Get Well Soon, Andrew!

Andrew McCallumYou might know him as Andrew McCallum of Tucows tech support (and he was recently promoted to a technical communications position) or as “Mental Floss”, DJ and composer of electronica. He’s a great guy, and when I joined Tucows back in 2003, he was one of the first people I got to know there.

His family reports that he was in a serious accident on the morning of Saturday, April 5th. He was rushed to the hospital with severe trauma and underwent extensive surgery. He is in critical condition and is now being stabilized. The doctors have said that the critical period for him runs from the time he was admitted to the hospital to around Tuesday evening.

Andrew’s brother reported this morning:

The staff at the ICU are regularly testing Andrew’s awareness. Andrew is apparently reacting to some stimulus, although I’m told that at this point it’s all involuntary. Nonetheless, this is a good sign, as I understand it. Keep the prayers coming.

Hang in there, Andrew, we’re all rooting for you.

(If you’d like to keep up with news about Andrew, the best place to do so in on the Facebook page titled “Andrew McCallum is in the Hospital”.

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