I, For One, Welcome Our New Investment Overlords.

As you may or may not know, I work at Tucows.

I’m not one of those employees who watches the company’s stock price on

a daily basis, but I couldn’t ignore today’s buzz. Here are a couple of

screen captures from the Yahoo! Finance site that I took this afternoon:

Chart: Detailed info of Tucows stock price for January 4, 2005.

Graph: Tucows stock price fluctuations on January 4, 2005.

I will neither confirm nor deny any rumours that our CEO, Doctah Madd

Money Billz (formerly known as Elliot Noss), locked himself in his

office, put a pimp hat and did a “bling bling” dance to some Ol’ Dirty

Bastard CDs.

Photo: Homeboy shows off his bling bling.

El to the liot, N to the izzoss! Artist’s rendition of our CEO (may not appear exactly as shown).

Although I have much fewer stock options than Elliot, it’s the deluxe car wash for this boy from now on!

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