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Tech Support / How to be Potty-Mouthed in Quebecois French

Last night was an unsuccessful round one of me versus the D-Link

wireless router belonging to my friend Leesh’s parents. Normally,

Leesh’s husband, my old University buddy George would handle this, but he lives in New York. I’m all too happy to lend a hand to my best man’s in-laws.

For the technically inclined, it keeps timing out before getting an IP

address from Rogers Cablesystems’ DHCP server. I know it’s not a

problem at Rogers’ end, because the ‘net is accessible if you simply

run cat-5 directly from the cable modem to the computer works. The

firmware in the D-Link is up-to-date, too.

Earlier this year, I hooked up a Linksys wireless router to my Mom’s

Rogers cable broadband service without any problems; it just worked. I may bring mine over to Leesh’s parents’ place this Sunday and see if it works.

By sheer coincidence, I have a free trial of Roger’s cable braodband

service at my current house. I’ve taken the D-Link home to noodle with

it in the meantime.

Speaking of cable modem difficulties, those of you who are familiar

with the nuances of swearing in Quebecois French will probably enjoy this

recording of an irate cable modem subscriber unloading much bile upon a

poor tech support rep at Quebec cable provider Videotron [576KB, MP3, language warning if you speak Quebecois French]. Even if you can’t understand a word, this guy’s mile-a-minute delivery of venom is priceless.

(Need a Quebecois swearing guide? Try here and here.)

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99% likely hood; he is from Lac St-Jean.

I am from Quebec, but damn I could only keep up with about half.

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