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Featured on "Top 10 Sources": My Top Ten Ruby and Rails Feeds

Top 10 Sources is a site that publishes “top ten” lists of blog newsfeeds on various topics. Have you been following American Idol? They’ve got a top ten list of feeds from blogs covering the show. Are you an oenophile? There’s a top ten list of feeds for blogs that cover wine news and commentary. Wondering what people in the “Red States” and the “Blue States” are thinking? There are top ten lists of feeds for each, titled Red America and Blue America respectively. They have top ten lists of feeds for many topics, and they’re constantly adding new topics to their selection.

Top 10 Sources has never had a top ten list of feeds for a programming language or platform — that is, until now. I’ve put together a top ten list of feeds for Ruby and Rails, and it’s one of top ten lists featured on Top 10 Sources’ front page today. The list is made up of feeds that I check on a regular basis for news on the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework, namely:

My top ten list of Ruby and Rails feeds comes with an essay about how I got into Ruby and Rails, with lots of tips of the hat to people whose work I admire. Be sure to check it out!

(If you’re reading this on Thursday, April 13th, be sure to check the Top 10 Sources front page, which features a photo of me in my snazzy black suit at my friend Rob’s wedding. David Heinemeier Hansson — Ruby on Rails’ creator — isn’t the only stylin’ programmer around!)

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