“Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like FRIES…”

Tubby guy in a black Spider-Man suit.

For reference, here’s the intro to the original Spider-Man, complete with one of the finest themes to any television show:

Here’s a bonus: the intro to an ill-conceived Japanese live-action Spider-Man TV show. Marvel licensed the character to a Japanese TV production company who then took great liberties with the character, such as giving Spidey a giant robot with which to defeat enemies (a trick that would be copied later by the Power Rangers) and changing his origin story so that he gets his powers from a magic bracelet rather than a mutation caused by a bite from a radioactive spider. But oh, how I love the theme music, done in classic Japanese adventure TV show style! As the lyrics to the theme say, “Yeah yeah yeahhhhhh…WOW!”

One reply on ““Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like FRIES…””

Something’s gone horribly pear-shaped in that first picture. But thanks for the vids! They made me and my hubby happy. Yeah yeah WOW.

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