It Happened to Me Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)


Gideon Strauss recently attended a concert held at a friend’s house. He writes:

The concert
happened in an unexpected place – an old industrial building converted
to loft suites, in a semi-rundown, slowly gentrifying part of Toronto.
(While we were walking down the street some time before the concert I
pointed out the building to the Strausslings, and Summer [one of his daughters] asked in a surprised voice, “People live
in these buildings?” A passerby covered his cellphone with a free hand,
smiled, said “Oh yes they do!” and walked on.)

I wrote in the comments that if I could get whomever it was who
borrowed my book on loft culture to return it to me, I’d be happy to
lend it to Summer. I also mentioned that I’d taken a number of pictures inside lofts and that I’d post a few.

It turns out that I can’t even remember who borrowed the book. I get
the sinking feeling that it’s in the clutches of my second-most-evil
ex-girlfriend, who now lives on the other side of the San Andreas
Fault. If this is the case, getting it back is a very unlikely
proposition. I’ll phone around and make sure; it might be in someone
else’s possession, in which case I can get it back.

In the meantime, I’ll post some photos that I’ve taken over the years at various parties that took place in people’s home-lofts.

This first series was taken at Etric Lyons’ place back in December 1999
when he threw a wine and cheese party to exhibit some photos he’d taken
that summer. This loft is a little more posh than most, but it should
still show off enough architectural and sociocultural characteristics
of the “typical” loft.

So here you go, Summer, the first series of loft photos. You can view either the photo album or the slideshow.

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