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Photos from the OPML Meetup

Boss Ross took a number of photos for his moblog, including this one of the signs I made up:

Photo: OPML Meetup poster and Squishy Cow.

By the way, that little foam rubber cow in the upper right-hand corner of the pic is Tucows‘ most-coveted piece of swag: The Squishy Cow! We handed some out after the meeting last night.

Amber MacArthur moblogged some photos too, including Ross playing the part of “Tattoo”:

Photo: Ross at the Tucows front entrance.

“The markup language! The markup language!”

…while I was the suave and tanned “Mr. Roarke”:

Photo: Joey plays accordion in the Tucows boardroom.

“Smiles, everyone! Smiles!”

(If the above pop culture references mean nothing to you, you’re either too damned young or I’m too damned old.)

One reply on “Photos from the OPML Meetup”

I have a squishy cow at my lab, JUST like that one, and it’s NOT a Tucows cow.

It’s a Gibco cow. Gibco is a company that sells some supplies for cell biology research. Specifically, they sell growth medium and supplements to culture mammalian cells in dishes. More specifically, they sell a very necessary component: “fetal bovine serum” that practically all cells need to grow healthy, and which, as the name suggests, comes from COWS. Hence the squishy cows. It’s funny, in a sad OMG-poor-cow way.

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