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Jim Munroe Display at Pages Bookstore

You may have read in BoingBoing that Accordion City’s very own Jim Munroe, author of the cool off-beat sci-fi novels Flyboy Action Hero Comes With Gasmask, Angry Young Spaceman and Everyone in Silico (I have yet to read that one), has a new book titled An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil and is serializing it on his blog.

Pages Bookstore, an excellent
indie bookstore located stumbling distance from my house, has a
storefront display that they dress up for current books or literary
events. They’ve just dressed it up using Munroe’s latest book as the
theme, and here’s what it looks like:

I took these photos while out for a walk late Sunday evening.

That’s a little goblet beside the pentagram. An eeeeevil goblet!

ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been a diabolical audience. I’m here all
week, try the roasted baby, and remember not to tip your server.”

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nice promo.
I ordered that the other day. I’ve only read Silico.. I quite enjoyed the story, it could’ve used an external editor and proofreader at some points, but what the hell, it’s still significantly better than I could do.

Hey Joey,
Thanks man! Me and Terry set that up ourselves. I’m gonna be changing the ritual implements every week, since we have it for three weeks. I was actually thinking I should go down to take a pic at night, but now I don’t have to.

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