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I Hate the Dufferin Bus

TTC map showing the route for the Dufferin bus

One thing I will not miss about working at Tucows is the Dufferin 29 bus in the morning
— inconsistently scheduled, often overcrowded, and this morning (like many others), poorly planned. About a hundred of us were crammed onto the sidewalk waiting for a bus that wasn’t “short turned”. The Dufferin bus is the biggest reason I tend to bike to work. It’s the KFC Famous Bowls of public transit: a failure pile in a sadness bowl [warning: some swearing].

There are days that I wonder how the TTC has any fans at all.

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Used to hate the TTC when I lived in the east end. Everything was smooth sailing once you were on the subway, but getting to the subway required a 15-minute bus ride, and that was hell every single morning. To the point where it was preferable to spend 40mins biking the 18km (each way) to work. Sticking to Taylor Creek and the Don trails, you’re traffic free until the final 8 minutes into the financial district. A very pleasant bike commute in the summer. In the winter I was stuck with the slow, disorganised Vic Park 24 (or the even slower and less convenient Pharmacy 67).

Now that I’m within easy walking distance of the subway, my thoughts on the TTC are considerably kinder. But yes, if you have to stray off the subway lines, it gets aggravating fast.

Take the TTC. Remove 3/4 of the subway trains so one comes every 20 minutes. Put four different companies which refuse to work together in charge of the buses. Tada! You have the San Francisco Bay Area transportation network. And that is why I still love the TTC.

Having taken the 504 daily for about 9 years now I know your pain. 25% of the time I’m forced off going home at Dufferin, Queen & Roncesvalles, or, if I’m really lucky, at both.

The TTC should really cut back on the short turns. Goddamn they suck.

Also, I too have given up and now bike to work if it’s above freezing. (Mostly). $109 a month buys a lot of bike gear.

@Chris Taylor: I agree — the more you can keep your ride to the trains, the better. There are some good bus lines, but there are many awful ones.

I’m looking forward to the new commute: it’s all subway, with very short walks to and from the stations.

@Carrie I understand completely. I lived in San Francisco during the bubble (Fulton and Fillmore, around the corner from Alamo Square Park and the Full House houses, and I remember MUNI and friends paled in comparison to the TTC. Hell, it probably pales in comparison to Mississauga Transit!

Public transit in that city was one reason that Cory Doctorow used to call the place “San Fran-scarcity”.

I’m looking forward to the new commute: it’s all subway, with very short walks to and from the stations.

That’s awesome. It’s why I love working downtown — subway commuting is no big deal, and PATH access means never having to buy a winter hat, or clean salt and slushy crud off your shoes.

Can’t wait to hear about the new gig!

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