In Case You Were Wondering How to Spell It…

Cosmopolitan, who should be considered experts in the area, spell it “Va-jay-jay”:

Cover of “Cosmopolitan” featuring the story “Your Va-jay-jay: Fascinating new facts about your lovely lady parts”.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see if the domain names and were taken, and yes, they are.

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I just saw this cover the other day at the store and said to myself “Self-what’s a Va-Jay-Jay?”. Then I read the subtitle and figured it out. From there, the conversation shifted to “Self-who actually says that? and thought it was good?”.

Yet another reason to hate Grey’s Anatomy…

The Days of Our Lives of predictable, overwrought doctor drama has birthed a new and completely unnecessary word: Vajayjay. Coined due to a writer’s need to keep network censors from freaking out over excessive use of the word vagina. Nevermind…

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