It Happened to Me

Bon Voyage, Paul! / End of an Era

Paul relaxes in Deenster’s kitchen, December 2004.

My housemate Paul sets off today for a summer-long trip to Europe, where he’ll divide his time between vacationing and working on a web application called Campsite.

He’ll start off in Prague, then spend some time in Warsaw, and his final weeks will be spent in Paris. Safe journey, Paul, and may you meet someone (or hey, many someones) cute!

Paul’s departure has another dimension; it marks the end of our time as housemates, as my other housemate Rob is getting married in October and I’m doing the same in September. This marks the end of an era: my time at this address, known to some as “Big Trouble in Little China”. Paul’s stuff has been moved into storage (he’ll look for a new apartment upon his return in September) and Rob and I will move out in a matter of weeks. I’ve lived here since summer 1999, making this the longest I’ve lived at one particular address since moving out of Mom and Dad’s house. Thanks to the accordion, I’ve become a bit of neighbourhood character, and I’m going to miss being able to roll out of bed and land in one of Accordion City’s most lively districts.

While I am looking forward to moving out to share a home with Wendy, I’m going to miss this lovely ol’ bachelor pad.

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