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Ever since I got my first digital camera back in 1998, I’ve made it a point to snap pictures of my workspace on a regular basis. The nature of my work has meant that I’ve rearranged or changed desks about every six months since I joined the workforce full-time back in ’95, so I’m glad that I have some sort of record.

I’ve posted the most recent picture of my desk at TSOT’s temporary office below.
Until we move to the permanent space in January, we’re all working on folding tables covered in the kind of tempoarary tablecloth you can get from a party supply store. We got decent chairs and great computers from the get-go, so it’s not too bad. The spartan arrangements give me a feeling of deja vu — it takes me back to that time at OpenCola’s first office in San Francisco, a large warehouse space near Potrero Hill, where all the desks were unfinished doors set on two sawhorses.

Preview image of Joey deVilla’s desk TSOT, November 29, 2007
My desk at TSOT’s temporary office, taken November 29, 2007. Click the photo to see it at full size.

I should gather up the photos of my previous desks and put them into a post — I think it would be an interesting study.

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The Mr. Hankey thing cracks me up – my current b/f made me throw mine out. Apparently owning a stuffed turd was a possible deal-breaker. 😛

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