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Look Closely, or You Might Miss the S.O.S.

[Thanks to “mantid” for finding the photo] Here’s a clever poster design from the PR department for the German branch of Unicef about child labour. The “S.O.S.” is very cleverly worked in:

Unicef anti-child labour ad
The bottom of this poster reads “Children forced into work are calling for help”.

5 replies on “Look Closely, or You Might Miss the S.O.S.”

It’s so clever that I don’t get it, OK, I did read the message, but did not get the meaning of the ad. Am I lame or what? (jokesters abstain)

Hi Joey,

I tried to send you an email but it just gets sent back to me. I am helping a friend locate an old friend of his: Curtis Austin. You mentioned him in a blog in about 2002. I wonder if this is Curtis from Vancouver-about 40 or thereabouts, had a dog named slim and was good friends with James Crowson and they lived in the same apartment building in Vancouver. James would really like to be in touch with him again. Are you in touch with Curtis. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Jenny Richmond

Hi, Jenny!

I met Curtis at Burning Man ’99 and if I recall correctly, he was with the Vancouver contingent who built a hockey rink on the desert floor. I haven’t seen him since. The last communication I got from him was from an email in late 2002, which led to this blog entry, and that’s about all I know.

Good luck with your search!

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