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I Think I’ll Just Stick With Quizno’s For Now

From CNN:

Served with a small bottle of champagne, Barclay Prime’s cheesesteak is

made of sliced Kobe beef, melted Taleggio cheese, shaved truffles,

sauteed foie gras, caramelized onions and heirloom shaved tomatoes on a

homemade brioche roll brushed with truffle butter and squirted with

homemade mustard.

Sounds tasty, but US$100 probably buys three weeks’ worth of brown-bag

lunch material (usually a meat/poultry/fish entree and salad).

5 replies on “I Think I’ll Just Stick With Quizno’s For Now”

Hi, Lisa!

Yes, from the photo, the sandwich looks like any other cheesesteak sandwich. Submarines/Heroes/Hoagies don’t embrace food aesthetics the way Japanese cuisine does; the philosophy of hoagies is to not sweat appearance but provide meat, and lots of it!

A Philly Cheesesteak is like sex: without a helluva lot of forced posing, fluffing, unnatural camera angles and lack of access to the real thing, neither looks terribly appealing in a photo.

Great. Now I have a truly scary mental image of someone “fluffing” a cheesesteak sandwich.

— Lara

It doesn’t look that good, but the description sounds delicious. A little bit artery-clogging, though.

Dude – I hear ya. Doesn’t look much different from the Quiznos. Do you ever hit the Quiznos at King and Dufferin? Figure you might considering you work in Liberty Village…

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