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How ICT Toronto Sees the Local Tech Community

ICT Toronto is a City Hall initiative whose goals are, in their own words, to make Toronto a place that “will become, and be acknowledged globally, as one of the 5 most innovative, creative and productive locations in the world for ICT research, education, business, and investment by 2011”. They’ll be lucky if they manage to update their useless website — a single-pager with very little information and unchanged since April 2006 — by 2011.

Their focus thus far has been attracting high-tech multinationals to build branch offices here and make us a place to “nearsource”. As far as the local tech community goes, ICT Toronto sees the local tech and startup community in the same way Grandma sees the TV remote:

Comic: “How Grandma Sees the Remote”

(I use the same comic for a slightly different purpose over at this article in Global Nerdy.)

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