Pirates and Emperors

Screenshot: Still image from 'Pirates and Emperors. [via BoingBoing] Pirates and Emperors is a funny video in the style of Schoolhouse Rock

that covers the US’ government’s tendencies to cozy up to dictators

(including the  reason my family left the Philippines: Ferdinand Marcos) and other nasties.

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Hey, are you the guy who was at the Velvet a few Halowe’ens ago, and the power went out, and you were playing NIN?

Hallowe’en 2002 — Vegasphere had just finished their last set and the DJ had just started his when the fuses to the sound system blew. I had the accordion on my back, so I played something that the DJ would’ve played: Head Like a Hole. Yes, that was me.

That’s also the reason I carry an accordion around a lot. You neve know when you’ll need it.

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