Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

“I’m Lookin’ Queen-Spadina…and Feelin’ Minnesota…”

I’ll be wearing my American flag tie deep in the heart of America on
the 4th of July, as I have been invited to play accordion at the Dystopia Party, which takes place at the CONvergence science fiction conference in Minneapolis this weekend.

According to the Dystopia Party site:

The Dystopia Party is a recurring theme party held at CONvergence, an
annual science fiction & fantasy convention in the Twin
, Minnesota over Fourth-of-July weekend. We offer music,
fun, food, and stifling oppression in a dark, dystopian-future
themed environment. 2003 was our first year hosting a con
party and we took the place by storm. We intend to go to even
greater lengths this year.

For 2004 our party will run from 7pm ’till 3am both Friday,
July 2nd and Saturday, July 3rd. We’re in Room 230 of the
Sheraton (nee Radison) on Highway 100 south of 494. Just come
on by the hotel and you’ll see us immediately upon entering the
pool/cabana/party space.

I’ll be there, as will my lovely girlfriend, The Redhead.

Dystopia is organized by some friends. Bridget, Dystopia’s promotions and staffing person, was the first and only person to ever PayPal me a beer, and she and Joe came to Accordion City in late 2002. Ry4an
(no, that’s not a typo), the party’s money guy, is a coworker from
those heady dot-com days at OpenCola. These fine people saw fit to
cover my plane ticket and hotel expenses, so you’d better believe I
will be perfoming my brains out.

It’ll be good to see Bridget, Joe and Ry4an, and I’m also hoping to see swarming network guru and Roshambo champion Justin Chapweske and his wife Natz, big fun guy Dave Polaschek and Luke Francl, the Lizard Picture King. As a special treat, I shall make Dave Ahrens a very happy man by performing Brecht and Weil’s Alabama Song (the Doors’ version) with him.

If you’re attending CONvergence, drop by the party. It’ll be fun!

(By the bye, this entry’s title is a riff on the lyrics to Soundgarden’s anthem, Outshined.)

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