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Mysterion’s Victoria Weekend Burlesque Revue

Graphic: Part of Mysterion's poster for his Victoria Weekend Revue.

Click the picture to see the whole poster. MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK or OLD SCHOOL MONARCHISTS (boobs, tassels, descration of Queen Victoria’s image).

My friend Mysterion the Mind Reader

(who really does look like Jon Stewart’s evil younger brother) is

hosting not just one, but three nights of burlesque, vaudeville and

magic/mentalist tricks this weekend at Mitzi’s Sister (1554 Queen Street West, three blocks eats of Roncessvalles). There’s no cover for this event — that’s right, these are three nights of shows, gratis!

  • Friday’s guests:
    • The Dirty Hearts
    • Scarlette Sylphide
    • Tanya Cheex
  • Saturday’s guests:
    • The Providers
    • Special surprise guests
  • Sunday’s guests:
    • The Whammies
    • Mitzy Cream

And of course, Mysterion and Penny Whistleton (she of the classic “One Girl, Four Tassels” act, will perform.

A pity I’m not in town. If you’re going to be in Accordion City this weekend, you might want to celebrate the long weekend by taking in a show!

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