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3rd Anniversary

It’s been such a busy time that the third anniversary of The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century — Wednesday, November 10th — completely slipped past me!

I’m glad to report that 3 years and 3,338 articles later (3,339

including this one), it’s still fun. Like the accordion, the blog has

paid off in ways I never could’ve imagined. When I started back in

2001, I thought it would just be a creative outlet and something to

pass the time as my job responsibilities as OpenCola were being

whittled down (in the end, all I was responsible for was building the

installer and the “About” box for our software). Instead, it expanded

my social circle, gained me a little internet notoriety and a handful

of newspaper and TV appearances, landed me a job, saved my bacon from a girl who wasn’t who she said she was and played a part in my meeting my fiancee. Hooray for unexpected uses of technology; as William Gibson once wrote: “The street finds its own uses for things.”

Or in my case, “The street musician finds his own uses for things.”

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Happy Blogiversary man. I now promise never to use that word again.

BTW, while at OpenCola, were you involved at all in the beverage?

Aside from giving free cans to people, no.

Cory Doctorow, John Henson and Erik “Possum” Stewart came up with the concept over lunch. They were trying to think of a way to promote the open source nature of the product. They asked themselves what the most proprietary product in the world, thought of the jealously guarded Coca-Cola recipe. OpenCola would be the antithesis.

Two batches of the manufactured version were made. The first batch didn’t taste so hot, but the second one was half-decent. When last I checked, there were still thousands of cans of the stuff sitting somewhere in a warehouse in Oakland.

Amanda Foubister (who undertakes more interesting crfat projects in a week than I have in my entire life) came up with the recipe for the homemade version, which was pretty tasty with a strong cinnamon finish.

Congratulations on your blog-anniversary! I just stopped in as I was adding your feed to my Bloglines account, and I see that not only do you have spiffy new design going on here, but a new fiance, too! Mazel Tov and best of luck to you!

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