics!

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