Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Cuddle Party Alert!

In the comments to my recent article about the job of “Cuddle Party Facilitator”, Carla points to this announcement of upcoming Cuddle Parties in downtown Accordion City.

There’s a mixed-gender one tomorrow and a

queer-positive/tranny-positive one next Wednesday; if you’re going,

make sure you attend the right one!

(Not familiar with the term “Cuddle Party”? See here. Then go here.)

Even more interesting than the announcements are the comments. As I

write this, there hasn’t yet been a single positive comment, which is

saying something considering that these are people on LiveJournal

(whose motto should be “With friends like these, who needs hallucinations?”).

Note: No, I don’t think all LiveJournal people are messed up. Just a disturbingly high percentage of them. (The Accordion City LJers are, from my experience, are a relatively well-adjusted bunch.)

6 replies on “Cuddle Party Alert!”

Joey, why not consider conducting a cuddle session for your guests and bridal party to participate in at your wedding reception? It’s the next mobile hot tub, I tell ya!

I still read this blog. Please tell Carla that Cambridge is near BOSTON! MFK

And I would need to know this information because???

Hee – Carla, MFK is my mom, and I told her last night that you wouldn’t understand her comment. She was referencing the Puritans who gave Boston its conservative, doncha be talking about sex now, flavor. 🙂

Random off-topic rant:

I just clicked on the ljdrama link and someone effing ruined the new Harry Potter for me!!!!

I am SO pissed.


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