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Sorry, Sam, But Your $250-a-plate Party IS a Fundraiser

Michael Geist writes in his blog about the fundraising dinner being thrown by Sam Bulte’s Big Content snugglebuddies:

Now, despite clearly

labelling the event as a fundraiser on her own website,

she’s arguing it isn’t a fundraiser at all.  Instead, in response to

the question “How can we count on you to carry on. . . impartially when

you are taking money from special interest groups?”, the Star reports

that Bulte responded:

“They are not hosting a fundraiser for me. It’s a celebration of my support for the arts community.”

We should all be so lucky to have celebrations where each guest forks over $250. If each of you cheapskates who attended my birthday party had done that, I’d be entering this blog entry in a zignone wool suit from Harry Rosen.

Since what Sam says has often proven to be at variance with what she does, I decided to be empirical and go take a look at her site. Here’s a screen capture of her site as of 10:45 a.m. this morning:

I see the word “FUNDRAISER” in capitals, clear as day. How ’bout you?

I downloaded the invitation, which I’ve put here for your reference [80K PDF], in case someone at her campaign gets smart (unlikely) and replaces it. Here’s what the top of the first page looks like:

I believe that phrases “cordially invite you to an artists’ and creators’ fundraiser for Sam Bulte” and “All funds raised will go to Sam’s re-election campaign” strongly suggest that this “celebration” is indeed a fundraiser. If you’re still not convinced, there’s the note at the bottom of the first page that reads:

Tax receipt will be issued for the eligible portion of the cost

You can hand out tax receipts for “celebrations”? I should’ve handed some out at my legendary hot tub party!

Finally, there’s this legal statement on the second page of the invitation:

Please note the new contribution limits as at January 1, 2004: Individuals may contribute up to a total of $5,000 in a calendar year to a registered party and its registered associations; candidates and nomination contestants. Corporations and trade unions may contribute up to a total of $1,000 in a calendar year to the registered electoral district associations; candidates; and nomination contestants. Crown corporations and corporations that receive 50% or more of their funding from the federal government will not be able to make any contributions.

It’s a fundraiser, all right. What kind of idiots does she take us for?

5 replies on “Sorry, Sam, But Your $250-a-plate Party IS a Fundraiser” is throwing a little get-together at the Drake on Thursday as well. But ours is a buy-your-own dinner affair where a more balanced spectrum of people affected by copyright can meet, strategize, and share mac & chees. Details are here:

Hope you can come!

MMMhhh. Amazing how much in Denial she seems to be over those things. Or is she just assuming that nobody really cares?

I have to admit, 10 years ago she may just have gotten away with it and nobody would have noticed.

“has margo timmins lost her mind?” (a previous comment)

Well the context to this is that she’s married to the president of the CRIA, Graham Henderson.

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