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Over-Caffeinated and Under-Slept

[This has been cross-posted to The Farm]

There’s just too much interesting stuff to do, and as a result I’ve

been over-caffeinating and under-sleeping. The end result is that

although I’m spending more time coding or learning some new


tools and techniques (and with closures, Laszlo, Cocoa, all kinds of

ideas for Blogware and so on, there’s no shortage) as well as doing

some non-geeky reading, I’m actually getting less coding and learning


I already knew that getting a good night’s sleep was essential to


productive, but it really hit me while reading the foreword to Aaron

Hillegass’ book, Cocoa Programming for Mac OS


In it, he offers a bit of advice that I’ve never seen in any other

programming book: that getting eight hours’ sleep is important. He


so far as to say that when learning something new and complex, one

should get ten hours’ sleep. He caps off the advice with a fact that

many of us know, but ignore:

Caffeine is no substitute for


So that’s my plan for the next little while: to stop fighting the urge

to read “just one more chapter” or “just one more web site” or do


one more thing” and get some proper shut-eye. I’ve been doing it for

the past couple of days and already feel a little sharper.

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