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Christine on the Secret Swing

Here’s Christine (who writes the Blogware-powered blog Purplecar, hosted by the fine folks at BlogHarbor)
enjoying the secret swing that someone — nobody seems to know who put
it up, how, or why — set up in an alcove in the grafitti alleyway just
south of Queen Street West.

She got some serious air; at some point, the swing’s chains were 90
degrees to the ground. With that kind of angle, she got some seriou
speed, which isn’t easy on that swing. The alleyway is so narrow that
it’s pretty easy to scrape yourself if you drift a little too far to
the side.

Rannie “Photojunkie” Turingan has taken a much better photo of the swing in its alcove; take a gander at this picture of the swing and this one of the rod that holds it up.

5 replies on “Christine on the Secret Swing”

now that this has been boing boing-ed… it’s not such a “SECRET” swing anymore.. is it…

Uh…I think you might be shooting for “parallel to the ground” rather than
“90 degrees.” 90 degrees to the ground would be an at rest state.

Either the rest state, or the opposite – a true feat in the history of swing operation, and a head injury waiting to happen

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