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I am Mace Windu [Updated]

[via Logan’s Dave] Here’s a cute little test that determines whether you’re drawn to the Light or Dark side of The Force. My result:

Screen capture: My result from the Force-O-Meter test, which says I am Mace Windu.

I am Mace Windu! The result also reads:

You are a Supreme bad-ass Jedi who resonates with the Force. Yoda is your best mate.

Update: There’s a punchline to this entry, but it’s a spoiler! It appears below…

Hasbeghangryl, ur nyfb trgf fhpxre-fyvprq ol Nanxva Fxljnyxre, va gur zbzrag jura ur fjvgpurf gb gur Qnex Fvqr. Yvxr gurl fnl: Fvgu Unccraf.

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It wouldn’t work too nicely for me. I finally got through the whole quiz, and I got a 7 but it never showed me a character. Dave got 7 and was Luke but it asked my gender so I imagine it’d be someone else for me.

Not that I’m particularly interested in this instance, but the “crouching text, hidden spoiler” method doesn’t work in Bloglines and I suspect not in other aggregators as well. Best to put a spoiler entirely out of view on another page or in some extended post that doesn’t get into your RSS feed.

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