The Prayers of Many Geeks Have Been Answered

Note what the two women in the photo below brought as beach reading material:

If this is Photoshoppery, the artist has done a very good job on not one, but three photos. This one is the safe-for-work pic (here’s the Flickr page on which it appears). There are two topless, not-safe-for-work ones here and here.

Perhaps it’s fake, but for the sake of computer science in general, I want to believe!

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If it is fakery, the most likely possibility is not photoshop but that the photographer placed the book on the table before taking the photo

That’s Beginning Unix published April 2005 by Paul Love, et al

and her friend’s book is the “Sundowners” by Lesly Lokko from 2004. It looks like she has the trade paperback edition with the cover removed.

So there isn’t the obvious problem of the photo date being too early for the book publishing date. Looking at the shadows it looks like the photos were taken relatively close together..

I can see two friends discussing the intersection UNIX and a novel of friendship.

i’d bring unix for beach reading. that or something about programming microcontrollers, or something computer related lol

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