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…Or Else It Gets the Hose!

Coulter-bashing and a Silence of the Lambs reference. How can I resist?

Photo: Another parody of the Ann Coulter cover on 'Time' magazine.

4 replies on “…Or Else It Gets the Hose!”

I can’t stop laughing.

You know, just about every day I visit, especially for their daily “Photoshop This” entries. But I can’t remember anything in recent history as funny as this.

Of course she is serious or else she wouldn’t go through all of these troubles.

I sincerely think she is serious with all her heart.

I love you Ann Coutler for even have the guts to spill your heart out! <3

I think Ann Coulter is really a dignified person that knows how to speak her mind. I thank for her bravery.

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