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We were Harold and Kumar before “Harold and Kumar”

How can you not want to see a movie whose unofficial tagline is:

“The Asian guy from American Pie and the Indian guy from Van Wilder. By the white guy who directed Dude, Where’s My Car?

Back at Crazy Go Nuts University,
Dhimant Patel was a crazy chemistry masters student, I was enjoying a
second undergrad career as a computer science undergrad, and we
specialized in hanging out at the local alt-rock club, doing goofy-ass
things, secretly lusting after Zoe the cute local Satanist chick and
other Harold and Kumar-ish things that I shall not elaborate at this

(Despite both being outgoing, extroverted guys, neither of us did ask
Zoe out. She was a little young, had a big, mean boyfriend, and hey:
there’s the whole “she’d probably turn you into a human sacrifice”
thing. We both ended up dating cute girls without allegiances to scary
ritualistic freakshows.)

Here’s a photo of us from last year at our friend Derek Walker’s stag party:

Other “Harold and Kumar” references online include the latest Secret Asian Man comic:

…as well as…

…also, in the blogosphere…

and last, but certainly not least, Wikipedia’s entry for White Castle and the official site of the White Castle hamburger chain.

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The movie kicked ass! I see sleeper written all over this one – it’s not like you’re gonna want to see Catwoman or The Village anyways. Hopefully it’s modest sucess will ensure John Cho’s sitcom “The Men’s Room” gets picked up too.

About eight years ago, my buddy jet and i drove 150 miles round trip between Urbana-Champaign, IL and Lebanon, IN at two in the morning just for White Castles. We had a lot of fun watching H&K. 🙂

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