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I’m one of the cool kids now

I’d received an earlier invitation to Google’s GMail
service (which currently is available by invitation only, guaranteeing
that only the cool geeks have it right now), but I told the guy who
invited me that there was someone who needed it more than I.

Later, I got another invitation, which I was going to accept, until I remembered that I owed Boris a favour for his loaning me his apartment in Montreal for a weekend last September.

Last week, I got a third invitation — this time from Adam Hill — and I finally took it. I plan to use it for blog-related communication. It’s accordionguy {the-ubiquitous-at-sign} gmail {the-equally-ubiquitous-full-stop} com.

Thanks, Adam!

One reply on “I’m one of the cool kids now”

Actually all anyone needs is a blogger account to get invited, I don’t know why people are making a big deal of it.

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