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From the backlog: Movies from the Om Festival

They’re a little bit overdue (it took place at the start of the Summer
Solstice back in June), but here they are: my videos from the Om Festival.


The Dance Screen [1.7 MB QuickTime]
At once dance area, they set up a large translucent screen and aimed a
projector hooked up to a computer at it. There was some space between
the screen and projector for dancers, which led to some pretty cool
shadow effects. Near the end of the video, I move away from the screen
and towards the DJ booth.


Saturday Morning [1.8 MB QuickTime]
It’s never too early to dance — the SumKidz stage had DJs 24 hours a day. Here’s a 360-degree view of the area.

Poi 1 [1.4 MB QuickTime]
Poi 2 [1.8 MB QuickTime]
Poi 3 [630K QuickTime]
Poi dancing — dancing with little flaming braziers attached to chains
— is mesmerizing and also look great on video. We watched this for
about an hour.

Dharma Lab 1 [700K QuickTime]
Dharma Lab 2 [730K QuickTime]
Dharma Lab 3 [930K QuickTime]
Dharma Lab are two guys from Buffalo who make some pretty good
electronic music. They’re not afraid to drop a little classical
leitmotif into their hard techno — one of these videos has a Fur Elise sequence.

(Hey kids: you may not know what Fur Elise is, who composed it, or why it was composed, but you’ve probably heard the cellphone ringtone).


Sunday Morning [1.1 MB QuickTime]
So…spaced…out…but the kids are still rockin’. This was one of the dance areas, around 6:30 a.m..

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Hmm… the link on “why it was composed” was blocked by the firewall here at work (judging by the domain name, I guess they’ve got a keyword filter or something in effect).
Let’s hope I don’t get fired over that one 🙂

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