Unintentional Onanism

The smart-alecky UK-based technology site The Register noticed something about the new logo for the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC), picture below:

OGC logo, normal orientation

If you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, it looks like a stick figure engaging in the act of…er, pleasuring himself:

OGC logo, rotated 90 degrees clockwise

Come to think of it, considering how government initiatives related to business typically end up, the logo might be appropriate.

While the unintentional onanism — the term is derived from the biblical character Onan — in the OGC logo is subtle, it’s screamingly obvious in the Iron Man “Knuckle Buster” (really, that’s the brand name it’s being sold under) t-shirt pictured below. Maybe it’s screamingly obvious to everyone except the t-shirt designer. Imagine what this shirt looks like when it’s being worn, and you’ll see what I mean.

Iron Man “Knuckle Buster” t-shirt

3 replies on “Unintentional Onanism”

I would love to see matching pants for the Iron-Man shirt. Maybe something will show up on Etsy if I wish hard enough.

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