It Happened to Me

I Won!

I’ve been making such headway in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that

I’ve got it on the brain. Hence, I’ll start off the post with this

slight altered screen capture:

It was a close race, with only a handful of votes between me and my primary rival in the competition, Calgary Grit.

In the end, ten votes made the difference. I salute the esteemed

competition for being a worthy competitor, an excellent blog and having

the chutzpah required to be a Liberal party blog in Alberta.

I’d like to thank Postmodern Sass for nominating me (if there were others who also nominated me, step forward!) and to all of you who voted for Accordion Guy. You’re the best!

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Congrats! I voted for ya 7 times. You would’ve won even without me. Man, I wanted to be the deal maker.


Hello Accordion Guy,

I saw you won, and wanted to congratulate you. I’ve been reading stuff here for about a month, and it’s pretty informative. I find the pics of your house or whatever those bloor high park pictures are of, not really to contribute that much, however.

Once again, congrats.

Thank you for your congratulations! I must say, the middle part of your comment didn’t contribute that much. But thanks, dude!

Yes congrats Joey. I admire for the time how you write your blog and how you write frequently and regularly. I find I write my blog posts in spurts depending on my time. If I’m really busy with my research in preparing papers, you won’t usually see me blogging, until right after, after I feel so drained out from my writing. I also find that if I blog too much during the day, it cuts and interrupts into my research and work for the rest of the day. So, how do you keep up with blogging and the work in your daily job? Do you set aside a certain period of time just for blogging only?

I voted you several times, and I even asked all the people in my other blogs (IML blog, Melody’s blog, CASCON blog) to vote for you.

Since your blog is so popular and it won best blog, it would be interesting for me to apply my research methodology to your blog to see if we can find (and I’d say definitely for sure) communities in your blog.

On another note, I can definitely see how Tucows’ acquisition of Critical Path will help to unify the messaging and communication space, and possibly integrate with blogware.

Great job!

I don’t set any pre-determined time of day for blogging; rather, I blog whenever there’s a “gap” or if there’s a particular timely story. One of my tricks is to write entries bit by bit, saving them in draft form until they’re complete. I usually have about two dozen entries sitting in draft form that eventually see the light of day as published stories in a matter of weeks. Sometimes these drafts languish for months, but I eventually find an excuse to post them.

I also keep an eye on a couple of sites where people share funny pictures they found on the ‘net, such as TheMaxx. Sometimes I post these photos alone, sometimes I use them as starting points for whatever I’m writing.

As for Tucows’ purchase of Critical Path, I still have to write in response to a question posted in the comments. But yes, I think that having in-house hosted email resources and expertise (up until now, we have been going with an outside provider) will pay off in spades.

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