Public & Participatory Journalism Conference, Post 1

Sitting here with David Janes to my right (positionally and politically) at the Sheraton Centre at the Exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism conference. Anne Kothawala, President and CEO of the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA)
has just finished the introduction and is showing a CNA video (mostly a
PR-driven montage of Canadian images overlaid with “Aren’t Canadian
newspapers great?” text with Jesus Jones’ Right Here, Right Now playing in the background.

David Akin has just finished introducing himself as the “traffic manager” of the conference and has promised to keep us on schedule.

Leonard Witt is now speaking on the topic of public journalism.

More updates as things happen.

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Hmm i never did bother to see if i could get a pass for that… OH well. I’m sure Joey had a good time

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