”I Can Has Cheezburger?”, Featuring Cats and David Hasselhoff

If you like ”lolcats” — pictures of cats with humourous captions, often written in the bad grammar we imagine that cats have — you’ll love I Can Has Cheezburger?, a site that provides a daily dose of lolcats. Here’s one from today, featuring that strange English cat who makes a daily routine of riding the bus all by itself:

If you haven’t yet see the video in which David Hasselhoff is drunk on the floor eating a cheeseburger while his daughter asks him to lay off the booze, click here to watch the video and squirm. I normally don’t do celebrity gossip on this blog, but I consider this case a public service announcement: Live your life as an example to follow, not as a warning to others!

I’m with Treacher on this one (the world’s getting weird when I’m exchanging bons mots and greetings with Jim Treacher and Andrew Levy, two guys who blog on Fox News talking head Greg Gutfeld’s site): I choose to remember the happy times. For your Monday viewing pleasure, here’s the video of the Hoff’s cover of Hooked on a Feeling:

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Dang these new socially conscious Hollywood kids! – Back in the day that footage woulda been worth at LEAST a brand new white Volkswagon Cabriolet, AND two “look the other way” cards she could’ve used after getting caught after a night of vacuuming the back of the toilet tanks at Club Utopia with Paris.

Let’s just be thankful that YouTube and cheap digital filiming wasn’t available in the Mackerel days. I think we’ve all gotten loaded and eaten hamburgers on floor.

…and as it would happen; last night the missus gave me the typical and ultimate daddy-to-be b’day gift; you got it, my boys gonna be all over YouTube this fall.

Stay tuned!

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