Merry Christmas!

Have a great one, everybody!

Here’s a quick preview of photos to come: it’s our Christmas tree

during the first round of decorating. Note the dreidel ornaments —

they’re a gift from Eldon Brown. He bought some multicoloured plastic

dreidels, drilled holes in their spindles and attached Christmas

ornament hooks to them. Thanks, Eldon!

2 replies on “Merry Christmas!”

So where in Toronto can you get Christmas ornament hooks? We had our first tree up this year, but didn’t add some new bulbs because they didn’t have hooks and I didn’t want to fiddle with cord. (Please don’t say Restoration Hardware. We’ve got a mortgage.)

Any place that sells Christmas ornaments is likely to sell the hooks. Canadian Tire will definitely carry them; even Shoppers Drug Mart should have them!

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