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Now Completely in the Cult of Apple

In addition to enjoying some unseasonably warm weather in San Francsico (21 degrees C / 72 degrees F) at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, I also won the door prize in a random draw: a white 4GB iPod Nano, pictured to the left. Wendy gave me a 2GB model in black for Christmas, so her present “boomeranged” back to her (I kept the earphones and cables I’d already used and gave her the new ones). After years of not having owned a personal stereo, my last one being an old Discman in 1999, our household is yet another in the Order of the White Earbuds.

I wiped the old one clean of my tunes — currently a lot of indie darlings such as The Decemberists, Vitalic, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Danielson Famile and Ratatat, as well as some Johnny Cash and AC/DC — and she’s loaded it with 80s music and a lot of earnest-sounding women singing and playing acoustic guitar. Lilith Fair sense…tingling!

We sweetened the deal by buying her a new iPod case at the San Francisco Apple Store at Market and Stockton. We arrived there last Wednesday a little before the store’s opening at 10 a.m. and already more than two dozen people were waiting to get inside. And to think that in the mid-nineties, there was a time when it seemed that you couldn’t give Apple stuff away.

The other Apple windfall from Christmas came from Wendy’s parents, who gave us an iSight camera to hook to our Macs, so things like video chats with the in-laws and me performing strip shows in exchange for items on my wishlist are in my future.

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I’ll have you all know that in the hour and a half or so we had mine playing yesterday, Steve Miller Band, Johnny Cash, U2, Morphine and Jeff Buckley all came up. Just to set the record straight. 🙂

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