Chris Pirillo Wants to Save You Five Bucks!

Chris Pirillo is

offering a $5 coupon for interested purchasers of the FeedDemon

RSS/Atom reader for Windows. Download this FeedDemon from here

and use this promo code to save $5: CPN05GNOME.

Some of FeedDemon’s features:

  • Pre-configured with dozens of popular feeds, so you can start

    using it right away

  • Newspaper displays news items

    from dozens of sites in a single web page for easy reading

  • Watches collect news items containing specific

    words or phrases,

    alerting you to items of interest so you don’t have to look for them

  • News Bins store your favorite news items for

    future reference

  • Integration with Feedster and

    other popular RSS search engines

  • Built-in tabbed

    browser for surfing the web within FeedDemon

  • Supports all versions of RSS and Atom 0.3
  • Imports/exports feed lists from OPML
  • Easy to use for beginners, yet powerful enough to

    please the most sophisticated news junkie

  • FeedDemon is a native Windows application, so it

    runs fast and does NOT require the bulky .NET runtime.

3 replies on “Chris Pirillo Wants to Save You Five Bucks!”

I’m not familiar with FeedDemon, so I can’t make any qualified comments on it.

However, I am familiar with NetNewsWire (a Mac RSS feed reader by Ranchero Software), and it’s not free. However, it provides a much better user experience than the free ones, so I’m happy to pay for it.

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