Game Idea for the Sony PlayStation: Katamari DRM

I decided to take a tiny bit of my lunch break and cobble together my

own statement on Sony’s

nasty anti-piracy “rootkit” (software hidden on Sony music

CDs that takes control of your computer without your permission) by

mashing up Dan

Kaminsky’s visualization of affected systems worldwide and

one of the Sony PlayStation’s most beloved games, Katamari Damacy. The


Those of you with better Photoshopping skills should feel free to

create more “screenshots” from this conceptual game.

An alternate name for this game could be “Katamari XCP” — XCP is the

name of Sony’s rootkit. It works well with the game’s theme song:

“Na na na na na na na na,

Katamari XCP…”

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Hehhe. This is Dan Kaminsky, and just to be clear — I don’t _know_ how many systems have been infected. I just know that names related to the rootkit have been looked up an astonishing number of times.

Hey there, Dan! Long time no see!

I needed a “real” number to use as the score, so I used the number of nameservers that saw rootkit-related queries and figured it would be a good lower bound.

Darryl, Sony has software that puts unwanted kernel extensions on your Mac. I haven’t looked into what they do because I don’t own a mac, so it doesn’t really concern me. Good thing for you is that it prompts for a root login before installing them.

I read that part, but it’s still a non-issue

In OS X a program such as that cannot be installed unless you type in your password and click “ok” — it can’t be snuck in without you knowing.

But one thing that can happen in OS X is your computer unwittenly sending personal data. I don’t know what it’s called, but there are banners that try to prompt the computer to send out data.

Thankfully there’s a great program called Little Snitch that alerts you everytime that happens

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