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Cherry Bomb Coffee

Photo: Cherry Bomb Coffee's storefront.

Over at the Greater Toronto Area Bloggers (GTABloggers) site, Aaron sings the praises of a new coffee shop in the Roncesvalles area of Accordion CityCherry Bomb Coffee:

A new coffee shop just opened on the south end of Roncesvalles – Cherry

Bomb Coffee. It’s half a block from my apartment, so I’ve been

anxiously awaiting this. I went in today and had a slice of their

Ontario sour cherry pie…delicious

The owners are earth-friendly; the plates and cups are all

post-consumer recycled, and the plastic cups made from corn –

biodegradable, and very cool. They have vegetarian soups and

sandwiches, organic teas, loads of baked goods, etc.

Cherry Bomb Coffee is located at 67 Roncesvalles, just north of Marion. I’ll have to drop by sometime.

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CherryBomb ! @#$%& rocks! Try the “super” muffin, or the IV Drip Coffee. It’s great.

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