More “MacGruber”

A little while back, I posted three YouTube videos of Saturday Night Live’s parody of MacGyver, titled MacGruber, featuring Will Forte in the title role. In that series, MacGruber’s improvised gadgets made of ordinary household items are undone because one component is too gross to handle.

Last Saturday, SNL aired a new series of MacGruber shorts, this time featuring MacGruber’s backsliding into alcoholism, with the final short being a parody of the infamous video of David Hasselhoff, shirtless and eating a hamburger off the floor.

Here are all three MacGruber shorts in a single clip:

In case you haven’t seen the Hasselhoff video, here’s a short version, taken from a celebrity TV news show:

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“What APPEARS to be an intoxicated David Hasslehoff…” ?
I hate to admit it, but between MacGruber and ‘Dick in a Box’, I’m secretly starting to like SNL all over again… Maybe they should just stick to YouTube sized chunks of comedy…

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