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We Eat With a Fork and Spoon, Tabernac!

(For those not familiar with Quebecois colloquialisms, “tabernac” is an all-purpose swear word. It is derived from the term “tabernacle”; in Quebecois French, many church terms are often used as profanities.)

The story about Luc Cagadoc, the Filipino boy in Montreal who was punished for eating his lunch Filipino-style with a fork and spoon, has been discussed widely amongst members of my immediate and extended family. It’s also caught the attention of the media on both sides of the Pacific and the Akbayan Citizens Action Party in the Philippines, who marched in protest at the Canadian Embassy in Manila:

Here are some links to stories covering the shameful spoon-and-fork incident and the protest:

What the spoon-and-fork movement against the rat-bastards who run that Montreal school needs is a mascot. I cannot think of anyone more appropriate than the great superhero, The Tick

After all, his battle-cry is most appropriate:

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