Which Parkdale-High Park Candidates Live in Parkdale High-Park? [Updated]

Lives in the Riding

  • Jurij Klufas, Conservative Party

    Lives in the riding. Hat tip to Steve Stinson for the update.

  • Peggy Nash, New Democratic Party
    Lives in the riding.
  • Rob Rischinsky, Green Party
    Lives in the riding.

  • Lorne Gershuny, Marxist-Leninist Party
    I believe he lives in the riding. Can anyone confirm this one?
  • Terry Parker, Marijuana Party

    believe that his physical body actually lives within the riding of

    Parkdale-High Park. I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to the location of his

    consciousness. Can anyone confirm either one?

Lives Outside the Riding

3 replies on “Which Parkdale-High Park Candidates Live in Parkdale High-Park? [Updated]”

You are wrong about Jurij Klufas. He lives, works and grew up in the riding, but he also has a family home up in Simcoe which you have listed. In addition, he organizes the annual Ukranian festival held every year in Bloor West Village. You cannot question his commitment to the riding.

I have seen this misleading statement listed elsewhere. Please get your facts straight.

Steve Stinson

Nice Comfy Fur

If Klufas lives in the riding then why is he himself telling people that he lives up in Simcoe? When asked, along with the other candidates, if he lived in the riding, he quite clearly and plainly (and honestly) answered that he lived in Simcoe, but grew up in the riding.

At least he’s got the guts to give a straight answer. It took Sam Bulte five minutes to dodge the question and then finally explain why she didn’t feel it was important to live in the riding.

Please get your corrections straight! 🙂

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